What is your thoughts on pedophilia? Are they born that way like homosexuals?

nobody is born in any "way"


Pedophilia involves a victim, therefor there is no reason to compare pedophilia to homosexuality, which is completely victimless.

Watchu mean?

That’s probably the spookiest topic you could bring up on this board. Even the level headed portion of this board goes full on reactionary like Holla Forums, when it comes to this specific type of sexual relationship.

Who told you homosexuals are born that way?



Well they're wrong.

Do you really want to go to the other side of the idpol faggotry, retard?


When I was 12 I wanted to fugg anybody. I would have consented to adults too. Would that make me a victim?

Legitimating LGBT sexuality by naturalizing it is the most regressive move ever. Human sexuality is anything but natural, heteros included.

I bet you wanted to do heroin too when you was 12.

Telling us that homosexuality is unnatural, you know, the Holla Forums tirade.

Except I haven't said such a thing. What do you mean by "unnatural", to begin with?


I mean the christian interpretation common with conservatives, that it's a sin and such. Maybe you didn't mean to claim this at all, I'm sorry.


I didn't indeed. What I meant is that the homosexuality of those who feel "born this way" have certainly much more to do with their first years' socialisation than with their genetics. Hence, they're not actually born this way.

Break the conditioning.
Pray the gay away.
[spoiler]If you realy want to change, you can change.
You must not have wanted it enough.[/spoiler]

I don't know, I have absolutely nothing against homosexuality, my entire family is atheist, I've been expose to tons of gay stuff and even talked to several gays IRL who've been friendly to me, but I've always had a strict obession towards remaining straight, mainly because I romanticize cute females way more than males. In a way, I feel I was "born this way" to be straight, so why can't a gay feel they was "born this way"? Not stating facts, just my two cents

Humans are no gods. We are our conditioning.

there are several things that happen AFTER birth that correlate with with homosexuality and bisexuality in adulthood, so I very much doubt homosexuals are all "born that way"

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The whole thing with our socialisation is that we cannot actually grasp it in its entirety. On the contrary, our entire consciousness is ultimately determined by it.

They can. That doesn't mean it is true though. The same goes for heterosexuals.


I am not black what's your point?

to the wall with them

Most of Holla Forums is still very much spooked about this subject due to internalized bourgeois moralism. I do suspect communism would change attitudes towards sexuality though.

Pedophilia in our society is wrong, but not for the reasons anyone says it is. There is nothing about sex or a sexual relationship that will damage a child, by itself, whether they have it with another child, an adult, or their own hand. It would be like saying that a child could be harmed by eating really tasty food. What IS damaging, however, is the social fallout that occurs when such a relationship is brought to light. The kid is interrogated by police, might be forced to testify in court about embarrassing private things, and is later shoved into therapy where they are told over and over again that what happened (which, to them, was likely a completely positive and enjoyable experience) was wrong and bad and they were a victim, and the adult who gave them the pleasure was a monster and a bad person, etc. It's little wonder that after all this, they would grow up with a completely fucked-up attitude toward sex.

It's a Catch-22. If society was tolerant of pedophilia (which societies in the past were), then no damage would be done. But because it's not permissive, and overreacts so horribly when it happens, it's still a bad thing.

Pedos get the bullet even before the capitalists

Careful guys Yoga pig might be watching and might ban you for posting a thread like this.

Destroy all pedophiles with super soakers filled with acid

Whether the kid liked it or not is irrelevant. Kids have no idea what's happening to them, therefore they can't consent. Under my regime pedos get the firing squad.

You're the kind of person who thinks a 10-year-old has the mental capacity of a toddler. It's fine to disregard whatever you think.

You're the kind of person who sounds like they wanna fuck a 10-year-old and is attempting to justify it.

The fucked up thing is there are boards dedicating to trying to justify it. Don't bring that shit here.

Of course not. Why would I? Real children are stupid, especially children of today. If there was some time-portal I could step into to return back to the 90's, and be a kid again fucking other kids, sure I'd do that. But that's just a silly fantasy. Problem is, people like you use your meaningless and objectively false inflammatory statements to justify things like declaring loli and cub shit being legally the same as actual child porn.

