Is this even that Bad?

Its not a dogwhistle or racist its simply a calling out of Liberal hypocrisy so is it actually that much of a bad thing that Holla Forums did this?
Like its still typical Holla Forumsyp bullshit but its not as stupid as some of the shit that Holla Forums has attempted

It is irrelevant. If anything, it is good because it is funny.

gb2 twitter teenlord

It brilliantly illustrates how SJW's judge based on association, not content.


well when something as simple and seemingly innocent as "it's okay to be white" gets peddled by esoteric hitler worshiping white supremacists, most people would be skeptical of the real intentions

because /pol never argues in good faith. they are either hopped up on conspiracy paranoia, useful idiots, or astroturfing nazis who know what they are doing
look at this dumb shit and tell me anything pol does shouldn't be combated

That's precisely the point, there would be no point to this campaign if leftists just said yeah, it's okay to be white instead of saying that their antifa supersoldiers are going to kill millions of whites.

This is how Holla Forums recruits, they've been doing it for awhile now, and you still play along.

Completely innocious, isn't it. Nobody would be against it, if it is taken out of context. This is what dogwhistling means.
I have to give it to Holla Forums, this whole "it's ok to be white" thing was quite clever since liberals can't argue against it in any complete way.

Liberals, not leftists, but otherwise you're correct.
That's a meme, user. Stop being so serious.
We aren't even accepted among other "leftist" communities because we reject identity politics. I don't know what gave you the impression that we have the pull required to stop ridiculous liberals from embarrassing themselves and acting like ridiculous liberals.

Oh im sure that was the intention.

Let's speak like educated men and not use the term liberal as in bastardized american were it has become synonymous with leftist.
You know sincerity is expressed most brutally when under the cover of irony. If not, the joke's on you.
Doesn't stop you from playing along with Holla Forums campaigns, to the contrary, of all leftists you're the most obsessed with Holla Forums.

Do you really think a board that is 80+% white sincerely wants to kill all white people?
I'd say the joke is on how the right is reacting to a twitter meme.
I don't see Holla Forums as a whole playing along with anything. What do you mean?


Nobody actually fell for this, and it's pretty obvious that nobody thinks otherwise. This is just pushing a persecution complex. This is like "It's not okay to rape" Yeah, we all know that. Nobody thinks otherwise.

any fascist propaganda is fascist propaganda i don't care if it has a puppy dog it's still fascist.

this is something i've been thinking about lately because as far as I can see, internet leftists (and I do mean leftists, not just liberals) have been massive hypocrites over the last few months, especially the ones with popular twitter brands and shit like that


same leftists an hour later:

i mostly just wish leftists were less fucking terrible

No, what I really think is that said leftists use such irony in sincerity. I'll give you moonman as example of such sincerity in irony so you can bypass your bias.
Jokes the left would never fall for, which is why they would say hahaha, this guy obviously doesn't mean it when you tweet about how you're going to kill millions of blacks with gatling gun wearing SS commando's. Just try it to BTFO me.
By attacking them as they want you to.

There is a certain disconnect between these words and the reaction to the poster campaign.

Holla Forums

It helps to think of it as gallows humor in the face of the soul-crushing realization that no matter how bad things are right now, realistically they're only going to get worse over the lifetime of every user here. When red liberals come to that realization, they just drop the red and move further right..

no, it's literally the same people and it happens on all vaguely leftish platforms. It's the same from here to the chapo "dirtbag left" to twitter ☭TANKIE☭s to the sour fucks on r/soc. It's not a forum wars thing, it's a universal internet leftist thing.

I'm certain that similar rationalisations were offered on Holla Forums a couple of years ago. I'm just gobsmacked at the number of leftists who will go on about how bullshit le epic horseshoe theory is and then seemingly obliviously try their hardest to make it seem real. it's really no wonder that the idea, however stupid you and I might understand it to be, has such staying power with apathetic apoliticals.

This board has made analyzing edgy Holla Forums memes into an obsession and r/fullcommunism is worse in it's edginess than this board is.

