Entire aut-right problem would have been solved by now if you would have all just read Bordiga...

Entire aut-right problem would have been solved by now if you would have all just read Bordiga. Enjoy the fruits of your reactionary labor now, faggots!


Ok OP i hate to do it…but i have to agree with you. There's nothing we can do right now, the best thing is to just wait for things to turn worst and start collapsing, because right now people are going berserk and think everything bad in today's world is socialism and communism agenda being implemented. It's pointless to talk to them and they have to learn by themselves they have been duped.

This is true. I haven't seen a single person who has claimed to have read the complete works of Bordiga and still be a reactionary scum. Question is, how do we first get all these Holla Forums converts to read Bordiga? I mean, they just have to fucking do it. Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I have read Bordiga. I've probably read more Bordiga than I have Lenin at this point because of this stupid meme and I still think he is fucking stupid.

This is pretty funny tbqh


good thread


anyone found using the words "read bordiga' as an arguement, with out putting in any effort to make actually make an argument themselves should be banned, and their ips shall be recorded so that in event of a revolution they are to be thrown into an active volcano


Bordiga is a disgusting Jew why would the alt right obey anything he says?

I'm a literal Neo Nazi visiting from Holla Forums and I'll give it a try and read this piece of shit kike's book okay. But I don't have high hopes. All Jews are bad.

How is Bordiga a jew?

the pic speaks for itself.
Capitalism and Communism are both Jewish inventions. Communism is the end goal of Capitalism. Capitalism is meant to build enough funds to create Communism. Communism becomes slavery of the common man with Jews as the slave masters.

That's not Bordiga.

what do you propose as the alternative?

I've heard this rhetorical point before for real and the answer to it is nutsac.

Capitalism is not an alternative to capitalism.


Precisely, but then such a discussion would fall into semantics.

Good luck with that

Bordiga posting should be bannable offence

you people are fucking retarded