I'm not a KYS poster.

But stop, seriously. Shut the fuck up

you know how I know you never had a kid?

Now I will tell you to kys.

Whatever it takes to keep your fantasy a fantasy.

is that what a childs life is to you? meaningless unless for your sexual pleasure? eat a bullet

Or you'll what? Post an argument to prove I'm wrong and that genital stimulation is psychologically harmful until the Magic Sex Fairy sprinkles you with Legal Age of Consent dust upon your 18th birthday? Or are you just going to continue to bubble your impotent rage at a topic you're incapable of being objective about?

It is wrong. They cannot consent. It's a very simple concept you pedofuck. what the fuck is wrong with you people? have you always been this way? were you fucked with as a kid too?

Nice argument there, dude. Almost had me convinced. Why are you so mad, though? Were YOU fucked as a kid?

Because as an actual parent. I like to think I understand kids, but particularly my kids more than some pedophile who wants to rape them.

no more (you)s SAGE and report this pedofuck

proves this beyond "they don't know what sex is until they are 18"
not an arguement

Well, the problem here is that you're only thinking about your own children. Given you're here on this board, I can assume they're still young enough where the idea that they'll EVER have sex is a million years away in your own mind. It makes you incapable of being objective. This is made obvious by your attempts to strawman every single argument into "you just want to rape kids!", when absolutely nothing I said indicated that.

I only said that children having sex is not inherently harmful; I even said that because of social reasons, it's still wrong! Where the FUCK did you get the idea that I want to have sex with kids?

I'm gonna lay some ground rules.
13 and under = Bullet
14-16, but you're older than 18 = Prison sentence. How long depends on circumstances.
I don't care if you think you were born a pedo. You're taking advantage of them. It's exploitation. K Y S

Oh, this is hilarious. Who the hell do you think you are, dipshit?? "Oh, I'm gonna lay down some rules because I'm the BIG MAN HERE!" Fucking pathetic. You're a whiny loser with a dirty conscience that can only soothe himself by pretending there is some big boogyman out there that he's "better" than.

And I'm not even a pedo, so you can quit strawmanning, already.

Children who identify too closely with their sexual skills grow up to become sex addicts who have a tough time developing more cerebral skills. Initial sexual experiences create mental anchors at any age. In early childhood they can arrest a child's emotional development as well. Victims of child abuse who try to use distractions to stuff their anger are in denial.

This is the same as everything else. But nobody has declared it a crime to expose a child to video games or TV, even if that's arguably even more detrimental to healthy mental development. It's highly disingenuous to suggest that having sex will turn children into sluts as an adult; everything is bad in excess. One would hardly say eating is a bad thing, but eating too much leads to obesity, which in children is an actual serious problem this country has.

this is exactly what the pedofucks like about. sex addiction and keep them young forever by stunting their emotional development.

two wrongs don't make a right. fuck off


This sounds suspiciously like "being molested creates pedophiles", which is completely illogical. MOST PEOPLE have their first sexual experiences as teens or preteens, even if it's just awkward "experimentation", but hardly any of them grow up to be pedophiles.

I love these threads. They remind me of late night loli threads on /a/ which would always devolve into these kinds of arguments. I wish pedos would just stick to 2d, but at least I get entertaining shit like this to read.

I think people may be predisposed to certain fetishes but I do believe environmental factors play a major part in their development as well.

Pedophilia is a fetish which in most cases is inherently harmful when expressed and oftenmost leads to suffering in people who has it. Pedophiles should receive whatever treatment is available as it is discovered. If treatments prove insufficient their freedom of association should be indefinitely restricted to a degree determined by the estimated threat they pose.

I would agree, but only "environmental factors" before the age of 2 or 3. Nobody "becomes gay" or whatever else when they hit puberty or adulthood, they just figure it out because before then they would obviously assume they are straight due to heteronormative conditioning.

