I'm a traditionalist and distributist. Does Holla Forums accept me or am I just a stooge for those capitalists?

I'm a traditionalist and distributist. Does Holla Forums accept me or am I just a stooge for those capitalists?

you aren't a stooge, just an idealist.

distributivism isn't wanted by capitalists, and it's contrary to historical development anyway.

As long as you fight capitalism you're good in my books

You're just fine


What happens to orphans under distributism exactly? Centering production around families seems kind of exclusionary.


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this is commie/anarchist board, fuck off.

If distributism is based off what we find in the encyclicals, then it's not really against private property… Pope Leo and Jp 2 defended capitalism to an extent (in Rerum Novarum and Centesismhs Annus respectively), they had a problem with unregulated, free market libertarianism. But it's not really clear to me if there exists any actual distributism theory today. It's a meme ideology as far as I know and it's not even really sponsored "officially" by the church as like doctrine or anything.

I'll just make it more explicit if you're new here: socialism is against ownership rights over private property. And aside from also being traditionalist (read:reactionary), it's not clear if distributism is that far removed from capitalism. But maybe it is and I'm wrong.

define yr terms bucko

Nope, dropped.

There are a handful of traditionalists on Holla Forums but we aren't very vocal

Why not just go mutualist? It's basically the same thing but more realistically applicable to todays world

I wouldn't say you are a leftist, but you are fine by me. As long as you are willing to join in solidarity to defend the fruits of our labor from the ruling class, I couldn't care less how you feel about traditional values.

Distributists are the socdems of Traditionalism tbh

As long as abolishing private property is one of your main aims, then sure.

Can I ask whether or not you've read Marx or other socialist thought though?

Literally what is the endgoal of Traditionalism? Abolition of The Enlightenment? The French Revolution? The signing of the Magna Carta?

It's a shame that from all people if had to be Pol Pot using that phrase, otherwise I'd use it on a daily basis

red liberals need to go back

How would you stop small privately owned workshops and farms joining together without some form of socialist state intervention?

reactionary as hell, so dropped

it varies by from person to person, but the usual one I've seen is being against the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, essentially a return to the old order of a society guided by traditional Christian values (often including a strong established church), a hierarchical society which often translates to support for monarchism, and typically glorifies the old rural way of life.

So uh, troglodytes

traditionalism is pretty much opposed to practically anything anyone from classical liberals to the left of them stand for so yeah
It's a meme at this point though, they bandwagoned on the fascist bandwagon during WW2 thinking they could supplant them postwar and pretty much got fucked and have never recovered.

Distributism is just cherrypicked idealized version of medieval guild system.

Distributism is socialism for social conservatives who are too dense and too dumb to see their own ideology and become aware of the current material conditions. You are the most useful idiot and the dumbest reactionary
Traditionalism doesn't mean what you think it means unless you hate people for being people, we had a thread about that some weeks ago, traditionalist thinkers like De Maitrese or Guenon didn't actually care about actual traditions, the just wanted a world without compassion or forgiveness where people will be executed for the smallest mistake, they insisted all suffering was deserved and any struggle for justice was degeneration.
You're dumb, pain and simple

and how it is wrong?

can you prove them wrong?

Right? I thought the exact same thing just a few days ago. It's a really cool sounding phrase.