Deep down you do

Deep down you do.

Apologists for imperialism pls go

Read Bordiga


Bush wouldn't have allowed this.

Bush's PR dude is working wonders.
Either that or there are a lot of people here too young to remember his presidential terms.

Not even remotely

Not even close.

The internal chaos Trump caused has led to one of the best US foreign policies in decades, Trump doesn't have time to do some stupid shit on an international level when he's busy undermining his own country and golfing. Instead we have semi-competent generals in charge of the mess trying to patch things up in the middle east and Venezuela getting some breathing room from the US.

It was a time you were crawling in your skin, now you're crawling in your white privileged skin of the gender you were assigned at birth.

hello Holla Forums, how goes it?

I miss those 8 years so fucking much. I miss old Holla Forums, I miss waking up and playing vanilla world of Warcraft, then watching season 2 of Bleach. I miss listening to nightcore, while playing Counter Strike Source. I miss having a Motorola Razr. I miss cutting class during 7th grade and smoking weed. I miss Hot Topic, and I miss emo/scene girls.

There was no Holla Forums during the bush years, coincidence or not?


Not at all.

As bad as Trump is (and as bad as the idpol idiocy tht plagued the "left" even worse during the Obama era was), the things I miss about Bush-era are decidedly not related to Bush policy. I miss emo kids, the less-monopolized and controlled internet, and things like that.

But the era itself, people forget, was incredibly repressive. And we didn't have a tyrannical fucktard to really compare it to, so people were all about respecting Bush's authoriteh. This was a time when, to some extent, the presidency still came with prestige. Bush helped ruin that, but Trump's election basically put in the final nail.

The Christian right-wing was still pretty prominent during Bush. I remember I was in school during Bush. People think the "freedom fries" thing was just a congressional cafeteria - we did it in our public schools. Yeah, our public school principals and whoever were deciding to join in mocking the French for not joining in the Iraq invasion. Think about that.

People at the time, and for years, were still defending the Iraq invasion. We had songs on the radio about what a pussy Bin Laden was. Christian radio talk show hosts telling people to look out for anyone "wearing a diaper on their head" during our frequent "terror alerts" or whatever they called them.

People really trusted these clowns.

Now flash forward to 2016. Presidential election. The Iraq War is a national embarrassment. You can't like it - you could be thrown right out of the room. Intervention is filthy, and support for Hillary Clinton is awkward and forced. They are the two most hated presidential candidates of all time and there is no shame at all in admitting that they are both massive liars with ill motives and bad plans. The kind of racism and xenophobia I saw all the time as a child - it's ok to call that out, now.

And now that Trump is president, all the shit-brained liberals who decided that the Bush "trade your freedom and privacy for security" thing was ok once Obama took over can stop pretending. And for a little while, I can pretend they're worth shit.

Oh yeah, I 'member old 4Chan.
And all the chatrooms elsewhere and shit.

Bush still sucked ass, though.

am i expected to believe this is the revolutionary vanguard?

I miss the 00's in general

The "post-ideological" world was one hell of a drug


How was Bush any different from Obama and Trump?

OP probably thinks Obama is a communist

The guy you love to hate.
The guy you don't want to hate but have to.
The guy you need to hate more than you do.