Does Holla Forums think the holocaust was exaggerated ???

Does Holla Forums think the holocaust was exaggerated ???

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To an extent.

I personally think the number of people killed in the gas chambers has been exaggerated for various reasons (mostly due to Israel.) However the total number killed is accurate.

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The only thing i dislike about the way holocaust is presented over how it's all about jews, when jews weren't the only victims.
Which also bring the other question..why do the japanese war crimes get far less mentioned. The japanese pulled all sorts of shit in Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma

Misrepresented and exaggerated by cultural media and laymen's rumors? Sure.
I don't think the actual numbers of people who were killed or how they were killed are lied about today by the historians who study it though.

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Regardless of how many died, the determined, calculated attempt to wipe a race from the earth with no exceptions is deserving of its ppace as most-evil-thing to have happened. Read Arendt.

Yes, most likely. I do think it happened though, and I don't think it is particularly relevant to the question of whether or not being a Nazi is okay. Class collaboration is never okay.

They killed 6 million communists, slavs and homosexuals as well as millions of communist and homosexual jews. The genocide part is overblown honestly. The goal of fascism is to eliminate leftism and any opposition to the capitalist state. The death camps were part of this. The focus on the ethnic cleansing aspect only helps liberals who try to paint the holocaust as the result of anti-semetic feelings among the German populace when it was so much more.

Yeah but we should recognise that racialist insanity leads to awful shit and we e should keep it as far from politics as possible

The complete moral collapse of an entire civilization is pretty notable my man.

I think there was a minor exaggeration for the main reason of they might have overestimated the "missing" dead. (the missing dead being those dead that have no trace of them left since all their family got killed)

Capitalist society has no morality.

The Holocaust is overblown, the thing is that this benefits the Nazis too because they don't have to answer for their attempt to annihilate the Soviet Union.

Not particularly, but it is very obviously abused by Jews for political gain.

And exterminationist psycopathy on a scale never quite seen is the logical conclusion of reactionary thought, one we should remember for exposing liberal apologia for the moral bankruptcy it is.

Nah because that just leads to the kind of situation that we have right now where liberals deny the existence of race, rather than actually asking what right wingers want to do.

In the current environment, a reactionary just has to prove that race really is a biological phenomenon in order to win an argument. They will win this argument every time as long as liberals keep pointing to the holocaust and screaming Nazi and "muh social construct". A better way to approach this would be to ask the fascists what they actually want to do. Stop all immigration? How are we supposed to do that without spending some ridiculous amount on border security? What about all the cheap labor? Do they want to build concentration camps? Because who the fuck in power is going to support that?

At some point, liberals are going to have to actually confront these issues, and screaming Nazi only makes them look like they are hiding something.

to an extent, and used ruthlessly for political aims. See: Norman Finkelstein
it was some pretty bad shit though
don't do genocide, kids

Because japs never killed any of god's chosen race (jews).

No. Matter of fact neo-nazi autistic screeching bout "da Joos and there lies" is so loud the 4 or 5 or so million Slavs, Roma, commies and disabled people that died in them camps just ain't talked about.

Deport them and have harsh consequences for any business owner who highers them. The last thing in the world that I want is cheap labor. There are millions of Americans out there who would gladly leave Walmart to do these jobs if they paid a living wage which they would now have to.


They're only ever studying second hand information so if the numbers were exaggerated from the original source it's just a constant perpetuation of falsehoods.

From an interview with Iris Chang (author of Rape of Nanking):

The high end of the death count range is exaggerated. Some details aren't true.

Many Japanese war criminals got a get-out-of-jail-free card from Americans who wanted to ensure Japan remained a bastion of anticommunism in East Asia.

Because the Japanese government never truly dealt publicly with its wartime crimes. It's all been swiped under the rug — except the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki of course, which allow them to present themselves solely as victims.

No but faggots here will deny any genocide during USSR rule. It's a game of Communists VS Nazi

What genocides?

