What the fuck is "National-Makhnoism"?

I've hear the term thrown around and on the GETchan Black and Red video (youtu.be/0wQug2n8Co0) people throw the term around in the comments about the Black Army?
Who and what the fuck are they? They seem about as much an oxymoron as "an"capistan

Fascists, most likely. There is nothing third-pösitionists like better than coming up with new national-leftist-sounding-isms. National-syndicalism, national-socialism, national-bolshevism, national-solidarism, national-communism, national-communitarianism, national-maoism, national-anarchism, the list goes on — and yes, all of those are real.

during Stlain's era Makhno was portrayed as a traitor and an anti communist, so the ukranian kulaks started fetishizing him as an anti communist ukranian supernationalist.

You know those smears about how Mahkno asktually wanted to create an ethnostate? Imagine if someone not only believed it, but unironically thought it sounded good.

This. He's still commemorated in Ukraine but the fact that he was a communist just seems to be glossed over.

same with Imre Nagy in Hungary.

this happens to every historic socialist whenever they can get away with it.

Unfortunately this is true. And when the fact that they were socialist is brought up, it's always "They didn't know better, it sounded good at the time!" or some other bullshit.

Emma Goldman got the same fate. She's often promoted in public libraries (at least when I was a kid) as a feminist liberator, kinda glaring over the fact she was you know, an anarchist. And at that time you could only find out more from books instead of a quick google search

Yeah there's some lolbert site that claims Oscar Wilde would have been a lolbert, based upon the Soul of Man Under Socialism no less.

Helen Keller was a fucking Bolshevik and an IWW member but people always gloss over that.

Orwell is probably the best example

Oof Orwell as well, they love their Animal Farm & 1984 in public education but forgot Homage to Catalonia and this lovely quote

Just fucking end me.

what the actual fuck.

René Magritte, the famous surrealist painter (of Ceci n'est pas une pipe fame) was a communist throughout his life but he used to be featured on the 500 Belgian Franks bill.

Anyone got more cases of this?

Mark Twain, Langston Hughes, Picasso, Hunter S Thompson, Kurt Vonnegut. There's plenty more if you look for them.

Wasn't Charlie Chaplin an Anarchist?


we should just get a giant list of all these historical figures and show how they were Marxists or Anarchists in some way or other.

completely forgot about that yeah

This sounds like a good idea. I'm game!

Okay, let's get an image that is on par with the "Nazis aren't Socialist" image we have. Shouldn't be too hard, lots of Link shorteners and we should be in the clear

or we could just fill it with quotes?

That's something that's also good, although we should spread it out a little or else people will grow bored and Turn attention away.


Wow look an actual brainlet
read Dugin

ok national bolshevism is social democracy if you want
it makes no difference

I have (Foundations of Geopolitics) and Dugin is a fucking map-painting fascist.

Basically it is modern Ukrainians getting nationalistic over Makhno because he was anti-bolsh, without accepting his anarchism or leftism.

Basically, there is a subsect of Ukranian Neo-Nazis or reactionaries who take the propaganda of Makhno being an ethnic nationalist Jew murdering ultra reactionary 100% seriously and genuinely believe he was a Ukrainian supremacist who wanted to either massacre all the socialists or massacre all the Russians.

There's also this, not every right wing wannabe Makhnovist is a Nazi.