Are they /ourboys/?

Are they /ourboys/?

who dis

Pretty sure that's Chapo Trap House.

A trio of polyamorus gay boys

DSA president and his cabinet

Oh is that the socdem podcast 🍔burger🍔s here seem to be endlessly debating?



Also correct.

No, Chapo is a Nazbol podcast. Get it right or don't post at all faggot.

Who is this?

Mid 90's post-hardcore band Suffer The Deafness

the discourse collective

cum town is the best podcast that exists but their politics are pretty boring socdem shit

nick and adam are both Democratic Cops of America members, idk about Stav but I know his grandma was a communist in Greece who almost got killed by the Nazis


google "cum town"

Once again:

Who am it?

Not true, Chapo is Nazbol, but Cum Town is Fourth Position/Dengist Sinofuturist.

Adam: typical american leftist performing his wokeness online
Stav: the regular american who can see the contradictions of capitalism and gets radicalized by his friends
Nick: Lenin and Stalin combined if they were autistic about tools and electronics

that's Nirvana

cumtown is the most leftypol podcast
but mostly because their comedy is better than their politics

Basically this
Adam is a good boy though

is it true that adam fucks chinese prostitutes

Nick is right wing, culturally speaking.

Fuck no I hate their podcast. Tried to listen to the one with Patton Oswalt and it was so annoying I had to turn it off. Plus these assholes have paid episodes and merchandise. Link to a good free episode or GTFO

There's a cum town with him on it?




He thinks its Chapo because he's a dumbass.

Yep Nick was really right wing when he gave a coherent argument in favour of hate crime legislation

easy to pirate them, check the other thread.
the day i unironically pay for a podcast is the day i change my voter registration to the democratic party