Why the fuck there still isn't a thread about the FUCKING CENTENARY OF OCTOBER'S REVOLUTION?

The unique aceptable excuse of this thread missing is that you're all party hard with your friends right now.


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Because the Soviet Union isn't a thing anymore :)

Because it failed and devolved into social-Democracy painted red

What the fuck is this attitude? Seriously, you should all gulag yourselves

Sovietic Union surely had it's big defects, but this doesn't mean it was a complete fail. Saying that all of that was shit is clearly being spooked by neoliberal propaganda and historic revisionism.

Plus we are talking about the revolution, not the regime (good or bad) that followed that. Everyone here, including anarchists, should appreciate the beauty of that wonderful moment in which the oppressed ones revolted and won against nobles and bourgoises.

Long live the millions that rose up in the first huge victory for the working class, for the ones that struggled to overthrow capitalism, the ones that fought for their rights, for communism!!
Long live the workers that guided by Lenin and the Bolsheviks, inspired by Marx and Engels ideas, fought and triumphed to stablish a better system!!
Because today 100 years later they deserve to be recognized ,as they inspired, inspire and will inspire, the oppresed workers to rise up.
Because although 100 years later it seems capitalism is again unstopable, this remebers us that there is nothing as the force of the workers united, that there is teh possiblity for a more Fair system, were oppresion is ended.
So today comrades join, independently on your particular thoughts, because we remember the workers that struggled to achieve their goals.
I hope some day we will be able to see what they fought for.

Because it wasnt real communism

Fuck yeah comrades!

They're long past dead.

I would have made a topic but I wasn't really sure what to say. I just hope that in 50 or 100 years we have more to celebrate than this anniversary. What I do know, is that things can't go on like this.

Not real communism, literally kill yourself.

Wew fuck off I hate how much of a shithole Leftcoms and Bookchinfags have made this site. If you’re a leftcom you should at least acknowledge the fact that Bordiga at least nominally supported Lenin and the October Revolution. It’s worth celebrating even on just that basis alone.

Stop worshiping a dead state and ideology. The Soviet Union collapsed and the Marxist-Leninism in practice is just state Capitalism.

You know who else supported the october revolution?

Wall street



This is a retarded statement that has been debunked a million times, please come with some real crtitizism


Lol I wouldn’t give a fuck if they did but there’s literally no evidence that Wall Street or the American government (which backed and invaded Russia on the side of the Whites) did.

I feel you comrade, but some day their fight will inspire the definitve revolution.
Because as Dimitrov said:
The wheel of history will keep wheeling until the final victory of Communism

thread soundtrack

You can keep spamming state capitalism, but that won't erase the fact that the Soviet Union was socialist.

Hooray for the communist coup. Hooray for state capitalism. Hooray for ruining the credibility of leftism.

Yes, make it a religion. What could go wrong?

hooray for the new left and the frankfurt school.
hooray for third worldism and autonomism.
hooray for wallowing in defeat.

Jesus fuckin christ this shithole

But their ideas and revolutionary gerber didn't.


Praise be Lenin!
May today be filled with the tears of the porky and anarchist!

It was bureaucratic socialism at the very best and extremely authoritarian in some regards (the way the repressed musicians in Eastern Europe). That being said I do understand the importance of the Russian Revolution since its one of the few times in history where the proletariat seized the means of production(if only for a short time). I do think it's important understand how Marx's ideas were implemented and how they messed up. We can use the mistakes of the past to understand how to better implement workers' control of the MoP in the future or we can continue to LARP/worship 20th century ideologies

May it rise again

Keep crying anarkkkiddie.

To be fair, it wasn't authoritarian just for the sake of it, without direct control the union would've fallen much earlier due to the imperialistic forces pushing for a collapse. The soviets kept at it valiantly until it fell under the immense pressure and was corrupted and destroyed from within. Evidence is the 1996 election and the supression of the communist parties in the previous union states

You have my tachanka, comrades!




why live

It's sad that this board is so sectarian, maybe the next revolt would have happened by now if we stop complaining about anarchkidys and ☭TANKIE☭s.

Solidarity with you anarchist comrade!

Any Russian comrade can explain why the goverment is crushing every attemp to celebrate the aniversary??
Is not the CPRF organizing anything?

Shit. capitalist China is celebrating this:

Why do they keep doing this things, and then fuck over the workers and reject anything the Workers fought on 100 years ago?

