Should suburbanite "soccer moms" be given 10 or 20 years in gulag?

No option for a wall?


you're too nice to them.

Why do you view this as a bad thing? People knowing and being able to stand up to businesses is a good thing. Every time someone gets screwed and meekly rolls over when they get told "it's against store policy" porky rubs his hands gleefully.

They should be given 10 or 20 minutes of my love

Since I can see you've never held any kind of service job before, I guess I need to explain. They're either complaining about you. These people get off on stepping all over people they perceive to be lower status than them.

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This. It's not about "standing up to businesses," it's about squashing the uppity servant that dared to refuse their order or not fulfill it fast enough or just because they were in a bad mood. They're scum.

Get a reality check richfag

I hope this post is ironic

Because soccer moms say it over petty things to get low level employees in trouble.

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Not necessarily, but we need to erase women's rights.

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And how's MGTOW working out for you so far?

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Are you actually unironically arguing that women should have no rights?

How many years gulag for bitch teachers who give too much homework?

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90% of the soccer moms where I live have lumpy potato bodies and bread dough asses

well, we are leftists after all

Right up my alley, tbh

Will the revolution include a Cultural Revolution to mass despook people or is that a bad idea because China did it already?

it's a bad idea because the only people who suggest this so far are brainlets that want to emulate their maoist larp fantasies

Chairman Mao was a massive fucking faggot. He killed off many scholars, monks, people who carried culture and tradition, and he replaced even the very language of china with mandarin. "Despooking" a country will just mean that at the end of the day it will not have any special qualities and values that people need to adhere to.



But I mean, isn't it kind of a given that old ideas, alongside bourgeoise values and traditions must be crushed to give way to the new? Unless you are nazbol but that is.

I think Mao's Cultural revolution was a good idea, specially in a state with hierarchal traditions that had just come out of feudalism, but the execution was flawed.

Personally, I think a cultural revolution would be a great leap forward, but we've got a long march before we get there and see a hundred flowers bloom.

Would you mind explain why you think cultural values are inherently bourgeois? Sure, they are built to befit old ways that generally means that it is "obsolete", but what is the point of a country that is no different than the rest?

There isn't any, countries shouldn't exist.


You need to stop thinking about an overrated brainlet like Mao and start reading a useful Bolshevik like Alexander Bogdanov if you're serious about this.


There is a deep set ideology in places like Texas and Saudi Arabia. Something like this is common thought among middle class people (such as the soccer moms that OP talks about):

"I don't want to make my own shoes. I don't ever want to work in any garment factory. That sort of work is beneath me. And picking vegetables? That is ridiculous. Let dirty migrant farm workers do that work. I should never have to get MY hands dirty. And assembling my smart phone? Let slaves in China do that. And pay them 60 cents an hour to do it. I don't want the price of my phone to go up. That would be robbery. I don't care if the Chinese are starving, cowering in slums and living like slaves – I want my shoes and my smart phone now!"

This is evil incarnate. People try to rationalize slavery because that's how economy is. But the truth is that even if the American government were to be toppled tomorrow and replaced with staunch communists, the conservative people of the American south would still remain drowned in their own ideology.

She wants to talk to the manager not to complain about capitalism.
She wants to talk to the manager, so she can make your life hell over a perceived insult, like the pizza isn't round enough or something like that.

Fugg, how deep does the bogpill go?

So much for the tolerant left

Yes, and urbanites should all be given a lifetime in the gulag

This is outdated, the minivan should be an SUV.

People still use minivans.


Are you a 40-60 year old divorced, white, American man who snaps his fingers at waiters?

this, we need neither more kids like them nor more kids to suffer through being raised by them

This, it's fucking hot.

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I worked with a girl who had a haircut like that.
She pulled it off well, actually.