Has he redeemed himself in the eyes of the ☭TANKIE☭s?

Has he redeemed himself in the eyes of the ☭TANKIE☭s?


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not really
is basically spouted by even liberals at this point.

As long as he makes quality content for interested people I don't care.

I don't believe you.

He'll only be able to redeem himself once he learns to fucking read.


I'm an American btw, if it wasn't obvious.

I'm exaggerating a bit but you can see the point I'm trying to make




this, this is why Trots call themselves "Leninists" even though Lenin fucking hated Trotsky

He does read, he just doesn't read that much.

are you upset the USSR didn't have trans bathrooms or something?

They feuded for a few years earlier in the century but during the revolution at the end of Lenin's life they deeply respected each other and that is what matters

he's probably more upset that the soviet union was a capitalist police state, but yeah, pretend like you don't know what he meant.

the NKVD had no loyalty to the Soviet Union or the government that presumably presided it.
and name one socialist country that you wouldn't consider "capitalist" using your obscure leftcom mental gymnastics

Wew nice talking points. Keep pretending like anti-communist ultras and pink haired new left anarcholiberals don't draw from the same demographics and run in the same crowds tho


t. brainlet

t.had no argument but felt the need to reply to save face

checks out

classic retardation.

checks out

What was your argument?

again, point to me one example of "socialism" that I couldn't consider "capitalist" using cheap leftcom tactics

That you're just a mad red liberal.

Where did you make that argument? Are you confusing arguments with taunts?

Idk he sure is cute tho

You don't have to write a paragraph to make an argument and you don't have to be nice either also you know that your arguing with more than one person right?

No, faggot, the problem is that you don't even know what an argument is, and the second problem is that you'll see someone being infuriated by your act as some kind of spiritual victory instead of the indictment of your entire failed approach to the revolutionary left that it is.

Whats with the naked chick reflection in the window, one of his posters or something?

Good eye. Looks like an anime poster

No. He read actually read Marx, which is a bit of a no-no for the kinds of MLs you meet online. See also: reality.gn.apc.org/polemic/imper.htm

He sure is (#^o^#)

nice meme

he's on level 1, lads. it's beginning.

Shit, I've gotta succumb to the meme, and read more Cockshott

Lenin might not have been 100% about everything all the time

Gee, and they say left-com are is an infantile diasease, but online M-L are practically fetal

retarded tbh

shut the fuck up and lurk more.

are you delusional or just fucking with me ?

He's not wrong though

You post pictures of neoliberals. What do you know about substituting shit for anything?

it's a reaction image you dolt not a political stance

This thread is breaking into new levels of retarded.

pick one retard

take your meds

Yea everyone who freaks out over muke saying this seems to forget they already agree with Zizek saying it.

No, he is still a limp-wristed opportunist because he pretends everything after Lenin doesn't exist due to evil Stalin; otherwise he would clearly alienate his new liberal friends, wouldn't he

My problem with him, even before he became an insufferable, smug leftcom, has always been that his videos just aren't that good. He's not very knowledgeable on theory, nor history, and he doesn't seem exceptionally smart or anything either. I just don't understand the appeal. Why would I care about some random english skinny guy's opinion on things? At least FinnBol knows a lot about Soviet history, and someone like AW understands a lot of philosophy I don't. Muke got literally nothing.

This video was alright, though, I guess. I still don't see a reason to be subscribed to his channel.


His 'thing' is Marxist theory, you just don't agree with him on that, so to you it seems as if he has nothing going. It seems from his contra stream too he's trying to take on the face of '21st century' Marxism, too.

I really hate that pseudo-cynical style people open their videos with. Muke does it particularly obnoxiously.

Even if we assume his views are the "true" Marxism (which I don't agree with), it only really became his thing recently, with that "Socialism: Rhetoric vs Theory" video. And he's not very well read on Marxist theory at all. For most of the time his channel has existed, he was known as the guy who had literally only read one book (The State and Revolution), yet felt like he was qualified to educate people on Marxism. Even FinnBol, whose theory videos aren't always great imo, has read way more Marxist theory than Muke.

That would be cool (I think we need more of that), but in what videos has that manifested itself so far? He wouldn't even read TaNS, because he heard Cockshott calls the USSR socialist.

What's the IHOP mean?

IHOP is International House of Pancakes, a "resturant".
I'm not a burger I know it because it was the title of an episode of The Americans.
Watch the americans

He probably knows more about physics after one semester than he does about the topics he talks about. I really don't expect everybody to read Capital, but I can expect this from a self-proclaimed Marxist YouTuber that he has read the magnum opus of Marx. It is ridicuolous that he feels the need to handwave the USSR away because he's heard that Stalin talks about commodity production, but Muke hasn't even read Stalin, the only thing he's read was the most obscure article ever by some Japanese guy where probably half of the paper was lost in translation.
FinnBol is a history guy. He's gotten better at theory recently, FinnBol is very young as well, mind you. But I found it really obnoxious how Muke shittalked him after FinnBol sat down and made a two hour video in his stoic but intellectually honest style. Everytime someone disagrees with Muke he calls them a tankie, and what I find especially fucked up is when he throws people in with NazBols and Holla Forumsyps. Can you imagine that? Just because I have a different opinion about commodity production I apparently hate women now. It's his own fault that the ML community hates him now, they aren't as hateful as people make them out to be, Jason maybe, he is always on the edge, but besides that Xexizy just misrepresents and alienates a huge chunk of comrades, unnecessarily - it starts to bite him back, because in the stream with Contrapoints the chat was just a gigantic hatefest, must have been quite embarrassing for him since he sucks up to Contra and it must have been awkward when he got trolled during his big audience.

Tanks really are Kruschevites

There isn't that much to like about the Soviet leaders post-Stalin, but there is a lot to like about and to learn from Mao, Guevara, Ho Chi Minh, etc.

Why does he have too?



Comrade, I… archive.is/YZjAe

He's irredeemable.