Source pls? I really want to know about this


Perhaps China is trying to avoid the collapse soviet suffered via the west by doing what companies must do in order to survive in this world, exploit the worker. Perhaps, just like how a company that doesn't run on profit will be outcompeted, China's focus is to, well, survive.
I'm being hopeful that this is the case and that the spirit of communism lingers in the hearts of the chineese. Perhaps it's just a facade.
I just hope Xi isn't bulshitting when it comes to his plans for a socialist superpower

Cn't find any english new (but it has appeared in major Spanish newspapers)

But their deeds will live forever.

Not a fan of the USSR, but the October Revolution itself inspires me and gives me hope.

When the revolution comes, and I can only pray I live to see it, you are all my comrades.

The October revolution is much more than just the founding of the USSR, it shows us that the possibility for a revolution can become reality. It showed us that the worker can unite against capitalism. It shows us that the worker really does have more power than the capitalist. It showed us that what Marx said was ture, we are stronger than them, we don't need them, they need us. And that we can beat them.
My heart beats with my comrades from across the globe. The spirit shall never die and the fire will never fade

no it wasnt an lenin admitted so




it wasnt eliminated

all capitalist

Sorry user redacted for ortographic reasons
Well the NEP was that you will call state capitalism, but after the 5 year plans socialism was the dominant mode of production
With the elimination of the burgeoise, the elimination of the profit motive guiding extraction of surlpus value, private property abolished, the introduction of collectivization , and the nearly eleminition of commodity production (still mantained to a certain degree in the countryside, and to exchange with capitalist countries (necesary for developing the country)
This combined with a planned economy, and workers councils guiding production, made the USSR socialist.

wait are you basically admitting marketsoc is socialist then?

where's my Wolff folder lmao

seems unlikely. Russia Today is having a huge boner over it and they're a literal government outlet.

They almost made it comrades. They were so close.

How were market forces guiding production in the USSR before 1956 after the 5 year plans?? The economy was planned

argument level: over 9000
Are you unironically claiming that you could just buy and sell factories or just own any significant MoP in the USSR?

there's still markets you dumb fuck you admitted it yourself

that's fucking capitalism

value form still exists: check
private property still exists (all privately owned by the state): check

yep, looks like capitalism

Unfortunately, the introduction of state capitalism with us is not proceeding as quickly as we would like it. For example, so far we have not had a single important concession, and without foreign capital to help develop our economy, the latter’s quick rehabilitation is inconceivable.


lenin admitted the ussr was capitalists

stalincucks fuck right off

Exchange are markets?

with capitalist countries who's exchanges (including with you) are dictated by markets

therefore, the USSR is as much a part of market forces as any other country

how many of you dumb fucking stalinniggers forgot the whole "international" part of Marx's writings

Never change Holla Forums

top lol, go shit in a diaper leftcom

Get reading, get fit, get guns, get organized. Be prepared comrades and happy anniversary.

read marx

No, they were dictated by political decisions ,as only the central state controlled exchange with other nations (they were the ones that decided prices, wich things could be exhanged , the price …), still this was a reallly small part of the mode of production, the prodominant mode of production was socialism, and therefore the USSR can be called socialist.
This is the same argument of ancaps calling the USA not true Capitalism, or saying Britain in 1800s was not capitalist as some feudalist relation were still mantained.

Motherfucking newfags can have some celebratory reading material.

And marx would tell you that trade isn't capitalism. Trade existed long before capitalism. One person has something someone else needs, that person exchanges something of what the other person deems to be equal value. They both agree and poof, suddenly the means of production is owned by an individual? Stop being dumb. Your moneyless fairytale will never exist

Nice song mate


Can someone with artistic skill make a lenin pepe and an anarcho pepe ree at eachother? This fucking thread is getting ridiculous


Anyone who talks about Lenin and call himslf a communist should at least read this book

literally capitalism

"predominant mode of production" no other mode of production can exist alongside capitalism you nigger

read marx

you have obviously not
r e a d m a r x>No, they were dictated by political decisions ,as only the central state controlled exchange with other nations (they were the ones that decided prices, wich things could be exhanged , the price …)

Is any comrade doing anything to celebrate this?
Hve some Lenin and Bolsheviks to celebrate


truly you must be Marx's most valuable intellectual successor

the ussr was a capitalist entity initially held in charge of socialists (well, lenin) with intention of leading the socialist cause once the rest of the world caught up

the world never caught up and the ussr fell into less capable hands (stalin)

stalinbabbys will never accept this because theyre literally just feitishists

you spelt khrushchev wrong

nah stalin was nowhere near a capable leader

explain what he should have done with his position then.
the only thing I'll concede is he was shit at military strategy, but other than that he did the best he could with what he had.

