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The fact many people still treat the bolshevik revolution as a coup is mindnumbingly retarded

Red liberalism. Not even once.

Do they even realize their opposition were a bunch of natlibs and outright proto-fascists?

Also, this seems like a pretty good relevant image.

I seriously can't imagine how any self-proclaimed "leftist" wouldn't suck Lenin's dick on sight.
Stalin, yeah, fuck that dude, but Lenin did nothing wrong.

He's right though.
You liking to masturbate over the soviet union is another thing entirely.

Consider my almonds active.

Where is the proof to your counter argument then? This too activated my almonds.

Generally speaking, the one who makes a claim first provides evidence so that evidence can be considered and countered.
The man in OP's image gave no evidence, you give no evidence, so why should I bother trying to disprove something you haven't bothered to defend?

Typical excuse of an intellectualy lazy person to not explain his points of view. This is why no one takes you seriously.


no u tho

fuck off american "leftist" cunt. Go to you local Starbucks talk with your lefty buddies about the next iphone or some shit like that.

lol, you mean like how you did?

No such thing.

Why does this board OBSESS over amerifats?

Nice dubs, but you really should grab a book sometime tbh

Fuck you

Woah, it's almost like you're actually from Holla Forums with that "read a book" evasive maneuver!

It's not my job to educate you tho

Critical analysis of the USSR and the October revolution is good, including points like the revolution eventually being betrayed or being doomed from the start and question the adoration some socialists have for the USSR. Totally disowning the October revolution is not good.

No fuck YOU, stacheman.

the slogan of all cretins and red liberals.
Long Live Lenin

this whole thread is Holla Forums larping

No guys, guys, guys, you don't understand Alexander Shlyapnikov was the GOOD GUYS


lyl again

Say what you will about the revolution but you can hardly call Lenin and the Bolsheviks not real communists. They did the best they could with a really shitty situation.

Anyone in this thread willing to offer proofs for this shitpost or shall we never trust faggots like OP again?


Leftcoms dont believe this. Common son

succdems get out SPD backstabbing bastards never forget 1917 best year of my life

OP and the rest of the no-theory shitposters are not going to acknowledge this no matter what. It's "but muh leftcom tears" tier de.generacy


what's this image from?

look at his post history on his account. he's a real sperg who claims to live in china because he wanted to move to a REAL SOCIALIST country

No clue famalam