If you support this fascist propaganda you are a fascist you don't belong here get out>>

It's really not. Go on any of those other leftist platforms and post something like and see what happens. Of course there are cross-posters here, nothing we can do about that.
Of course, and they'd be right. The thing is, eventually the joke stopped being a joke, as their desperation and disillusionment overwhelmed them. They're not wrong about how they feel, they're just wrong about the root cause of their anguish.

how do you morons always fall for pol bait threads
sage in every field

We don't give a fuck. Talk about relevant topics or gtfo.

When I said "literally the same people" I meant it is literally the same accounts that post dour pronouncements of the dangers of edginess and then immediately post the cringiest edgy shit. I get that it sucks to be associated with people like that and if you want to be all hashtag notallleftists then be my guest. And yes, it's harder to keep track of here because most people are user, but spend a few hours even on the most middle-of-the-road yawnfest that is "left twitter" and you'll see this shit.

this is the whole point i was making dude. "the left" is not somehow immune to this effect.


Whatever man this shit's boring, who cares

Proof that the right wing thinks humor is just when you tell your real opinions and plans with a funnier voice or some shit. No wonder right wing comedy is such shit

it's stupid

judging on association is an amazing heuristic. anyone who would disparage SJWs for doing so almost certainly does so themselves.
(though there are also many merits to hypocrisy…)

Those are not comparable. Genocide was a staple of 20th-century far-right politics — rightists are being "ironic" by pretending to be what they in fact often really are in private. Beheading white people and forced feminization has never been part of leftist praxis — they're being ironic by pretending to be what rightists strawman them as.

No offense but are you two actually autistic? "We are training antifa supersoldiers to paint tunnels on cliffsides so white business owners hit them on their commute" has an actual joke structure, even if you don't think it's funny. "Lol get in the oven you fucking kike shill, hitler did literally nothing wrong XD" isn't a joke. There's no punchline. The fact that I have to explain basic humor to people on imageboards is incredible

say it with me


yeah okay bro

Those are shitty red liberals, not Holla Forums.
I disagree. The distinction here, and I think it's significant, is that we're already focused on the root cause, which is capitalism, while Holla Forums sincerely believes that all of their problems would be solved if only they could kill all of those pesky niggers and jews.

It in fact is, and I've just explained why.

It's okay to have more capital than somebody else.

you posted an example that nobody gave in order to defeat a point that nobody made. let's dial this right back and pick an example that actually has been given.
how is edgy internet leftists ironically posting about throwing people in gulags functionally different than edgy internet righties ironically posting about throwing people in camps and how is that kind of thing becoming a common and accepted part of online left subculture not precisely the same thing that those same leftists have been criticising over recent months as a contributing factor to dangerous trends in real life right wing action.

without a doubt the worst thing about the culture of this board is this braindead idea that nobody but Holla Forums are the TRUE left and everyone else is liberals, regardless of the fact that many of those "liberals" are not only better read but also more active in real life politics than anybody here.

It isn't. People like Krang that made the "antifa supersoldier" jokes that threw you into this fit in the first place aren't really "lol gulag XD" /r/socialism types though so it's a pretty irrelevant comparison here

the people in gulags deserve it, the people in camps don't.

At no point did I mention "antifa supersoliders" in this thread or any particular major twitter brands

Even if that were true, who cares? Holla Forums should be asked to answer for Holla Forums, not whatever is deemed the most proper representative of "the left" at any moment in time. Hell, we don't even ask or expect 4/pol/ to answer for 8/pol/ despite being at least tangential in internet political discourse.

I mean, if your brand of "leftism" puts anything before class struggle, you aren't a leftist.
Oh? And how's that working out for them?

Well the discussion on "leftist hypocrisy" for telling jokes started from here and that's the thread I'm following. I apologize if that isn't your point but that just means that your point is building off of someone else who did sincerely think that that joke was equivalent to "lol get in the ovens"

i found leftypol real flag now lets start a WHITE LIVES MATTER protest.