Someone post the Russian Economy under Stalin jpeg

Well I've read a great chunk of Marx, could you please iluminate me with were Marx states that no other mode of production can exist alongside capitalism ?? Does this entail that you think, that for Marx feudalist relations were still not present in capitalist countries?
Also I was enjoying this, thought it was some kind of nice and serious discussion, please give more arguments than:

there's not supposed to be an economy under real socialism you fucking idiot

LOL this looks like a Monty Python sketch

i swelled up, thanks comrade

I'm sorry about the brain-aids, my dude.

what did he mean by this

there won't that's the point of communism and socialism

m8 if the capitalist mode of production (private property and profit motive) exist anywhere in the world then any "elimination of private property" is a lie; the property is owned by the state and any non-profit motive is controlled by external profit motives to begin with, as survival on an international is determined by other nation's bourgeoisie and their profits

no you havent
fuck off back to r/fulltriggerdism

Have a nice day today comrades.

t. anarkiddie

I thought the point of communism was to achieve and maintain a stateless society?

Ok mate whatever you like about me, but could you please at least respond to my questions before using AdHominem falacies?

exactly and the economics is the tool of the state


lol how? as long as there's a scarcity of a resource economics are needed

but communism/socialism will bring us post-scarcity


I know this may come as a suprise

But Marx can be wrong too

Live translation of events happening 100 years ago is here:

bet you think china is socialist

you have no right to shitpost like this, brainlet


How does a coup show us anything about the workers uniting? The workers did not know that there was a "revolution" going on while the Bolsheviks grabbed power.

Why don't you back up this strange assertion and not just shitpost?

sounds utopian


reminder that you don't even need photoshop to make fun of Holla Forumsyps

Because we Holla Forums posters are too busy making no changes in the world.

100 Years of Communism—and 100 Million Dead
The Bolshevik plague that began in Russia was the greatest catastrophe in human history.


Holy fuck, Murdoch's shitpost magnates need to read Bordiga.

In my city the Communist party gas organized a parade for today, Is anyone else celebrating somehow??

you are a literal retard

The quality of this board really is worse than ever

Agree, still I think we should have some kind of celebration of this event

100 years of BUT THAT WASNT REAL COMMUNISM you fucking morons



Capitalism is a lot more than any commodity production and private property. These two things have always existed since the emergence of the first class societies. The actual factors which define capitalism would be:

I agree


Post victims of communism







this is a masterpiece

Love you Russkies, but the Great October Revolution was none of that:

It was a political and economic catastrophy
It was a coup by a minority that never won an election.
Wasn't October; they were using a different calendar.

Nice one but actually, executing the tsars was not decided by Lenin or by the direction of the party, it was decided by the bolsheviks that were guarding the tsars , as the white forces approched them, they decided the only option was to kill them.
I think Lenin was actually unpleased by this as they planned to judge the tsar, and to send their heir to live as workers somewere as the Chinese communists did years later with the King

fucking Lenin, wish I could back in time and tell him to read Robespierre

They were still going to kill him 100%

That's savage.

This thread's got me hyped up, comrades! Gotta get a hold of myself before I kick down my landlord's door and shoot him in the back of the head…



That's not the point,,

I swear I'm not a capitalist Jew and my claims are correct.

You can verify them.

Based, Comrade I understand your point



Really makes you think.

No revolution was "real communism". If a revolution had actually achieved "real communism", none of us would be here complaining about capitalism, because we'd be living in communism.

It was socialist you moron, they never claimed they were communists United SOCIALIST Soviet Republics, athough thei wanted toa chieve communism.
Communism is a classless, monyless, stateless society.


(someone plz convert to webm)


A society doesn't become communist the moment communists take power. You need to actually destroy capitalism. The Russians failed in that, as did everyone else. That doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate them or be inspired by them, but we should learn from their mistakes.

Proof this is the BO?? This phto has been going around for a long time, it could be something that started as a shitpost

wasn't the Xir some black guy from New York ?

My table for tonight. Made a hard Leninade (lemon pop mixed with cranberry-pomegranate and Popper's Ice vodka drink). L'chaim!

What did they get right? They took control of a country that was already improving, derailed that and caused some of the deadliest famines in recent history, but it's alright because they sent a bunch of junk into space?

Russia was at that time being absolutely destroyed by the Germans and was ruled by a tsarist autocracy that not long ago had massacred civilians for demanding even mild reforms. Its only prospect was liberalisation and slowly going through the same development that every other capitalist state had, with all the poverty and suffering for common working people that would entail (as well as the country being torn apart and turned into a puppet state). The revolution was probably the best thing that could have happened to it. Read some history before spouting ignorant bullshit

Please give me a citation proving the tsarist regime was even half as bad as the Bolsheviks when it comes to democide.

