Daily News Thread 11/7

Saudis accuse Iran of 'direct aggression' over Yemen missile

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has accused Iran of an act of "direct military aggression" by supplying missiles to rebels in Yemen.

Get Rid of Capitalism? Millennials Are Ready to Talk About It

As polls show young Americans souring on capitalism, a debate between economic philosophies draws a sellout crowd in New York.

Paradise Papers: Queen should apologise, suggests Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has suggested the Queen, among others, should apologise for using overseas tax havens if they were used to avoid taxation in the UK.

Paris climate accord: Syria 'to sign up', isolating US

The US is set to become isolated in its stance on the Paris climate agreement, after reports that Syria is preparing to join the deal.

Nearly half Europeans who don't own home reckon they never will

Nearly half of Europeans who do not own their own home have given up hope of ever doing so, a survey showed on Tuesday, with pessimism highest among Britons and Germans.

Trump asks for another $4bn to ‘detect, defeat, & defend’ against North Korea

President Donald Trump wants lawmakers to give the Pentagon an additional $4 billion for “urgent” missile defense improvements against North Korea and nearly $2 billion more to increase troop levels in Afghanistan by 3,500 and repair damaged naval ships.

NATO to send more troops to Afghanistan after U.S. shift

NATO is set to agree on Thursday to increase its Afghanistan training mission by some 3,000 troops, alliance officials said, after the United States switched tack in long-running efforts to defeat Taliban militants and end the conflict.

Romania: Anti-corruption protests held in dozens of cities

Rallies in Bucharest and other cities have taken aim at a law that will weaken efforts to root out corruption. The government says a new law will prevent the judiciary from pursuing a politically motivated agenda.

Banking whistleblowers being gagged and hunted down: UK lawmaker

Whistleblowers in banking are being gagged and risk ending up broke and unemployed despite reforms introduced since the financial crisis, a senior British lawmaker said on Tuesday.

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No 100 year special?

If they can't have North Korea they can have Iran.

God fucking damn it


Lenin lives! Reimagining the Russian Revolution, 1917-2017


The Russian Revolution, Africa and the Diaspora

Once the Soviet Union was more firmly established in the 1920s, several prominent figures traveled to see first hand the construction of socialism.

On the Centenary of the October Revolution

The October Revolution ranks among the greatest and most progressive events in world history.

China and Russia: Digging the US Dollar’s Grave

China and Russia do not seek to attack the dollar to destroy it, but to create an independent alternative reserve currency for other nations.


How does he keep getting away with it?

the absolute state of lolberts

If not taken out of context, this is about what I expected from trashbin mag.



That's "let them eat cake"-levels of idiocy.




They're just looking for a fucking excuse at this point

Hey News user 2.0, mind changing your name to 0.1 for a day and posting basically the equivalent of #1917Live stuff?

the fire rises
back to serfs and lords
Trump does what he does best: panhandle for richer assholes' money then bitch at other less successful panhandlers to pull themselves up by their bootstraps
[hotpocketry intensifies]

also I hate to be the one to say this but you missed an important item, NewsAnon

Why SESTA Is Such A Bad Bill
We've been talking quite a bit about SESTA – the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act – and why it's so p.roblematic, but with hearings today, I wanted to dig in a bit more closely with the text to explain why it's so p.roblematic. There are a large number of problems with the bill, so let's discuss them one by one.
tl;dr criminalizes not telling the Feds to nuke this site whenever topspam.hk rattles his cage. Also reminder that under PROTECT, drawings are considered the same as real shit.

is this real life

Because he absorbs all his criticism. Pic related. the picture is from an economist article ridiculing him when he was elected…

Without capitalism food wouldn't be so poisonous that people would need medication for indigestion less. Also that medicine would absolutely exist in socialism, it is only incidental that it exists in capitalism.

here's a video of the debate


Petroyuan gets me honestly hyped.

Gets the MIC hype too. Remember all that chinese neocolonialism in Africa? Africom did.




How do people say shit like this unironically?

What's their game here? Do they think the 🍔burger🍔s will back them up if they start shit?

America absolutely will. 🍔burger🍔 hatred of Iran is pathological.

Iran would shitstomp Saudi Arabia tbh

and then Iran would be labeled the aggressor and Trump would invade.

Iran would be the worse war the US could ever possibly fight: imagine a mix of the terrain of Afghanistan with the ideological strength of Vietnam and the ethnic issues of Iraq.

Also yeah Russia would fuck with them the entire time.

If the US invdaded Iran, would Russia come to Iran's aid?

Russia would protect its interests, if that is supporting the Islamic Republic, some other government or actual invasion is up for debate.

Your contributions to this community are more or less irreplaceable and their value is nearly beyond measure.
Thank you, dear friend.

Source on pic comrade?

Unprecedented volume and height of urgent traffic over the EAM system last night.

The what?

Syria is a shithole where the government doesn't even register births. They'd likely get mitigation funding from the UN. Shill harder.

What does this mean? Stock market issues?

US Air Force Emergency Action Message System directs nuclear capable forces.

Is that worrying? Trump is in SE Asia after all. Do you have any comparisons to other recent high traffic?

Why the imperial Japanese image?