Why do fascist always use left-wing aesthetics to garner support?


And these people have the fucking nerve to say that it's the left that can't meme.


that's actually a good message. any serious leftist should reject moronic identitarian delusions like white guilt

Who gives a shit?


yeah no

Tbh I don't really give a shit. They can do whatever the fuck they want, won't make their stupidity vanish

To be fair, it's not like we are using it all that much.

When they say "left" they mean liberals/SJWs, and they're mostly right. Obviously the Soviets, and even more-so the situationists were master memers, but mainstream bourgeois liberals seem to generally be creatively retarded.

Rejecting white guilt isn’t idpol, rejecting white guilt and promoting white pride in its place however, is.

But that is implicitly what these people are trying to do.

What you're calling "soviet aesthetics" is just updated german "Plakatstil" invented by illustrator Lucian Bernhard around 1905. It was an outgrowth of art-nouveau and emphasised clarity and geometry. It got very popular and was used all over Europe by all political currents. While it is true that except for Nazis (notorious hypocrites) conservative parties were slower in adopting the style, sticking with previous turn-of-the-century art nouveau styles and it was first picked up by socdem/socialist parties but fact of the matter is this style was invented for advertising purposes.
The only specifically "soviet" thing here is the pseudo-cyrillic font.

Soviet aesthetics were mostly influenced by Constructivism, not Art Deco.

Because the entire purpose of fascism is to subvert left-wing movements and to drive the proletariat away from class struggle.

Yeah in the early days, when art was actually free and Mayakovsky was still in charge (dog bless him). After the Stalinist shift to uniform Socialist Realism, constructivist characteristics remaied but the whole was way closer to plakatstil.
To muddle it up further Soviet constructivism was picked up by Bauhaus and Destijl, which were progressive, but not socialist. Today constructivism is carried by people like Neville Brody, who aren't huge socialists either.

And Shepard Dairey, the worst of the worst. I hate him both a socialist and as a graphic designer.

i feel like an inherent trait of fascism is the incongruous theft of aesthetics from everywhere they can be found, regardless of implicit political connotation.

white guilt is a meme and a phrase that immediately signposts a white nationalist (or a moron)
implicit within the statement is that white guilt is an extant and noteworthy problem, otherwise there would be no need to encourage people to "reject" it. unsurprisingly the only people with such perceptions are reactionary-inclined.

far too many people on this board have a really autistic "but a genocide of white people would be a bad thing therefore the 'stop anuddah shoah' posters are legitimate statements" worldview.

yes, one held by significant portions of the population
absurd. "white guilt" and "liberal guilt" are totally mainstream concepts discussed well outside white nationalist circles
the belief that "whites" (an imagined abstraction) should feel some sort of existential "guilt" is stupid, is a problem, and should be rejected by any honest and serious person

the poster, most likely by accident, says only to "disarm" those who use "white guilt" (i presume through rejecting it or refusing to be intimidated by it) and thus "free oneself" from its power (effectively, if unintentionally, a stirnerian attitude). it does not say anything about countering white guilt with inverse concepts like "white pride;" again, i presume this is by accident and an oversight of the artist
it would be. advocating genocide for invented categories of people; white, black or green; is identitarian nonsense. apparently you're yet to comprehend that – maybe it's too "autistic" for you

most whites don't feel this kind of guilt though, it's a non-issue.
it doesn't have to. the fact it believes that white guilt is such a problem that people need to free themselves from it says enough about their worldview.
we're not talking about advocating genocide, we're talking about believing that such a genocide of whites is currently ongoing.

Study the image attached
Where will Sally look for the ball?

a major platform of the u.s. democratic party is that "whites" are bad and "people of colour" are good, thus "whites" need to be punished if "justice" is to be achieved
the poster doesn't mention "whites" feeling it or not. it says only to reject "white pride"
i'm not talking about their worldview or what they believe. i'm talking about what the poster says literally, regardless to what the maker intended it to say
'we're' not. you are
up your ass, socdem faggot

some people should've just stayed on Holla Forums

thanks for playing

what are the children being taught here?

you lost. try to show some dignity

Why can't we use rightist aesthetics?

Or any other aesthetic for thar matter. You niggers seriously have an obsession with the symbols of past revolutions.

Here's the original.

Higher res


there is legitimately nothing wrong with being white. how the fuck is that Holla Forums?

Its not. Its just that its been made such a shitty topic from identity politics.

This is the divide and conquer of Capitalism, though I'm sure you know this.

It's an obvious white nationalist dog-whistle. If you don't get it, you're either dumb or disingenuous.

you realize that the people who made that are pro-idpol; it's just a different kind

tbqh, i see nothing wrong with criticizing the idea of white guilt.
nobody should be held accountable for things others did.

Because they're just right wing commies.

No one outside of pomo 101 in college feels white guilt. White nationalists think anyone who doesn't identify with the success of other white people are self hating

Looks like the AmRen logo is in the bottom right. But no these posters was designed by good boys just tryna save tha white man from the eye dee polls

Too much red too, let's do a different color

It's either White guilt or White man's burden. Either way it's a real problem. It's dying though since Whites are starting to wake up.

t. libtard

*Classical liberal

Just wanted to interrupt this fun little thread to let everyone know that Mike Enoch basically blew his own movement's cover by printing those dumb "It's OK 2 B White" leaflets with links to a bunch of alt-right websites at the bottom

Please wake up aut-right so you can shoot yourselves in the foot some more

literally the same thing

How so?

Why do lefties insist on "movement building" which is a conservative strategy.

Both SJW and alt-right memes were garbage the entire time and got worse in 2016 as "professional memers" geared up forcing shitty "memes" extra-hard. Liberal/"progressive" memes were less shite than either, but also were basically the bulk of the "political memes" before that and got markedly worse the further it got into the Obama era.

I shouldn't really be arguing on this, though.

middle class white americans are probably amongst the most neurotic demographics on the planet, either they're obsessed with getting cucked by black men or willing to shell out 500 bucks on everydayfeminism's healing from toxic whiteness seminar. Liberal white guilt is just a continuation of the protestant religious practices of their ancestors, their perspective on morality is essentially point by point calvinism, while the alt right is plugged into this whole self loathing psychosexual matrix powered by residual calvinist guilt.

Consider this: If you're at airport security and you tell the guard "I'm not hiding any bombs", do you think he'll say "Oh, good." or tackle you to the floor and start looking for the bombs you've just admitted you suspect he knows you have?