You must be in Quebec.

Bolsheviks weren't the only leftists in the revolution.

RJ Rummel fuck off

Oy vey, it's another Holodomor!
Turns out that famines happened all the time in the 19th and 20th century, especially when industrialising.
Here's some capitalist famines:


BTW the february revolution was triggered by a bread shortage

Ew franco-canadians


Can I get the source for this?

I am curious to look further into and see if it is worse or not

The infographic cites its sources. Just look at the links to see the stats.




Don't forget the Russian famine of 1921

user, if you want to be taken seriously, even for us… that's a stretch. It's facebook jpg tier.

Sorry, I am blind tonight apparently

You know, I would actually like to make an official leninade drink, proper recipe and shit
Could be fun
Even more fun if all ingredients are russian/communist themed

Yes, capitalism IS responsible for putting people in exposed areas and not willing to help them due to lack of profit to do so.
This problem wouldn't even exist in the first place under socialism. When the means to save people exist, socialism will do so

If you think deaths from famine under communism is the fault of communism then you’re a hypocrite if you think the same standard shouldn’t be applied to hunger under capitalist regimes.

With lemonade or soda, you could water it down by a nice amount, and you could add plenty of other good shit to it. Like vermouth or peach schnapps for added depth

Furthermore the graphic judges capitalism under the same standards that the Black Book of Communism judges Communism, and in fact is far more generous, since it doesn't count deaths due to war or state terror, and it doesn't count unborn children who "might have been born" if people hadn't died.

nigga there are lierally cities in america without clean drinking water
who's fucking fault is that

There is a real Leninade drink, I couldn't find it anywhere.

(Eternal) Anglo Canadian here ($$$).

Just want to let you know I'd burn you in a Wallstreet Brazen Bull in the name of the Queen.

I know, but it would be dope to have one official alcoholic drink with the name.
Because a drink named Leninade that doesn't contain vodka is just disgraceful

The absolute state of Holla Forums.


Nod an argument poophead.


As in, they were literally feudal peasants

Still not looking good for you fags.

So by this argument how is communism responsible, for deaths in famines in places were this were periodically present??

Yes, this is exactly it.

Read a book you fucking idiot. If anything the Bolsheviks were unable to keep up with the revolutionary spirit of the Working Class of Petrogad and the Soldiers/Sailors of Kronstadt.



Did you just copypaste that washington post article from today? lmfao

Such as the Irish potato famine, which happened in a feudalist system with heavy protectionist intervention?

This happened after the industrial revolution in Britain, which marked the rise of capitalism as a mode of production. Protectionism doesn't make it less capitalist. Read a book

watched soviet movies based on Holla Forumsrades' suggestions with a tovarish
good times


Britain was capitalist at that time and had been for decades.


Does Ireland being treated as a colony make it any better? Do victims of imperialism somehow count less than other people? Don't you think the social system of Britain had something to do with that imperialism?

Here you go

Based user!

The victims of imperialism aren't victims of capitalism.

Read Lenin

imperialism is a part of capitalism via the demand for expanding markets
why do you think china was such an object of desire for the imperialist nations? I'll help; because it's huge population meant it was a massive, unsaturated market and thus a crisis of overproduction in the metropole could be overcome (postponed in reality) by increased exports

fuck you assholes this was a great day

im an anarchist, im celebrating this day, all who don't are crypto liberals

good man
if the most powerful, serious anti-capitalist movement of the future is anarchist, I'll fight with all my power for it's goals, though I'm more of a leninist myself
time for pickiness is over

Follow Follow @ASLuhn

Thats the idea comrade!!

This version is better.
Also is it raining gets or is it just me?

That's not a defining feature of capitalism. I can point out plenty of anticapitalist imperialists and capitalist anti-imperialists.

expansion of markets is a logical conclusion of a capitalist system
imperialism is a method of market expansion, in fact it could be and generally is argued that market expansion was the primary motivation behind the era of imperialism starting from the mid-19th century

If that's all it is, why would groups opposed to markets try to expand and conquer? And free trade exists as a nonviolent, perfectly moral alternative to imperialism, so your argument falls apart at both ends.


this is not what imperialism is fundamentally, not all wars of expansion are imperialist per se. when China was divided, the imperialist powers didn't annex the land as a war of expansion would imply
also markets aren't capitalism
'free trade' can also take imperialist forms such as with the 'dollar imperialism' the US imposed on Latin America
but free trade is also a method of market expansion, yes

Just because it wasn't communism doesn't mean it wasn't cool and good.

