I mean, I can't imagine anything more fucking insane than a bunch of trots thinking that there needs to be a nuclear war, which will then give rise to a spontaneous communist revolution and a potential visit from class-conscious extraterrestial lifeforms (who have somehow, magically had access to Marx's writings?)

So, did it actually exist as a legitimate movement at any point at all or are we looking at argentinian version of Jim Jones here?

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Greetings Comrade! You seem to have made a mistake. You see, there was already an existing Posadism thread in the catalog. Whoops! Next time, make sure you search the catalog before pushing another thread off the board. No need to thank me. >>2227877


This video is worth the pain of capitalism.

That thread is not about posadism, but about a Posadas quote. My thread is about absurdity of posadism in general.


Why is dialectics an alien concept?

Extraterrestrial dialectics are so advanced that they are indistinguishable from magic

Can I read some of their dank shiz?

Our primitive 2d language cannot express the ideas of 5th Dimensional Histophysical Dialectics

Well we're shit outta luck then. :ˇ(

Tell me a better way to get rid of all the nuclear weapons and the threat they pose on humanity than blowing them all up.

Posadism is just fun. I hope we'll convince a weak minded Holla Forumsypl to take this shit seriously one day.

Please no, I don't want to die

Is Posadism the official kool-aid ideology? It's literally an ideology of global suicide in nuclear fire

What if there was a posadist who believed the conspiracy that nukes are fake? Also, what about bioweapons? Isn't it possible bioweapons would literally kill everyone something posadists didn't take into account?

Literally can't find anything wrong with this tbh

Posadism is just when you read theory but also are bored and want to shitpost.


Unless that Holla Forumsyp is exactly Trump or Netanyahu then I doubt he can do much about it


Test again