It's funny how it's wrong for adults to have sex with kids, and yet kids are often encouraged to have sexual attraction to adults (at least if they're straight). The middle-school boy lusting over his 30-something female teacher, or middle-school girl having a crush on her 30-something male teacher, is normalized to meme status. Plenty of times, it's seen that preteen children are called "pedophiles" for being attracted to same-age kids. There's some serious double-standard and triple-standard bullshit going on, here.

To be fair most pedos don't actually touch children. Germany apparently has gone to great lengths to treat these types of people. I've heard getting actual treatment for their issues is very difficult everywhere due to the stigma. I've heard a ton of arguments going both ways and still don't really know where the lines need to be drawn, but molesting children really fucking disturbs me on some deeper level. Just don't want to be one of those kneejerk emotional fedbook/youtube posters that call for castrating/torturing/killing all sex offenders.

just remember. this shit started with homo rights. now those cocksuckers normalized that its on to normalizng children. We should have held the line. but look where we are now. the slippery slope is NOT a fallacy

That's just brainwashing, and completely irrational. Is it bad? Of course it is, but not as bad as you're expected to think. A guy who walks up to a kid at a grocery store and grabs their genitals is a complete monster and should be killed immediately. But if the same guy walks up to a kid in a grocery store and kicks them in the crotch so hard they suffer severe damage to their reproductive and urinary organs is just a colossal jerk and will only go to jail for a short time for assault.

there is literally nothing wrong with that. cuckfaggotpedo

You're on the wrong board, buddy. Holla Forums is a little to the left, past the swastika and graffiti about "muh white race".

Yes, a lot of witch hunting going on, most people do take a purely emotional stance.

The issue of pedophilia needs to be destigmatized in order to be assessed objectively.


PATERNAL INSTINCT TRANSCENDS YOUR LITTLE SEXUAL FETISH PEDOFUCKER. its NOT brainwashing. and if an adult attacked my child I would also kill their ass. no double standard here you pedo

being anything is a choice

WRONG. believe it or not I am a libertarian and i don't like those nazi fucks

NO. That's what happened with homos. and it is everywhere now.

For idpol discussion, kindly fuck off to Holla Forums.

Even if they were, that wouldn't make sexual relations between children and adults acceptable.

Pedophiles deserve sympathy, but not license to rape.

Pedos are like homos are like the straights, all degenerates who have fled from the purifying light of God. Flee the fleeting pleasures of the flesh into the eternal joy of union with God.

The worst part is that it's continually mis-targeted, to the detriment of the actual children. The media loves to talk about the roving molester: the guy in the trench coat and white-panel van picking up school kids off the streets and whisking them away, or the invisible boogyman on the internet charming kids and going over to rape them, a la To Catch a Predator. But the vast, vast majority of molestation cases are committed by an adult the child knows, usually a close relative like a parent or an uncle or an older sibling. Nobody wants to believe that there could be a child molester in their own family — they want to think it's something that only happens far, far away, to "other people" — but it's the factual truth. Denying this prevents people who could stop it from recognizing the symptoms of it happening.

If someone walked up and kicked your kid in the ass, you'd brutally murder them right then and there? Man, are you ever a frothing heap of sad, misplaced rage.

We dont need a bullshit pedo thread
Its illegal immoral and bullshit
Dont ruin your life with even talking about it its never going to be accepted and neither will homosexuality. Homosexuality is legal after 200 years
No logic or reason will ever normalize pedophilia because most people find it repulsive

how about you take this pedo shit to the other boards?


As someone who was sexually abused as a kid I can attest that this is much closer to reality than any narrative people defending paedophilia will peddle. I've attempted suicide and think about it all the time, I'm still undergoing therapy and will probably have to for the rest of my life.

Paedos are sick, and should be helped psychologically, but not enabled. I hope that's clear.

True. Similarily, most people view rapists as crazed psychoes hidding in the bushes at night, rather than people who are close to the victim.

The majority of children who experience sexual abuse end up having mental health issues later. It's a very real and verifiable problem.

