Both these ideologies are unbearable to me. I hate Nazi's, but I wouldn't bash them, I hate communists...

Both these ideologies are unbearable to me. I hate Nazi's, but I wouldn't bash them, I hate communists, but I wouldn't bash them. Where the fuck do I go?

I would pin myself as a conservative/populist, in line with Cory Bernardi and Pauline Hanson. I definitely think that we need to take on less immigrants blah blah blah but I don't care about the "browning of Australia" so much, just more annoyed at the immigrants that commit crime at a higher rate and do not assimilate. halfchan is weak. Leftypol is communist and can get irritating (sorry boys). /liberty/ is dead and r/the_donald is a board solely dedicated to Trump (plus its Reddit, I don't have an account etc etc).

Before you say "This doesn't affect us blah blah blah" it does, it really does. I dare say I am not the only person in this position, just imagine how many people there are that are centre-right and browse 4chan and getting slowly but surely indoctrinated into their shitty ideology. A lot of conservatives just want somewhere to shitpost that isn't reddit or 4chan because 4chan is full of fucking stormfags but there isn't one that is known, or at least popular.

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Is this a copypasta?

nigger what the fuck, that political test is absolute garbage. Authoritarianism is nearly entirely decided by "what does he think of drugs and fags", you can be a nearly full blown Neo-Nazi and get on the border of left authoritarian/libertarian if you don't care about gays and like the idea of social welfare.
Pretty much any mainstream site which also allows you to discuss politics? Why are you asking this board, of all places?



Consistent conservatives who detect our epoch's lingering crises (the antagonisms between our cultural commons and private ownership, ecological catastrophies, the dissolution of family structures, biogenetics, etc.) need to provide a solution. It is our understanding that the name of this solution can only be communism. We are aware of the negative connotations this term bears, yet fail to see any other pragmatic solutions from either the liberal or conservative side. We invite you to join our polemics, OP.


If you are not conserving the white race and white global hegemony what exactly ARE you conserving?

go back to reddit

I'm asking on this board, as I literally have no accounts on any other forums. Not even a reddit account.


I have been here for many months, but just tonight I joined an auspol discord and they were talking about donating to Antipodean Resistance, was not happy in the slightest, I just wanted to talk about politics and Pauline Hanson (similar to Donald Trump I guess). Those cunts were literal nazis.

Nah, I think I'm more likely some kinda conservative.

I guess I would be conserving my traditions and my culture as well as my country.

Great I can finally use this meme

Good, keep it that way, Reddit is absolute fucking garbage and political discussion there serves only to reinforce one's already existing beliefs, because the general userbase is very, very stupid and will le upboat and defend the first person to write with an authoritative tone on the topic.
There's your mistake m8, DIscord is absolute, utter cancer and a breeding ground for egofags and e-activists, I have not seen any political Discord avoid this crap. Aus politics are generally fucking shite anyway so you're not missing out on much.

Culture is a constantly changing and evolving thing taking influence from basically everything it comes near, to view culture or tradition as some static, unchanging entity is pretty ahistorical IMO. It's something independent of individuals that changes in accord to the times, and there is (unfortunately) very little to be done about that. Not a big fan of the yankification of the Anglo world, though.

Become a left anarchist.
Thanks for being polite.

what are the examples of traditions and culture you would wish to preserve?

I'm proud to be conservative.

Yeah reading through some of the r/politics is awful.
Yeah, I was just going to use it for news instead of 4chan, (I am trying to distance myself from 4chan). One of the discords I joined is OK, they are kinda centre-right. However 99% of it is just shit.
Nah I love auspol

Culture does change, but it doesn't need to be changed by outsiders.

Nah, I'm way to conservative for that. Although I am a mild fan of Hitchens.

I dunno really, we are definitely losing our accents, although that is not due to immigration or anything like that or any fucking "jewish conspiracies". I think its our way of life that is being threatened. I guess shit like Ute Musters etc, and people calling others "Bogans" (it seems stupid, its hard to explain). But a bogan used to be a typical Aussie, what an Australian was known to be, a bit like Mick Dundee. Now, Bogan is being seen as a negative/offensive term.

I guess a better way to phrase it would be to say that Australia is becoming "Americanized" as said.

