Why can't you people stay in your containment board?

Why can't you people stay in your containment board?

We want nothing to do with your cancerous website.

If anyone claims to be us, it's Holla Forums falseflagging. As you can see, we have no raid threads up or anything else of the kind.

Good question. Here's a better one: Why do you subscribe to a philosophy that promotes submission to authority? You're pretty much cucking yourself by being a rightist.

don't bump shit threads

You don't know what my philosophy is. I'm only concerned with the fact that you people don't stick to your shit corner where you belong.

I'll assume you're not a leftist, cuck.


Perhaps people are just tired of your cancerous bullshit Holla Forums.

sorry for assuming your pronouns user :(

Holla Forums is shit enough without you niggers baiting for (yous) every time a democrat farts in trumps direction

back to Holla Forums, trumpcuck!

I was actually doing that before I discovered leftypol so you can't blame that on this board.

It's your own kind false-flagging. We've become something of a boogieman among right-wing communities for some reason.

Who's the real cuck?

Definitely, your own kind false-flagging.

reminder to never bump shit threads

Does he realize these drawings are jokes that almost no one here gets mad at?

Holla Forums is fucking stupid.

Never called you a cuck user. Could you perhaps be projecting?

You're posting pics who's whole point is that one of our mascots is cucking us with pepe and porky. I was simply commenting on that.

cuck can't be used on non white people, dude.

That's the last of the PORKED pictures, maybe he'll go away

Why can't you see your own falseflags, Holla Forums?

Last one. You don't need me to tell you this board is shit you know that already.

It's mainly lefty subreddits, but you fags contribute as well

I've seen mild left-wing ideas like universal healthcare get called leftypol shilling over at cuckchan

its good praxis tbh

Why can't you? The last thing we want is more fags like pic related shitting up our movement and that is all you'll find on Holla Forums.

Stop bumping the retarded thread

Because you useless cunts keep coming back, so i like to go shitpost on your boards as well.

Go complain to the far-right Holla Forums then. They actively make threads where they plot to infiltration into gaming, anime, and other hobbyist communities in order to win 'muh culture war'.

We're not interested in doing that, we just want to be left alone to discuss theory and activism which actually makes a difference in the REAL world, not just creating an ongoing atmosphere of false consciousness and making fun communities shit for everyone. If you see dumb-asses claiming to be from Holla Forums, it's 90% likely going to be a Holla Forums false-flag.

then leave

Thanks user I needed a good laugh


Which is funny because Nazi Germany was one the first countries in the world to bring about universal healthcare

The culture war is all they have. Years of spending high school and college posting on anonymous forums while normal people did real world shit has turned these people into mental hermits. They're so immersed in Holla Forums rage culture that they can't enjoy content if it doesn't make them angry or smugly triumphant about the libs blacks muslims whoever.

They live for ideology. They chose to turn their lives into reactionary Pokemon Go.

Don't get me wrong user, what you guys do here is VERY important. You're all making a REALLY big difference. Don't let me stop you.

oh no not the porn this board made, posted repeatedly and fapped to

I'm literally shaking right now


also crazyfrog

no it was actually Bismark's germany, and probably Weimar under the SPD.

This is now a board quality thread; So I'm thinking this is a good time to talk about bringing board quality up, by reminding everyone to keep/start posting thorough rebuttals based in theory rather than cheap insults to help deal with polyps. I know people get tired of dealing with the same hot takes all the time, but if you don't thoroughly deal with their spooks and meme arguments they'll just keep being a nuisance and lower the level of discourse. Additionally, it helps lurkers and newfags grow by watching somebody else's shit arguments fall apart. Eventually those arguing in bad faith will go elsewhere rather than stay and learn. Those who stay and learn can grow and become solid comrades.
t former polyp, lurking since 2014

OP is accusing us of doing crap we aren't because he's a paranoid imbecile. Where exactly am I supposed to use theory here?

Take your own advice. Now back to >>>Holla Forums you go!