White Supremacist Cops

There's no racism in the police fo…


So some cop decided to be a smartass on 4/pol/, but basically left his location and dispatch reports in plain sight. Since Holla Forums is full of white supremacist sympathisers, they obviously can't be relied on to find this guy, so does anyone here want to try tracking down and getting this retarded doughnut chomper fired?

Might be worth first contact out the Bladensburg Police Department if the information left in sight is legit and telling them that one of their officers posts on white supremacist Taiwanse knitting forum.


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God damn how bad are 🍔burger🍔 standards for hiring cops

Jesus fucking Christ.

If you were in the military they will basically hire you on the spot.


white supremacist groups have been infiltrating local police departments for at least a decade now. The justice department knows this but does fuck all about it.

One poster even claims there's a surprising amount of cops on Holla Forums.

Goddamn, pigs really do deserve to be roasted in to bacon.

This is why everyone gave the Democratic Cops of America such a hard time for allowing a pig organizer to be part of their party. Empowering cops in America is an awful thing to do.

for real let's get this guy. Bradensburg?

Op claimed in the thread hes just a sanitation worker
this may be true considering his cuff in that pic does look like a janitors uniform?

Fuck the police

shhh don't ruin this

There's tons of le aryan supermen on there too. doesn't mean it's real and not LARPing

umm, ok, I know I'm gonna draw a lotta flack for saying this, but I have to draw the line here. Do we really wanna lower ourselves to Holla Forums standards ruining this guy for being racist? I mean doesn't that make the monsters they say we are?


if that GPS is correct, he's in the parking lot at 'UM Prince George's Hospital Center'

If you unironically post on Holla Forums then you are a reactionary and your life is therefore forfeit.

Why would a janitor both be in a cruiser as well as have the info to login to the computer?

Good evening officer!

Why can nazis infiltrate the police but not us?

lol fuck off

yeah but joking aside we're not actually that vindictive here are we? Like this is highly immoral. I don't want to be a buzzkill here but I needed to say this, sorry.

Why can Nazi's infiltrate the Military but not us?
At least we have the red guard… oh wait.

This cop could be using the institutionalized power he has to target minorities. Ideally we would dox and murder him, but reporting him and spreading info about Holla Forumsyp cops is more practical.

Mexican cops are slightly more competent.

Look at Prince George county, it's mostly a black area.

His computer has entries with "beat" and "incident" in the title, he's a real cop

top hue,

The daddy worship continues.

explains the amount of bootlickers on that site. It was one of the main reasons I left Holla Forums. Most of the posters on Holla Forums right now weren't even around for pic related

Man go back to reddit faggot.

Lets track this Holla Forumsyp
First of all, archieve everything like said
If you live in 🍔burger🍔land contact the bladensburg police and ask about an officer that was on the location that shows on the gps matching the hour that the thread was created (you can see the call time on his screen if that helps too).
That's my suggestion of course, I don't know if the police on 🍔burger🍔land can provide this informations.
But please guys, let's track him, lets celebrate the 100 years of the revolution breaking this idpol fag.

yes we are lol

thats in the DC suburbs
his actual location on the pic was the UniversityofMaryland Prince George's Hospital Center, cheverly maryland, which is one suburb over

You need to be on Maryland to make the call ? And they can provide this information?

hes said its out of his ao, which i can imagine considering theirs dozens of towns surrounding dc

anyone have the picture of the gadsden flag that just says "We like cops now"?

ask and ye shall receive

Relevant info
and btw, we gonna seriously let this chance go away? Right now the Holla Forumsyps already did more than us

also look at his laptop sticker which has a number 10 sticker on it i think

thanks very much

If Holla Forums is gona dox one of their own, I say let them and call them retards when they fuck their own guy

Someone should tell that poster that cops literally reject people for having I.Q.s that are too high.

Too late copper

They not gonna dox the guy, they are just fucking around with him, do you really want to miss the chance to show to Holla Forums that they are not as special as they thought?