Great! I'm glad you agree, now hop on a ship with you and back to the UK. Consider yourself reformed, there's no need for you to pay for the crimes of your ancestors that were setenced to the formar penal colony of Australia.

You realise that the people changing Aus culture are Aussies primarily? I mean are you really that wedded to the absolute lack of culture that is the lowest common denominator? (I'm assuming that Bogans are like Chavs)

Into the cuckshed

I don't have a comeback to this.

excuse me we have vegemite mate. But on a serious note, yes I know that the ones changing culture are Australians, but they are being heavily influenced by American media and a lack of promotion of Australian traditions. And yeah, Bogans are kinda like Chavs.

Become Nazbol


Define Communism, my dude. What exactly do you have against it?

I'm not him but I'll bite.

I do not like the idea of being taxed out the ever loving ass to pay for worthless degenerate pieces of shit while my children starve.

Let's start there.


You did avoid the question though, I don't think anyone is going to take your rights away to drink shitty beers on the beach with your mates, so what exactly are you afraid is being destroyed? The casual far right reactionism, the instinctive anti intellectualism? Being a slave to consumer trends just the same as the liberals you criticise?

Communism isn't when the government taxes. Even if you count the USSR and communist bloc as communism, they had very low tax rates.

Ok I'll ignore that for now since I make no money now under communism anyway, my kids are still starving though.

Apparently the government is doing it on purpose.

National Bolshevism sounds kinda cool. I love my country and all. Seeing how it is done some good for Russia is cool, but I think taxes need to be higher.

No inheritance. The lack of freedom (The biggest one).

No, they aren't going to take my rights, nor my neighbours right away to drink beer on the beach with our mates. But we just aren't going to do it because that sort of behaviour isn't encouraged anymore. The behaviour that used to be central to Australian way of life. Instead, it is now hit it up on Instagram
Being a slave to the wrong trends. Instead of buying Australian Holden cars, they now buy Subarus, not because they're cheaper, but because they're cooler.

I sincerely doubt you live under communism. And if you did, at the very least your kids would have something to eat. The crop failures of the USSR and China were due to lacking agricultural technology ultimately. You live in a world where the technology allows for mass production of food at unseen scales, and yet your kids are still hungry.

In terms of taxes, guess what it is precisely capitalism that encourages a tax and spend government. Public investment/projects increase demand and make commerce easier. Instead of raising taxes in the immediate moment, which would be unpopular, Govts go to the same people who should have been taxed in the first place, the very rich, and beg to borrow their money instead (so now the govt is paying them!). This greatly raises costs via the interest in the long run, and eventually the govt must liquidate its own population to pay back its creditors. That's you.

This is a ridiculous a priori assumption. If you define communism as the lack of freedumbs then no shit it's not gonna sound good. But that has no connection with reality.

There's no need for it, everything you need will be provided to you anyways, drawn from a common stockpile. Want a house? You got it. How bout your own car? Consider it done. There's a reason there was no unemployment or homeless rate in the USSR, and everyone had a car, too. Can you say the same for America? I don't think so. WAY TO GO, FREE MARKET!
Is this another food joke about starving communists? That had nothing to do with communism in the first place.
Doing what?

to hell


In my experience, 'Bogan' tends to represent Australian chavs and wiggers more than anything, with a few fags occasionally using the term to mean "anything less than America-tier progressivism". I guess how it's used mostly depends on the state.

I really have never seen the "australia used to be so much tougher" thing, either. I come from a family of mostly manual labourers from up in Darwin who moved state multiple times. Tough people, but I don't know a single one who fits the idealized Australian stereotype. A lot of family friends, people you'd think would fit the "true Australian from OLD AUSTRALIA" stereotype, strong manual labourers, hunters and shit, mostly from N.T and W.A, are not the idealized Crocodile Dundee figures that people think they are. Most of them are reserved, quiet individuals, and I don't tend to hear many grandiose stories of when Australia was different or 'rougher' from them. The closest thing I've heard is complaints about how many faggots carry knives around and let their friends jump in instead of taking a beating.

