Succdems dsa winning

Conservatives sent out this red-baiting, meme-based mailer attacking Dem Cops of America candidate Lee Carter and he still won his election over the republican majority whip in the virginia state house of representatives

is the dialectic in motion?

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What does the representative-elect support? His positions? Mandatory Bordiga reading?

Legitimately surprising.

The Democratic Party establishment is aligned with Dominion Energy, a regulated monopoly, and supportive of Dominion’s desire to build the Atlantic Coast natural gas pipeline across Virginia. Like their GOP counterparts, the Democrats are recipients of the cash Virginia’s top corporate political contributor pumps into the system, and the Democratic Party of Virginia received $125,000 in 2016, according to the Virginia Public Access Project.
Carter opposes its plan for a natural gas pipeline and opposed its plan for a high-voltage transmission line that was to go through residential neighborhoods in Prince William County; the plan has stalled under local resistance. Environmentalists oppose the pipeline plan, with some questioning whether Atlantic Coast is necessary for Virginia’s power needs.
“I’m to the left of them on economic policy,” Carter said of his party. “I am unabashedly pro-union, pro-worker. I’m openly fighting against the large corporate interests. That’s something that you don’t see a lot of politicians in either party do very much of, and that’s something that Virginia frankly has not seen very much of since the days of Henry Howell.”

basic socialdemocratic stuff in america is considered fucking stalin esque got dam

sure, if you call Weimar Germany 2.0 "dialectic" then I guess it is.



how are they not?

The propaganda isn't working. Everything is getting absurdly expensive everywhere. The contradictions are emerging.

Unfortunately this will not be enough to save Americans and their country. Core imperialist nations will thwart internal reform until they are forced to depart from the international stage. Until the American empire is destroyed there will be no socialism in America.

wishful, optimistic, thinking.

Bordigaposting on irrelevant topics should be a bannable offense


I know he's a DemCop, but I'm such a fucking sucker for that song

Succdems seem to be the only major group in the US actively trying to improve the living conditions of the working class, so I'm down.

Are you allergic to a revolutionary Marxist theorist being mentioned? Tough fucking shit.

Let a genuine black socialism reemerge and watch him collaborate with the feds to kill them in their sleep.


That poster makes me support the guy lol

Read Bookdiga


he is factually correct

I'm a succdem only because that's where the Overton window ends in english North America. I'd be supporting my local communists if they weren't incompetent larpers.

It's all performance for the normies

it's a start, dude. don't be an idiot.

This happened in Virginia? How is Virginia more sane than New York?

Oh… Right. They don't have Wall Street.

u him?

Ben Garrison would be proud of those labels. Gotta clue people in on obscure figures like Joseph Stalin.

buddy the pentagon and the cia are both in the dc suburbs in northern Virginia

doesn't matter, I'm gonna keep saying "no."

and about a million other gov agencies.

Why CIA no surpress?

it's America.
most of my classmates didn't recognize Mussolini in my last year of High School

He's a fucking succdem the CIA fucking VOTED for him mere hours ago

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Not to mention they already used an easily recognizable meme image. Is this what political cartoonists do on their spare time?

I'm an insurrectionist you fucking bodybag shoetree

No I'm a fucking leaf
Might consider running for something in the future. Maybe as a school board trustee

Can we stop supporting the "conservatism" meme? They are reactionaries, not conservatives. Being a conservative would imply a desire to preserve the status quo and they are certainly not interested in doing that.

Change requires destruction. The more change you want, the more destruction you need.

Aut-right analblasting is off the charts. The twitter types are acting like a garden variety succdem getting elected is a sign of the apocalypse


The absolute state of the US right-wing

You guys seriously gotta be less hostile to SocDems.

Like, if I were an FBI plant trying to undermine the Left in America, I'd just bitch about SuccDems all day erry day. Lol who cares about winning and pulling the country left? If they aren't going full Maoist or Posadist or whatever right the fuck now then they can kiss my ass

proof MLM is the future

Burgers only understand politics through electoral politics. You can pursue reform without being a reformist. Socialism will stop being a dirty word. The American left is at its weakest and smallest in history and we can still gain popularity, power, and, most important of all, trust. Even the Bolsheviks entered politics before today's centennial event.

Today is objectively a good day for us, I don't give a shit how comparably bad the Succs are.

We will treat SocDems the same way they treated Rosa.

Rude, I'm nice to MLs

Exactly. Today 🍔burger🍔s kicked the overton window a bit to the left. It'll take years of constant ground and media campaigning to normalize socialism in mainstream discourse

DSA also got a judge elected. We cops now

He sang "Solidarity Forever" after winning:

It's mostly just banter m8. As much as I dislike reformist, you need to have them in any mass movement

I understand. I'm too online today


Someone add the Ben Garrison signature>>2232674

can this be a banner?


Lee Carter singing Solidarity forever after winning his race:


I like how they have to label each face, like a Ben Garison cartoon

If he knows that song, then he's fine by me

I like how friendly he looks. Is that really supposed to scare people?

the socialism in large font was supposed to do that.

I think Mao and Stalin were supposed to do that. But the goofy smile adds a touch of "I'm coming for that toothbrush whitey" look as well.

Everyone ITT rosa/bordiga-posting over him being a succdem (he isn't, he's genuinely expressed anti-capitalism), and wringing hands about electoralism when the real takeaway is the diminishing hold of the Democratic party. They told him to fuck off and cut him off from funding, and even threw a fucking tantrum over him supporting relatively mild positions like medicare for all, and he STILL won.

Let this be a lesson to use on all your normie 🍔burger🍔 friends. All the DNC's funds and structures and connections are fucking useless, and at most the only useful thing is just having that D by your name for all he braindead libs who pull the lever for anyone if they see that letter. The Democrats are weak and you don't need their approval or permission to participate in politics.

The average American might know Stalin and maybe Marx.


I mean the fucking AFL-CIO sings that shit on a regular basis so it's ultimately meaningless

Until I was 10, I thought "Marx" was just the name of that one villain from Kirby, and was kinda confused how people were getting political theory from him. I just figured "Marxism" was bad because the character Marx is a real dick.

Stop supporting the Democratic Cops of America.

I didn't know what "communism" was until my conservative friend kept on talking about it when was 12-14 (don't remember exact age)

They aren't?

I can't help but think that as leftism in America grows, the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧(leftists🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧) on this board will be completely oblivious to it.


Dear Media Matters,

Democrats are winning in areas where Hillary won in the presidential election.

Shill harder, please. The future of our children depends on it.


which D.S.A candidate was supported by media matters/shareblue/DNC?

This is more the result of the anti-capitalist sentiments Occupy helped wake up in the general imagination.


Libertarian communism against social democracy and Leninism.