Why do leftists have a greater tendency to not want to explain their views and how they reached these conclusions...

Why do leftists have a greater tendency to not want to explain their views and how they reached these conclusions compared to right-wingers?

Because they get tired of explaining complex shit to you dimwits only to have you say "nuh uh! black book of communism muh gulags you leftists wants to change the words that can only have one meaning that i'm in charge of" and right wingers explanations boil down to "because NIGGERS"

How did you reach this conclusion?

Dunning Kruger tbh

Do you think will be doing jehovah witness Style door to door interview ? "Hello SIr, Are you interested in == C O M M U N I S M == ?
plus when you pass 3h to explain to them and will just but nigger, oy the jew or haha not a 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧real source🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Was this an attempt at english?


Ask a question, I shall answer.

And no user, infographics that cherry pick data do not qualify as an "answer". No college you cherry picked from would accept your conclusions for a variety of reasons. The answers themselves are complicated enough that if you were ever to get an answer you would probably stamp your feet and cry like all 🍔burger🍔s who come to this board do when confronted with the fact people might disagree with them.

Da fuck are you two talking about? i understood the psot fine and english is not my native language.
Fucking hell.. these people expecting every poster to write like TS Elliot or some shit like that.

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You still haven't asked a single question, and as far as I'm concerned your questions would be stupid considering most of these posts come from fucking 🍔burger🍔s who can't wipe their own ass without licking the toilet paper for nutrients

Can you do contour integration?
Do you know what a differential form is?
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Do you have any god damn idea how tiring it is to argue your point in politics only to be dismissed with "nuh-uh!"?
Literally every counter argument I get is literal nonsensical dismissal. Hoenst to god I have this retard in my discord that keeps bugging me about communism, asking shit like private and personal property, petite-bourgs and shit like that, I've explained to him a thousand god damn times how marxists see small industry and how personal and private property differ
And every fuckign time he always say "lol see? fucking commies don't know what they're talking about"
So yeah, I've refuted to the point where I just tell niggers to read a fucking book and for them to go fuck themselves.
Fucking bootlicking buttfucking faggot loving nazi apologizing ball slurping bootstrapping reactionary retarded fucking niggers
Fuck them all to hell

Yes I fucking mad

I think the problem might be that you are autistic tbh

I can look up wikipedia articles I'm interested in too, yes. As for how this relates to anything you brought up, you're right, I really have no idea why you're bringing up the evaluation of integrals into a conversation about how we don't answer your every question because frankly, you're a complete bore.

You are just a nigger who can't into math. And quite basic math I might add.
Says the guy who reads autistic books about circlejerking """""intellectuals""""

You should fuck off to r/iamverysmart

Did I trigger you? I bet you don't understand anything beyond basic arithmetic and geometry.
But not all is lost. You should read some good books like Principles of Mathematical Analysis by Walter Rudin, breddy good book.

yeah i bet he is…only garbage comes from that cultureless abrbarian "nation"

I mean, if you unironically jerk yourself over fucking math you definetly belong on iamverysmart
Stop sucking your own dick, geez

I just asked you why you're bringing up integer evaluation in a fucking thread about our alleged refusal to answer your stupid questions.

You are a genius, you refused to answer a question in the thread you made about the problem of refusing to answer questions

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I just find funny how someone who thinks of himself so highly and above the uncultured plebs who don't know about communist theory can't even into complex integration, kek.

I only read boo boop nigga bix nood

Well you see user, books about communism don't include fucking integrals. Math isn't politics and not everyone is autistic enough to cirklejerk maths

u dumdum

because they are winging it

It's a combination of two things:
1. I am very smart; and
2. I am smarter than you.
Obviously, anybody who's taken Professor Shekelberg's Intro to Economics as part of their Gender Studies or History of African Masks degrees would know that Communism is the superior economic/social system and always produces excellent results despite its never having been faithfully implemented by anybody anywhere at any time in history.

Mad getting anchored?

Shows how much you know about the history of communism

The one who is mad is the tranny mod who anchored the thread :^)

They insist on commodifying Marx books all the while insisting that the books are free.