That's fucking spooky. If nobody's stopping you then you can do what you like. I know this is considered heresy in some circles but all cultures have a limited lifespan, if a tribal language that only 3 people can still speak is that a huge tragedy? I don't know, probably not really, if we value freedom we need to accept 'the free market of ideas', except some kind of hypothetical non economic version. Cultures aren't people, it's not really that bad for only the ones with staying power to stick around, but I don't think cracking open a cold one with the boys is going to die out anytime soon. I don't like most normie shit culture personally but is it productive to complain about it? No not really, I just find a little community where I can behave as I please.

nazbol is a meme by the way, it literally started as a Russian surrealist joke and got hijacked by Hitler appreciators whose primary love is Stalin.

what is it gonna be when the next communist state fails, "if only we had star trek replicators it would have worked!".

Wake up

When communism walks the walk then you can try again to convince me, but we both know it never will because we don't live in lala fairly land.

tbh your political opinions seem malformed and immature. I would recommend you head to the library or book store. Read bread book, maybe Nietzsche if you'd like an idea of how stupid conservatism is.

m80 you're the one who said you live under communism right now.

Wanna give me a concrete example there, bucko?

The communist states didn't fail because of famines, those pretty much ended by the 50s

It was a hypothetical based on my past communist experiences. I lived in Cambodia for almost a decade.

Absolute bullshit.

The Soviet system post-Stalin actually provided food security (not just in the sense of famine, but also malnourishment) to nations which had scarcely seen it in their existence, including numerous African states and Cuba. Besides that, the Soviet system does not even make up the majority of socialist thought, with Marxism Leninism being a relatively brief (but significant) blip on the overall history of the ideology.

Friendly reminder that libertarianism (beyond the French Revolution) initially referred to socialists who desired to create a confederal, or horizontal system with high levels of individual control and freedom, just to name one non-Soviet example.

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Post the sources my dudes.


It's factual. Post 50s, the only famines were from China's extreme over-centralization and Pol Pot's extermination campaign. I believe there were some African famines from civil war, but nothing on the scale of the above two.


So you lived throughout the entirety of the PRK?


So except for the whole extermination thing and a bunch of people dying no problems then?

Jesus Christ listen to yourself.
The worst thing about communists is that they have zero accountability. No one was ever held accountable for all the people that died just because they were communist, if they had been any other ideology their guts would have been stapled to the walls of buildings on main street.

Pol Pot literally died right after he said he regretted nothing, and everyone just let him get away with it.

If Donald Trump exterminated all of the ethnic Jews in the united states, would you just let him walk away to live a long life so he can die with no regrets? You people are disgusting.



Texas go hit by a hurricane. Checkmate, faggot! This proves capitalism doesn't work!

Okay how about this one then,_1991

Start here :

Then read "why socialism ?" by Albert Einstein.
When you finish read "Homage to Catalonia" by George Orwell .

I bet if you ran the same poll in North Korea you'd get similar results.
US report on Soviet nutritional intake from the 60s onwards

Are you drunk or illiterate

The fuck are you smoking, nigger? Not only did communists make up a majority of the opposition to Pol Pot, he received sporadic western backing (Romania and Yugoslavia also did) to try to use him to splinter communist power over the region. Not only did Communists make up the primary force fighting the fucker (look up the Salvation Front and People's Republic of Kampuchea), individuals like Heng Samrin are viewed as heroes in the country today.

How many layers of liberalisme are you in ?

Become a St*asserist and/or a National-Bolshevik

Or just become a yugofag

There is no such thing as "socialist patriotism" no matter how many times you repost that retarded png

You could've just said spook m8 and summed up your post in one word, but instead I had to read your retarded shitpost

Woah we got a radical centrist here

Blow me dipshit

There is no such thing as "socialist patriotism" no matter how many times you repost that retarded png


I like both

read stirner

OP You don't hate communism you just don't understand it, YET.

No it doesn't. Just go to reddit you fag. It really doesn't matter what Ideology you believe in because you are going to be a liberal of some sort. You can go get adopted by Holla Forums, brainlets are always going to get taken.


Lmao I guess there's no winning with you then.

Your average anti-communist, anti-nazi centrist.

I dont think socialist nationalism is good praxis.

Why you come over here? Why you tellin us about it?

When you look beyond your borders and see nothing but the business end of gun barrels, internationalist praxis ends.