AnCom sanctuary? No.Shit city

So you autistic numale beta fucks actually believe in the worst combination ever convinced can work? Well here it is. Slab City.
“We all provide for the community”
“It’s all about feeling free and safe”
Let’s look at the people who live there!
OH well let’s look at the art!

Seriously, what’s stopping me and a bunch of my friends from stocking up arms, ammunition and MRE’s and conquering it?

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made me thonk

this is a very involved way of telling us you have friends, OP

Stay on topic kiddo :)

Go ahead it'll save space for the future gulags.

Fucking lol

A thread already exists for this in which it is debunked

Health issues, autism, lack of friends, lack of physical fitness, lack of arms training, no money to buy guns and ammo. The most you fags will conquer is a plate of tendies your mom gets you.

great critique OP



We already explained why this isn't communist in another thread.

Oh look, someone watched a Sargon Video and thinks they are a big brain wojak now.

Go back to youtube.

Google Bookchin

You don't know what Socialism or Communism is, I'm anti ancom and anarchist gang but even I fucking know you're retarded and have no actual critique

Considering the image you've just posted, it's safe to assume you don't know jack shit about socialism either.


Read Rafiq
Google Bordiga and Nick Land

Why? Cause Gaddafi didn't implement Socialism? Yes that is true however he was a Socialist but had a strong Social Democracy as his government, he lists his form of Socialism called 3rd international theory in his book called "The Green Book", in fact he was friends with many leftist leaders like Kim Il Sung, Hugo Chavez, Bashar Al-Assad, Fidel Castro, all of which were indeed Socialist, not all implemented a full Socialist system but that doesn't change the fact that they didn't implement leftist governments that had an endgoal of Socialism with the peaceful transition from Social Democracy to Socialism (Although I don't believe this peaceful transition thing works, I still will support it as they do make progress towards Socialism but usually gets halted by NATO bullshit manifest destiny conquests) but the fact is that Gaddafi was a Socialist and Anti Imperialist who made his own Socialist theory (although not implementing it) and he was brutally killed by NATO. Also you may say "But he wasn't a Communist" yes however not all Socialism is Communism just as not all Communism is Marxism.

What you thought futanari were a modern fap category? Rome is fucking filled with hermaphrodite statues (ok not filled but they're a lot more than one would ever imagine).

that they did implement*

ree dab ook

I never said Socdem was Socialism? Did you read my post at all? Obviously their economies weren't Socialist, they were extreme Social Democracies with the end goal of Socialism, however Gaddafi himself was indeed a Socialist, he just never implemented a Socialist system, as that was halted by the UN and their Imperialism. Also I never fucking said Socialism was Communism, I literally fucking said in the post that it wasn't, go back to being an edgy bookchin LARPer if you're just going to not even read my posts.

Your obesity and brain tumors, go ahead fuckface nothing you can do.

He didn't say that and very clearly implied the opposite:
>he was a Socialist but had a strong Social Democracy as his government

Learn to fucking read.

It's almost like lifestylism is a trash praxis that doesn't actually address the social and material conditions that constitute capitalism.

OP we will turn all of Amerikkka into Slab City

I’m still trying to figure out what’s so different from slab city and the rest of the u.s.

wasn't there a thread recently about sargon calling this place socialist and being really fucking wrong and all that?

Yeah. He thought it was ancon because they had food stamps


There's art.

Yes, OP is likely a Sargon of Acuck.
Have some camcer


He's making that face because really he likes the woman flipping him off and he wants her to be his mommy and feed him tendies dipped in vaginal discharge.

I was thinking of him being a follower of sargon, I don't think sargon would be stupid enough to actually come here expecting to btfo us

user you're gonna have to pay for my chemo

I actually live here. I fucking love it. Currently living in a mesquite tree and building a theater. I get to just work on what i need to stay alive and be happy, no rent no taxes no boss. Lol, stay jelly.

PS this isn't anything close to anarchist political economy, there is no council or individually organized production, we're mostly just a town of bums. You can find more depressing examples in any capitalist state. Only town in america where the public library is open 24 hours and has a bar tho.>>2230402

Pretty jelly actually, post more pics of your tree pls

Meanwhile, in ancap city:

Proofs? Also it's legit praxis and don't pretend like you don't do the same. Also you leech off your parents and live in their basement
And? This is a common thing in America, no? Kep out animals and all that.
I'm going to have to request some SERIOUS proofs on this.
I only heard about theft one time in this place and she was excommunicated by the town.
Not an argument.
Read Horkheimer.
Beauty is subjective. We can't all be classical-era roman sculptor making statues of women with feminine penises.