64,000 Americans died to drug overdose and lowered Age Expectancy in 2016

New data came out by the CDC.
How is this possible in a developed country and why is it allowed to go on?





Dying of mesothelioma and emphysema while you shoot heroin into your head inside of a single room apartment that's about to get destroyed by a hurricane the size of the US is just a small price to pay for economic freedom.

So much for a pro-white Trump administration.

Why were crack addicts treated like criminals but opioid addicts as victims? They chose this for themselves.

It's just gonna get worse too, It's already bigger than every other drug epidemic america has had. They are literally paying off politicians to turn a blind eye to the problem and letting people die off by the tens of thousands.


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We're not a hivemind.

Don't worry, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is just gonna lock all the addicts up and maybe catch a few guys selling pain pills on the corner who ain't with the pharmaceutical companies or the government and throw away the key.

Worked in the inner city ghettos of the 80s and 90s, why wouldn't it work in the suburbs in the 10s and 20s?

Yet you picked up that response from the hivemind.

Apart from that you're right, the reaction in 2017's been different from the reaction in 1992.

I've already met someone who smoked 5gr of weed day with her toddler in the same room while going apeshit when one line of speed was snorted or one beer was drunk because "it sets a bad example" for her son.

White communities vote for porky occasionally.

It was a drug war when poor people were the main victims. Funny how it becomes an "epidemic" when its middle-aged soccer moms popping tramadol and oxycontin.

The difference I think though is this. Many people caught up in opioids are there through no fault of their own. I have a book on my desk from 2004 that says Tramadol has no potential for abuse and has an extremely low chance of addiction. They used to give it away at the local free clinic to anyone in pain. This is a lesser known and much less powerful opioid but I'm willing to bet the proliferation of Tramadol and everyone pushing it as the non-addictive alternative is a big reason for the current drug problem. It is only very recently that people have begun to view the drug as dangerous and habit forming.

Friendly reminder that over 93% of the world's non-pharmaceutical opiates come from Afghanistan.

You do know that the Soviet Union punished drugs pushers and addicts even harder than the U.S, right?

They just didn't have the cartels mass producing drugs of every kind, and "sanctuary cities" which are basically open bazaars for the cartels to peddle their poison.

The lack of freedom of movement in the USSR also meant that its harder to transport large quantities of drugs. Meanwhile even a wall bordering a foreign nation that passes billions in drugs every year towards the U.S is decried, and stopped at every turn.

I'm not criticizing the USSR in this respect btw, borders and harsh sentences for drug offenders is a good thing.

We're not harsh enough

thank god for our american soldiers guarding poppy fields

True American patriots, much freedom, much wow.

I can't figure out if that image is supposed to be pro or anti-Trump.


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Comrades Pain and Opioid
making junkies out of crippled vets since the 20th century

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They are net oppressors, conscious or not.

Supporting both legalization and regulation of drugs isn't contradictory. Many support the legalization of all drugs precisely because it allows for their distribution and consumption to be regulated.

Both, sort of. We need to legalize drugs because the PIC truly fits the definition of evil. Kidnapping people and locking them in a cage for engaging in escapism is fucking insane. We must also address the socioeconomic issues that are prodding these people to prefer a chemical haze over life.

To be fair, distribution and consumption are already regulated, it's just that pharma-porky holds a monopoly on distribution.

Guess we better keep its trade prohibited, and its distribution in any capacity illegal.

the cartels operate under protection from the USG

Pharma industry makes bank off it
Same reason SSRIs are pushed even though they've been proven to do nothing more than being a sugar pill with side effects
All the regulatory agencies are run by people from the industry since they're the "experts"