What this means?

Wait are we sure he's a cop? He said in the thread that he's a "sanitation worker" idk if he's shitposting referring to arresting minorities or if he really means what he's saying.


It could be either one tbh.

he could've figured out a real cop's password and used it to look cool in front of his Holla Forumstard buddies.

A sanitation worker that works the beat? I don't think so.
This dude's in DC right now, not sure if I believe him when he says he's not from there. However, it's extremely humid there right now, and there's slight chances of showers, so that lines up as well.

Try to understand, he's literally in a position of power and authority and he's more or less boasting about how he's going to use it to harass and intimidate minorities. He's not just some random person who said something stupid or offensive on the internet, he's literally revealing his hand as a tool of state-sponsored bullying, violence, and intimidation.

He absolutely needs to be purged from the streets if legit.

He could be lying to cover his ass

You must've gotten lost on your way to a comment section on The New York Times, homie.

okay but why then he said that he was a sanitation worker if he wanted to pretend that he is a cop?

Memba' back in 2012 when lolberts were on the front lines in the fight against "the militarization of the police"? I memba'.

Who knew black liberals being anti-police brutality too was enough to turn people like Alex Jones into full-time fluffers for the pigs?

"Sanitation worker" is prolly code for "I kill niggers". You know, like pest control or zoo keepers. Holla Forumsflakes are funny like that.

lolberts (the real ones, anyway) dont go on Holla Forums anymore.

Where do they go?

I wasn't saying that he was indeed a sanitation worker, I was just arguing the exact same thing as you said, that he was probably a police officer.

they all got [REDACTED] after bundy ranch


fuck you can look at old ben garrison strips to see how much he called cops lazy idiots

Makes me a bit sad actually, a lot of those old type "libertarian capitalists" had/have revolutionary potential in my opinion since they're not too far away from being convinced to be mutualists as little as either mutualists or they would like to admit.

Some of them are isolated over on

So… no one gonna help to find the guy?
I'm disappointed (I can't do much, I don't live on the USA and I don't have any idea how their system works)

I already told you he's in DC, man.

what exactly here is the offense punishable with termination?

also, is there anything that would turn a person racist faster than having to police a black ghetto?

Oh, oh, my mom knows this answer!
Teaching in a black ghetto!

I finna say you rite, whitey.

Sorry, I should have said that no one is proceeding to try to track him down, or at least do what said

nigga u think I'm callin the cops?

Did they ever? If so were they even real lolberts? I feel like the true believers in all that "taxation is theft" and "no government" shit grew up and became apolitical or Neoliberal Democrats like Destiny (memes be upon him).

How much you wanna bet this prince will fund more Wahhabist terrorism than ever and Holla Forums will still suck his saudi dick?

I wonder if Ben Garrison types would come out in full support of The War On Drugs if they knew smoking weed mostly locks up ( ( (urban youths) ) )…

do you think that they will arrest you just for asking some questions ? How scared are you ?

I'm not calling the cops
Besides, I don't think they just give information out like that.

Is there a website for the police so we can narrow it?

Is literally on OP's post

I know. I was tryna back you up.

Easiest bet I would ever win, most Holla Forumsyps are politically illiterate

LOL Did your mum actually do this? Is being a bullied substitute teacher what made her develop some "problematic opinions"?

You all are weak lefties


Go choke on a donut pig.

lel, cry more

lmao this was more liberal than organic latté in a rainbow cup

Twitter centrists

Oshit! I've been found out! This is officer user calling for blackup. We have a code Che! I repeat Code Che!

At least I didn't offend you by saying it's okay to be white.


It is likely the computer registration in the office, basically if you cross reference the time with the PC you could work out who was logged on there.


Fuck off leftcom

i smell fired prok.
it's this a challenge ?

Humble sanitation worker here– I can confirm that we do work beats. "Incident report" refers to spills and high priority incidents. OP was likely on call for the night.

If anyone has any questions, then fire away.