You're either stupid or dishonest

nah, that isn't me and isn't precisely related to what I've been talking about. my only problem is with leftists (or "leftists" if you prefer) decrying the dangers of ironic edginess from the right from one side of their mouth (esp. when Angela Nagle was doing the podcast circuit for her book release) while posting stupid edgy shit about gulags etc. from the other side and not seeing the contradiction.


That I don't think you're funny doesn't mean that I don't think you can express sincerity under the cloak of humor. Humor requires a grasp of context, of comprehension, taking that in mind, no wonder the humor of this board is akin to that of an autistic six year old.

Some of those tweets kill whitey tweets have a joke structure, others do not. There being a joke structure or not in such sincerity through irony is besides the point.

Though you can still go ahead and explain the punchline in what's the most positive thing about niggers? HIV to all your comrades who show themselves to be autists who don't get what a joke structure is by judging you as a racist for telling the joke.

"sincerity under a cloak of humor" is such a faggy take on the point of comedy that I'm not surprised that Holla Forumstards would subscribe to it

It must be pure coincidence then that this board makes gulag jokes while never making concentration camp jokes and that leftists never make nigger jokes likewise.

This isn't /r/socialism, newfag

gulag jokes on this board are a rarity
(i wasn't joking.)

I'm a leftist and I joke about niggers and camps.

Kind of pointless. Obviously it's ok to be white. Just like it's ok to be black, muslim, inuit, dolphin and plant.

Holla Forums likes to complain about idpol, but they always get hooked on the liberal bait.

Imageboards lack the situationality for jokes, though le gulag XD is the staple joke of the related youtube channels.

My soap is jewish, my lawn mower is african, my hair extensions are native american, and yet you call me a racist?

I wouldn't call you a racist for making jokes, I'd call you a racist for claiming the superiority of one phenotype over another.

I wouldn't do that, my lawn mower and I are just equal but different.

Holla Forums YouTubers are cancer (aside from Bat'ko and the smaller ones)

I don't have any problem with it. The type of people who do are the crazy zombie types who shilled hard for Clinton throughout 2016. The irony is lost on them.

It's okay to be white. Sure, why not.


What's next? Is not wanting nigger baboons to break into my house and steal my shit a racist dog whistle that must be combatted at all costs too?

Get fucked, deeply triggering and problematics!


Back to Holla Forums you go

Why would I do that?

Your post says dogwhistle, but the picture is of a referee whistle



You know "white power/pride" didn't become synonymous with racism just cuz liberals are retarded, right? It's cuz literally the only people who've been promoting that shit for the last 2/3 of a century have been white supremacists. "White pride" has a bad rep for the same reason lighting crosses on fire or wearing white hooded robes does, *the people who support it*.

Can't believe Holla Forums's falling for the "why are there no historically WHITE colleges" meme-_-…

Historically white colleges are the least of our problems these days, we are more concerned with what became of historically white countries.


Heh, nice meme! Post another next you dumb ape!

I couldn't give a fuck and that's even if white geno-cide was a real thing.

Of course you don't give a fuck, you're not white. I don't give a fuck if all of Apefrica starved tomorrow. Therein lies the problem.

But its true though

Your posts are memes in and of themselves. Reading them makes me LOL.

nobody here thinks we should be killing whites with antifa supersoldiers newfriend

Keep going LOL.

If you don't care about living in a place where whites are the controlling majority go move somewhere where they are not then. Oh wait you won't. Because like all niggers you're perfectly content being "oppressed" by racist whitey as long as whitey keeps the water running and the roads paved. Nigger.

You think you and your Holla Forumsack butt-buddies would have the know-how to keep the lights on and the water running all by yourselves if everybody who doesn't think white geno-cide's real would go someplace else? Just a heads-up, you're gonna have to actually go outside every once in a while.

Agreeing with this. It's a dead-simple and innocuous way to rub idpol back onto SJWs' faces. They spent fucking decades preaching this bullshit until it became a dominant paradigm, and now they LITERALLY SHAKE when reactionaries do the exact same thing. This is the future they chose.

*Progressive not liberal