Anarkiddies have Catalonia

Anarkiddies have Catalonia
tankies have USSR
Marksocs have Yugoslavia
What do Trotskyists have?

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the USA

A pickaxe.

A newspaper.

Since we have so few Trots here, a better question would be "What do leftcoms have?"


Uh no, MLs have the Soviet Union.

Nothing. To make up for it they try their hardest to subvert successful movements instead. If they fail to take control they storm off and go full leftcom and if they succeed they usually ruin fucking everything.

Space, obviously.

The worker’s councils of Hungary in 1956?

What the fuck? That wasn't leftcom.

not entirely true, communists as a whole had the early ussr, which includes the leftcoms.
ignore every other shitty bait reply that didn't point this obvious fact out

What do Leftcoms Have?

Actually non-existant socialism


what do you think a tanky is, newfriend?

Khrushchev and his goon followers

How can you something that no longer exists?

May 68

Holy fuck that wasn't done by leftcoms either and went fucking nowhere while accommodating dissent and a few prominent "revolutionary leaders" right into the establishment

all ☭TANKIE☭s are (some subgroup or derivative of) ML but not all MLs are ☭TANKIE☭s
you can be ML and oppose soviet actions in 56' and 68', the supporters of which is what the term 'tankie' was coined to describe

so then why do crypto-liberals constantly refer to hoxhaists as ☭TANKIE☭s also?

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Aren't they Paris Commune 2.0 that grabbed their SKS' and went innawoods?

They have the world post fallout

dunno, why do radical centrists refer to social democrats as communists?



Threads like this need to stop at the first post.

How can Trots ever recover?


Why should one take your ideas seriously if you don't have an attempted model to point to, even if it's not an ideal model?
Even the Bookchinfags were able to scrap together a little revolution within a few years.

Because then no socialist ideas would have been taken seriously until 1870, and then only Anarcho-Collectivism which today is dead. I despise trots, but this is a shit argument.

trotsky was a leading member of the bolshevik party before being expelled, he was the head of the read army. for trots he represents the promises of october that turned into the failure of ml.

people on here are so fucking uneducated about leftist groups beyond memes when ten seconds on a trot website would tell you that they idolize lenin as much as trotsky and the russian revolution is what they look to.

Fucking BURN

What do leftcom have? (Nothing)

So the point at which the left stopped being a workers movement and become an idpol liberal student movement? Figures considering they are all retarded arrogant hipsters

The break of anti facist popular fronts in Italy and Germany and an 150 page pamphlet by dauve that's about it

The earlier USSR.

The German Revolution.

I'm kind of lost on this, but what is a Trotskyist? I know Trotsky was this guy who defected to a Mexican exile and was killed with an ice ax, but what did he stand for? All I know of him is from the movie "Frida," and the artists seemed to like him.

After 1917: basically the same things as Lenin. Unlike him, he survived long enough to see the Stalinist counter-revolution, and unlike Bordiga, he never truly accepted this defeat, inventing the term of "difformed workers' state" to describe the USSR and blaming I ton the bureaucracy. His so-called followers more often than not betray everything marxist in his theories and are merely edgy socdem.

Basically ML's player two skin

They have this:

Ok. And what did Lenin fuck up that Stalin had to step in and orchestrate a posthumous coup? And how did Stalin's reform's play out by comparison?



Lenin didn't fuck up anything tbh. He did the best he could with what he had.

Nuclear holocaust & Space communists

The fuck are you talking about? May '68 involved millions of workers who brought the French economy to halt with a general strike.

The French are the most based.

Ok. How did Stalin compare?


Yours truly

La-Z- Boy


George Soros


Dear God, what they have done?

A question for all of us: ancoms, MLs, leftcoms: why did we allow this to happen?

They have that one movement in Burma. That and Militant.

Killing trots would have landed us in prison.

wasnt that mostly maoists also?


They are already winning there…

American ruled by Trots by 2030.

They have Exarchia and that building in Ukrane, actually
dissolved in 91 try again
they have the fourth……..

T cmon use your head dummy user


Why is not having a failed historical movement bad?

Idgaf what some of you will say, Trotsky is my Comrade, I respect the fuck out of him for not giving into cancerous ☭TANKIE☭s.

Arguably Cuba during the Cold War.

"arguably" might be too dignified to whatever bullshit you're thinking

The founding core of the neoconservative movement was made up of “ex” Trotskyists intellectuals who were largely Jewish in origin. In the 60s they were literally whos but today they control the highest levels of the United States government.

how was it not?
anyone who calls themselves "left of the USSR" is a leftcom.

elaborate on the difference.
if you knew anything you'd know "tanky" was a derogatory term for anyone who supported the USSR after the Hungarian revolution aka revisionists.

Even Trotskyists hate Trotskyists.

Anarchists and trots are not leftcoms.