Stalin did nothing wrong.

Well, sorta, the Billy Bragg version


I wrote a blog about this.

Here is Finbol's video explaining the revolution:

good vid. made me sad

It's too bad the Bragg version sucks so hard.

there is nothing to Celebrate the USSR fell 25 years ago.
Socialism and Communism has been on steady decline, all we've gotten lately, is just a lot of Liberals pretending to be leftists, Identitarian faggots and feminist witches.
I'm actually feeling depressed.

I agree if Socialism is to survive it must explore alternatives to the M-L orthodox such as communalism and democratic-confederalism

I thought you already left you supporting Kurdish US puppets.

Lenin Trotsky and the rest never gave a fuck about the people
The Bolsheviks were a group of mercenaries financed by Kaiser Wilhelm the 2nd and a group of liberal german bankers who wanted to knock russia out of the war so that it could seize belarus the Ukraine and the baltic states
The Bolsheviks never cared about the russian/other people in russia or russia itself and only existed to help german interests b destabilizing the russian state which had been up until that point inflicting massive loses on the german war machine

Read cockshott

No it fell 80 years ago.

90. Fuck.


Kudos for using the NIN live version and not the Johnny cash meme version

title pls

Yesterday in Portugal.

Cool, are you in the PCP?? If so what are their objectives? is there actually any chance for socialism in Portugal?

I honestly wouldn't be suprised if the next wave of revolution starts in portugal

It would probably end there too if Spain has anything to say about it.

not if they lose catalonia

Fuck… We were so close… but it all comes to dust.

Capitalists rule continues unabated, and will do so well into the future.

The new Internationale will start with a renewed Treaty of Westminster…

What's the deal with this part of the portuguese constitution? Were they realli serious?

I'm not in the PCP but in my opinion the party has been looking a little bit DemSoc since they started supporting the government led by the Socialist Party (they're centrists). The party itself still uses democratic centralism. Yesterday the leader even talked about how we must use the theories of Marxism-Leninism, but their fight is mainly electoral and syndicalist. Their true force is in hte unions. They control the biggest union in the country, CGTP (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Confederation_of_the_Portuguese_Workers), but they've been using their power to fight other unions and not to educate or organize the workers. In elections, they get around 8% to 10%. In March of 1975, a purge was prepared (with Moscow's support) to get rid of about 1500 fascists, and that would pretty much set the base for a socialist republic. Instead it triggered a coup attempt from the said fascists which failed and made them run to Brazil. In the summer of 1975, the proletarian revolution was gaining ground fast so the US got scared shitless of the possibility of a socialist republic basically in their doorstep (the Lajes airbase is key to the US), Kissinger sent an aircraft carrier to Lisbon and Frank Carlucci worked with the liberal counter revolutionaries to stop the revolution and turn us into a liberal democracy. 1975 was a crucial year, where we even started an agrarian reform. The liberals and fascists, with the support from the United States of course ruined it. About the future of socialism in Portugal, let's wait and see. Young people are becoming more interested in politics and more polarized. In the last crisis of 2008-2014, about 10% of the population came out to protest against austerity. Things aren't much better, despite what the Socialist Party might say. The debt is even bigger than in the crisis period despite no investments being made and our economy is still fragile like glass. The next crisis might trigger something even more radical (one can only hope).

That's still in our constitution and they were serious but basically the Preamble of the constitution isn't really binding, unfortunately. The liberals have been trying to amend the constitution but they need an absurd amount of votes or something like that, which they'll never get.

I’ve heard one Marxist journalist say that the Carnation Revolution is the first example of a Color Revolution? Is this true?

that was great

Well, this revolution wasn't that violent (in terms of deaths) because it was started by the military and everyone in the military was tired of fighting for a lost cause for 13 years. If there wasn't a Colonial War (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_Colonial_War), the revolution wouldn't have happened so the historical context is a bit different from other revolutions. It had little death because everyone had seen what happened in the war and they were tired of it. But, what people don't often hear is the daily violence between fascists and marxist-leninists and trotskyists and maoists and hoxhaists,etc.. people were beating each other up all the time and beating their bourgie boss up and travelling everywhere to agitate each other. It' very difficult to explain how society was riled up during the PREC period (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Processo_Revolucionário_Em_Curso) and I suggest you look more into that. Simply put, there was more violence than in other "color revolutions", but there were very little death because most of the army supported the revolution (until the United States stepped in) and they were tired and not because it was supposed to be a "peaceful" revolution. The revolution could have easily turned into a bloody civil war if the US stepped in earlier.