Nazis were NOT Socialist

My hard drive was wiped can I get some of those memes and info graphs about how the Nazis weren't socialist at all?

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Two pics and a link on the devious and pro-capitalist state-controlled Nazi trade union.

B-but muh Not SocialisM!

Buddy they may not be "True Socialist" but they sure are closer to being socialist than you would like to admit.



They had at that time, very strong feelings about enforcing private property and about protecting it. That makes them seem pretty right-wing in my opinion.

I wish

If they werent then why its in the name of the party then?

Their definition of socialism is completely different from a Marxist one, a social democratic one, or even an utopian socialist one. It's based on a so-called "Prussian Socialism", first formulated by Spengler, which is fascist in nature and based on the authoritarian welfare reforms of Bismarck and the class collaborationism not between the workers and the bourgeoisie, but between the workers and a feudal upper class, that is supposed to render the bourgeoisie meaningless and reducing it to a mere middle men. It's the idea of a comunity of people working towards a national goal.
The Nazis took this concept but got rid of its feudal elements, eleminating the concept of class entirely, with the goal of a permeable society in which the old nobility is considered decadent. That, and of course the injection of an insane amount of racism and antisemtism.

capitalism is never good

maybe its not good but its the best we have for now

Except that it is completely idealistic and ignores the underlying material laws. Fascism, if you choose to ignore all the crazy stuff that comes with it, is a typical example of "sounds good on paper". Sure, to govern economic life by the concept of "is it good for the nation?" sounds reasonable and all, but it has no basis in economic reality because producing for profit is by its very nature opposed to utility.

Arent farming tools produced for profit? Arent they an utility?

A commodity has always a use value and an exchange value. The defining feature of capitalism is that the decision to whether or not produce something is completely dependent on the exchange value, theoretically, one could decide to produce 10 smartphone cases instead of 10 hotdogs despite people starving in front of him.

Of course there is still use value in capitalism, otherwise people wouldn't buy shit, but it doesn't determine what is produced.

They privatized many industries, nationalization was few and far between

Pics related

If you're referring to welfare reform such as as healthcare, pension,etc. that wasn't "introduced" by the nazis, not even close.



I have a screencap of an user claiming the Nazi government, against its own preaching, was heavily reliant on bankers, but I can't find it now. Anyone has it on hand?


Here you go.

Why are people still having this debate? Clearly with the massive amount of evidence (privatisation of most pre-war national industry, increase in capital gains and capital profits), the only people who still deny this are ideologically biased into holding the opinion anyway and should be ignored lmao

Because feels > reals


Also, I think heard somewhere that Mitsubishi made Zeros for the Japs.

Are nazis and fascists the most annoying historical force of 20th century history? How can you claim to be against what the West is doing to itself when they funded your shit throughout the god damn Cold War and we commies had to build our revolutions from scratch, threatening their bottom line.

Nazi Germany did not threaten the bottom line, it lied about what it represented than crushed dissent of officials who thought it would be something grander and better for the working class.

Behind every Capitalist and every defense of Western excess is ten fascists willing to be bullet shields, or murderers while condemning the people they've always sworn to protect, and have always been paid off by throughout the 20th century world wide.