Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

What the fuck were Brezhnev and the politburo thinking when they went full tankie and decided to invade Afghanistan?

Why they wanted to defend a shitty socialist regime that no one wanted in a shitty place with a shitty culture that promotes sheep-fucking? It looks like the worst idea ever,even in 1980,they were not expecting the support the US gave to the afghan monkeys?

Seriously at least vietnam had the advantage of potentially converting multiple strategically important countries to the soviet bloc (and the fact that Ho Chi Minh and socialism were actually popular there).

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It wasn't an invasion, they where invited by the goverment

Afghanistan is sitting on over a trillion dollars worth of mineral resources and because the Soviets and Chicoms failed to implement socialism they had to play the same faggot imperialist games as the americucks and eurotrash

Because mujahideen are reactionary scum that deserved death. Their CIA backers too.

Soviets did nothing wrong, except for choosing not to nuke the muzzies to hell.

They saw Afghanistan and remembered their own history of how Russia used to be a backward backwater and thought "We could propel them into the future. Hope there are no U.S. backed reactionaries to ruin our plan"


The fact the US supported the Whites during the russian civil war makes this statement that much ironic

Very true. Islamic fundamentalism was a huge factor.

Well, there is a general misonception about what happened in Afghanistan (also making comparations with Vietnam makes no sense as the level of Soviet involvment and their intentions were completely different).
In Afghanistan the communist party took control of the country after 1978 in an event called the Saur revolution, this happened without soviet intervention or knoldege (, it took the Soviet goverment by complete surprise (they indeed had good relations with the Daud monarch).
The communist party takes control, the soviets start supporting it, but only to a small degree, why?The Communist party of Afghanistan is a revolutionary party, they are decided to implement as soon as possible socialism, collectivize land, stop the ultrareligious laws, give equal rights to women, have a secular stateā€¦.. this in a country were conditions and class conciusness was even worse than in 1917 Russia, so the revisionist Soviet goverment sees them as "too revolutionary", and relations between them became worse after the Khan faction of the party (wich was more on the left, and the one Ruling it ) and even the party leader, starts calling them AntiMarxists and revisionists.
So the soviets start supporting the more Prosoviet, and less radical Parchami faction, wich was in minory.
This produces great infight between the party, wich ends with the Soviets in 1979 intervening and putting the Parchami faction in power,
Meanwhile the islamists that feel they had lost their power and control, start a resistance movement of Mujadheen (who start recibing massive funds and training from USA and NATO countries), they start fighting the prosoviet goverment in 1979/1980, the soviets send troops to protect the favourable regime there, this scales during the next years to a terrible war with millions of deaths, and exhausts the USSR economy.
Still the Saur revolution inded specially during the first months, before the soviet intervention, introduced land reform, human rigts, and wasthe more progressive goverement Afghanistan has ever had to this day.
It's true the Soviets were there for their economic interests, but the revolution was not organized by them, you have to understand they came into the stage only after it.

And then assassinated and overthrew said government.

The original revolution was legitimate though, they just knocked off the one guy for being a crazy fuck. Not saying that was great politics but still it's a different situation from Vietnam.

this is actually heartbreaking to hear, even more so after I reading this

After said government overthrew and killed the previous ruling faction of the government in a coup. Post the whole picture, you revisionist

How ironic that the USSR ended up throwing support behind the Afghan version of the Mensheviks.

After said ruling faction purged the said ruling party fucked the economy and started a civil war due to inefficient despotism. Amin was forced into the coup due to purges and an assassination attempt. I think you are the one posting historical revisionism here pal.

I would be really sceptical concerning this narrative, this sounds suspiciously like Leftcom/Maoist talking points.
What a radical communist indeed.

Amin was even less liked amongst the population. What you talk about it is called collectivization, you may have heard about it. In backwards countries it's always messy.
lmao, come on now

That's unironically not bad though. It doesn't matter if the population still chooses to believe in Allah if it eases the transition, Marxism is supposed to be concerned with the material conditions. State secularism not state atheism ok

First of all I'm not a Maoist neither a Leftcom I consider myself an ML, and second and most important I'm not talking about Amin, but about Taraki (wich was the one that denounced the USSR as revisionist) teh first socialist president who was killed by Amin orders, Amin was just an opportunist looking for power.

Yeah indeed there is certainely a bit of a paralel between the factions in Afghanistan and Tsarist Russia.

Afghanistan was falling apart due to a Islamic led civil war and the civilians were very Islamic. Of course he was going to use Islamic messaging to save the country from crumbling apart.

Okay, I'm presuming you've got most of your knowledge about this from Wikipedia, which is fine as I have done the same, but you have clearly not read your sources very well.
Amin was less liked amongst the population because of Taraki's polices. This is from Gladstone's 'Afghanistan: a Country Study' the same source you have been quoting at me from the Wikipedia article, ironically enough.
I never said that collectivisation is bad, I'm just saying that Taraki fucked up.
Okay maybe I was a little too forgiving to Amin but I was trying to state that Taraki was the main catalyst towards his own downfall.

So its not an invasion.

dr najibullah did nothing wrong