I know you think you're being facetious, but you're a retard.

1956 wasn't a coup though


Trying to piss off everyone aren't you? Come on even Anarchists like the Hungarian Revolution

We need to add the "sexual revolution" and the recent idpol "revolution" to this too

Get that fascist bullshit out of here
>>>Holla Forums


This is why nobody likes Stalinists

Nice twitter conservative opinion have there

Ehy you dumb fuck, the hungarian revolution wasn't anti stalinist

Could use some of that spicy Cuban rev

Khrushchev is a revisionist retard stop defending him

On some subjects, only madmen make sense

You don't have to be a literal khrushchevite to oppose the Hungarian counterrevolution. Nobody who burns red flags and portraits of Lenin is a communist

spooky shit
stop fetishising soviet aesthetics and heros

I can smell the petroleum from here ☭TANKIE☭.

I can smell the CIA funding from here liberal

This great man shit seriously needs to stop.

With the exception of the great majority of the council communists who dominated and led the uprising


Fuck off Krushchevite, back to your containment board.

Tbh burning the US flag should still be legal but burning USSR nostalgia should get fined for hate crime.


honorable mention paris 68


It's not paranoia if they really ARE out to get you.

1956 was best revolution!


1871, 1917, 1919, 1921, 1936, 1956, 1959, 1992.

Honourable mentions (for being dialectical):
1776, 1789, 1848, 1905, 1912, 1968, 2019.

Come the fuck on. What were all those antisemtic lynchings? Why the fuck were there so many ex-Horthy functionaries amongst leadership? What's up with the CIA entanglement? As if it wasn't the first time fascists hijacked worker self-organization, ever heard about the Falange?

You pretty much forgot all Asian revolutions.

Chavez? That's all I can think of.



How about the fall of the USSR?

so what happened on november 4? I thought you guys were going to kick over some trash cans


Shut up and eat your pizza

What's 2019 supposed to meme?

That was 1991, though. It also wasn't a revolution, but rather a forced dissolution.

EZLN in México.

It's when we come, Bucko.

Well Vietnam has no set year, and Mao was a fuck.

And 1912 is Sun Yat Sen's revolution.

EZLN was 1994.

Doubt it. 2008 was the moment and we missed the opportunity.
We'll probably have to wait another century for the next chance.

The absolute state of this board.

U wot? We are going to have another financial meltdown within a year, year 6 months top.

Fucking ell this thread is going to turn into a shit storm

Yes, which will lead to another series of Fascist coups

The absolute fucking state.

Not an argument

[citation needed]

how would I cite that? my citation is historical and geopolitical literacy

I'll begin posting thought out posts again when the BO steps down. Until then I'll mock the influx of redditors they've had shill the place up.

lmfao the absolute state

sorry to burst your bubble user. a revolution is not going to happen by 2019

That means I want you to argue in favour of your assertion.

Sorry to topple your hotdog cart, but the vast majority of the internet don't live in the USA.

historically bad take