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No genocide happened under USSR rule

Dude, colonization and the genocide of whole continents was way worse than the Holocaust.
Goes to show how in love Europeans are with themsleves

Yes, I don't believe in the gas chambers. Indeed Jews and jewish-descended people were persecuted and discriminated: with Jews from western europe being imprisoned and enslaved in forced labor camps, and Jews from occupied soviet territories being massacred by death squads (Einsatzgruppen).

This is the best documentary on debunking the gas chambers made by a non-racist revisionist:

Also this one about the shrunken heads and skin lampshades (made by the same dude):

anyways, yes, it was exaggerated just like the Communist atrocities were. It's inevitable that these things are highly politicized.

I believe that the holocaust is both exaggerated and underplayed by different groups to suit their political goals, which I believe is an insult to those who died as a result of the holocaust. I do support the expansion of the death toll to include a wider range of victims instead of simply those who were 'jewish'.

Kind of this. Also, they pretty much became a tribute state for the U.S.

My problem with the approved holocaust history is that it makes it sounds like only jews perished while in reality the nazis will enslave and exterminate every fucking body without much thought. Nazis killed all the midgets of germany alongside the gays and jehovah eyewitnesses, even crazier they tried to exterminate the redheads of norway and even worse the things they did to the leftist resistence in germany or the french partisans. I think we should tell more about the non jewish victims of the holocaust to make people aware that murder and slavery are core tenants of nazism and that anybody that wasn't a pefect aryan will meet dead.

Historians routinely include non-Jewish deaths as part of the Holocaust's death toll. Even then, it makes perfect sense for Jews to be considered a special demographic in this context because they were the primary target of industrialized genocide.

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Of course, we're not talking about historians or scholars mostly, but the event as it tends to be portrayed by media.

and education

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The death toll needs to be understood in relation to the existing population of a targeted ethnicity. It is undeniable that the Nazis focused on the complete elimination of European Jewry first and foremost — in fact, that's where they got the closest to succeeding.

It was a lot easier to kill off 12 million Jews than it was to kill 100+ million Russians, what’s your point? Also, the fact that the Zionists collaborated with the Nazis made it a lot easier to target then than for them to round them.

Hitler had plans to invade the USSR as soon as he took power in 1933. We have no evidence that the Nazis intended to kill off all the Jews until 1942. There’s no reason to treat Jews as special victims even demographically most historians acknowledge that Gypsies suffered as much as the Jews (close to 50%)


If it's completely fake i still wouldn't care. It's the best tool to keep fascists and nazis hated by the normies

What a fucking idiot. I could say the same thing about the holodomor

So does Communism naturally cause starvation or was the holodomor manufactured?
until Holla Forums can reconcile these surface-level gaps in logic I'm not concerned

good point actually

How is he edgy? You didn't even watch the fucking video. You should trust logic.

Thanks for the link. That article deals with Holocaust denial as a whole. Whereas the first video I posted deals only with the gas chambers of Auschwitz camp. And the second video with analyzing an american propaganda film where american soldiers force german civilians from a nearby town to walk into the Buchenwald camp and see a display of objects like shrunken heads and skin lampshades, which nowadays are no where to be found and nobody mentions it at all, including the article you posted. Here's the original footage btw:

Which includes Auschwitz and the crematoriums

yeah some jews might have made some bad things but that does not justify genociding them

The holocaust is exaggerated in some rumors and popular culture, but it's not generally exaggerated by historians.

Essentially this:

Revisionists grasp at straws, as though the numbers of absolutely every other genocide were rock solid and precise down to every single individual. The holocaust is actually unusual in the respect that there is considerably more data behind the numbers than usually occurs in a genocide.

Too bad the numbers don't point to 6 million Jews turned into roast chickens.

Well, yeah. It was roughly 5.9 million, and nearly half were exterminated on the street - others were gassed, others were worked to death or died of disease or starvation in the shit conditions of the concentration camps. I'm not sure if your strawman is about rounding up or you just have some number you want to pull out of your ass to fit an agenda, though.

None were turned into birds, but we could say the same for Rwanda and Armenia and pretty much any genocide if we wanted to have a pretend point to make against people who acknowledged the existence of these things.

The total amount killed in the Holocaust was also more than twice the amount of Jews once you add in gypsies, Slavs, fags, disabled people, etc.