In terms of both social and economic issues who is more socialist and anti-globalist, Le Pen or Macron?

In terms of both social and economic issues who is more socialist and anti-globalist, Le Pen or Macron?

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LePen, but she just wants to replace EU porkies with French porkies. Melechon will actually put both in their place.


La peste et le choléra.

The both get a free.

Do you think that as an anti-capitalist, anti-globalist movement we better support LePen over globalist Macron?

Communism has an international character by definition, albeit not capital's. If Melonchom is a hard-linder he knows this.

Macron is simply a cardboard cutout neo-lib
Le pen is socially cones*vative but more "left" economically basically just a social-liberal and/or Asserist
Literally both the same

No, we should support Melechon, because he is anti-globalist, anti-capitalist, and not a class collaborationist cuck.

Macron is objectively worse than Le Pen, I'm sorry. Macron cracks down on worker's rights like never before in French history, and represents everything that's wrong with the system in a horrifying way.

I don't know how drunk on IdPol you have to be to think that Le Pen would be the same, or worse. She's just a typical SocDem nationalist, like Duerte.

i want this future

Neither, we are socialists, we know what the fuck we believe: We support Melenchon.

Méluche isn't a commie but a hard socdem with some idpol.

Socialism isn't a sliding scale. You either are or you aren't and neither of them are socialist.

Dude was literally a member of the PCF, there are loads of speeches of him taking down Social Democracy as a piece of shit and he literally had a rally supporting the freaking commune.

now he is just sucdem a real sucdem.

This is patently false though, there were a few articles on this in Le Monde Afrique and Jeune Afrique I read and the positions were clear. On her Africa tour Le Pen promised she would end the CFA franc (west African currency controlled by Paris - a great neoimperialist tool Africand almost universally hate) and end all Françeafrique treaties (treaties giving French companies large amounts of autonomy in W. Africa). Her partner Nicolas Dupont-Aignan from France Arise! (A medium-small conservative party between LR and FN) published a program arguing for an "African Marshall Plan" to develop infrastructure and industry in French Africa with local labour and no strings attached as a humanist way to stop masd emigrations to Europe.
Meanwhile Macron promised to big French companies (Bolloré&co and others) that his policies will be a continuation of the present course of neocolonial exploitation and went on air a month ago to say Africans should stop having large families and that they have a "cultural problem".
This argument doesn't hold up for 2 reasons. 1st is that the large majority of French people don't give a single fuck about Africa and such promises wouldn't win her any votes, so it must have been by conviction. Second argument is that unlike Trump that basically failed to deliver on many similar promises concerning fighting for the common man is that his brand of populism has no think tanks, no policies and is dependent on big Neocon/Republican business donors for support. On the other hand Front National is supported by small business owners/artisans/petit bourgeois so they're independent from big business, unlike say the center-right LR who are in the pocket of the MEDEF. The FN is also an established party with a clear program and policy think tanks backing them, so no such ideological confusion as in the American Bannonite right exist.

Neither. They both represent the Capitalist class and its interests, be it domestic or foreign. In reality, neither of them would end up being remembered fondly. Le Pen would deliver about as much as Macron is currently

You just don't fucking get it do you. You keep hoping these neoliberal politicians will solve all of our upcoming problems. That's not true. They make all of it worse as long as they have a big piece of the pie

All Western governments are as corrupt as the nations their ill begotten confused populace's think "duhh third world is", and that just isn't true either. Le Penn would have been terrible, Macron is terrible, anyone who replaces Macron will be terrible.

If you believe any of these snakes I really don't know what to tell you.

Just like Greece would surely be patently socialist? Give me a fucking break.

It's a parry that purged one of its own members for eating couscous. Why take they say seriously

And it isn't breaking campaign problems, the reason these people are shit is a systemic problem. Everything you and your parents took for granted is being ripped from you because in Capitalism these things are only temporary if they stand in the way of enormous profit.

And you're actually suggesting that this neoliberal bitch is different as the head of state of a powerful US ally? Are you really that naive? That Le Penn would just go out and help the Western man? It's a ploy. A cheap trick. A cheap trick relying on identity just as much as Hillary Clinton.

I have 0 reason to suspect Le Penn would be significantly different than Macron except for maybe throwing a bone here and there. And the French would celebrate over the bones.

I really can't hold all these arguments you're making.
And I never claimed Le Pen is some kind of savior of the working class (she even brands herself as hero of the petit-bourgeois/professional class). But on a sliding scale of imperialism claiming McRon™ is the same as Le Pen is idiotic.

Both are worse.

Are you kidding?

The FN is an elective monarchy at this point. The party elite thinks they'll win if they just swap out Marine for her barbie doll niece.

Le Pen senior is a nigger and his daughter is a nigger whore, they both deserve guillotine. I'm not gonna support some demifascist piece of shit because she prefers to suck the Russians' dick instead of Merkel's. Socialism is not a slider or a skyrim skill you can just have more or less of. You either are a socialist or you aren't.

Excellent analysis as always Holla Forums.

reddit's right over there, why are you still here?

Like how Trump was gonna drain the swamp, right?
People say whatever the fuck they can to get elected, but they listen to the people who pay them once they take the seat of power.

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Perhaps it's why you don't support her, but this is Holla Forums, and nuance died around the second exodus.

That's not why I called you Holla Forums. I called you Holla Forums because you cannot construct a sentence without saying nigger dick whore like a very small boy.

IE your adolescent immaturity is my assumption.

Can i get uhhhh Melenchon

Le Pen is def better than Macron, who is hellbent on destroying worker power in France, shes just a SocDem, definately better than the neoliberal cancer that is Macron

the board really is going downhill

most brainlet tier shit on this board right now, read marx.

Literally the third post.


Just because LePen won't privatise absolutely everything doesn't mean she's "more socialist".
This is "socialism = gov't doin' stuff" level of political analysis.


still /ourguy/


This, Mélenchon is just a socdem with a red scarf.

You say this like it is a bad thing.