Consenting adults engaging in sexual activity rarely experience issues. Outside of unsourced Holla Forums infographics of course.

Yes they are born like that. That's why pedophiles should be put in solitary confinment until they are dead. Pedophiles shouldn't be allowed to live in society.

There's an interesting case regarding child sex in a vacuum, outside a society which demonizes it, in regard to Pitcairn Island. For summary purposes, it's a tiny speck of rock in the middle of the Pacific with no real connections to the outside world except a ship that comes twice a year; it's where the Mutiny on The Bounty took place.

Anyway, for centuries, there was rampant and open sex on the island, between same-aged children and teenagers, and also adults with children. Many young girls were married while still preteens. This was partially a necessity because of the tiny population, and also a holdover from when that kind of thing was normal back in the 1700's. Nobody questioned it or had any problems with it, and accounts stated that it was an expectation but not an unwelcome one.

Anyway, one day some decades ago, some journalist came to the island, heard about this, and blew the lid on the whole thing. Essentially, they exposed to the whole world that all this nasty sex was going on. Suddenly women who were by this time middle-aged adults began to crop up everywhere, telling the press and lawyers that they had been "abused" and "raped", despite not having cared or done anything about it for so long. All the stories changed overnight, from handwaving what had happened as normal teenage sexual encounters into horror stories of gangrape and threats of violence. Dozens of men (the majority of adult males of the island) were charged with molestation under British law, and taken away to be prosecuted, while everyone quibbled over territorial jurisdiction and statutes of limitation. It pretty much destroyed the economy of the island, which largely relied on tourism.

For centuries, this was going on, and nobody had an issue. But the moment someone showed up, and told a bunch of women that they could play the victim card, they up and did so, to disastrous effect. Hardly anyone ever talks about this, but it's all true, and raises interesting questions about how sex can be declared to be this horrible thing if it happens before an arbitrary age that has no basis in biology, and little in psychology.


you won't get sympathy from these pedophiles here. I am sorry that this happened to you and we must make sure this does not get 'destigmatized' like some other disgusting poster said. I hope you recover and I will pray for you.

When slavery was declaqred illegal many countries through out the XIX century, lots of people protested against it…hell in the USA it even sparked a secession movement and a civil war that lasted for years and still is the entire identity of the confederate states.

For centuries this was going on and nobody had an issue. It was only after some people told the slaves that they should play the victim card that they up and did so to disastrous effect.

While I agree the hysterical stigmatization of sex crime in today's society often proves detrimental to the victims, it's intellectually dishonest to assume the women of Pitcairn weren't troubled with what was happening only because they remained silent about it for a long time.

Makes you wonder what's different about those who don't end up having issues. Mental disorders are a funny thing; in order to actually have it, according to real sources such as the DSM, you have to SUFFER from it. So if someone, say, has schizophrenia and manages to not have their life be adversely affected by it, it's not technically a disorder. It's pretty obvious that you would find a one-to-one correlation between those who were abused and believe (for whatever reason) that what happened was the most horrible thing in the universe, and those who have mental issues. The people who had sex as a child and think it was no big deal would be the ones who don't have issues with it later in life. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy by their own mind. This is a bit like a person, deeply Christian, who honestly believes that having masturbated as a teenager was a grave sin, and is frequently haunted by it having happened.

This is not to suggest that a person who was molested should just "get over it", but it does point out that backward conservative attitudes toward sex, as a whole, are a contributing factor to this sort of mental issue. Telling someone "you had sex as a child, big deal…" is surely better than telling them "oh, you poor victim you must be totally fucked up by having this nasty evil thing happening to you, it'll be a wonder if you'll EVER recover!"

Somehow this isn't considered idpol around here

Except their stories actually changed. They first told people they just had some consensual sex as teens, and later on told the courts that they were brutally gangraped, or forced into it as little girls, or whatever else. They were encouraged to spin a false narrative which portrayed the (by then) aging old men as complete monsters to drum up media fervor.

Somehow I doubt they all suddenly turned into raging feminazis the instant one outsider put foot on their island.

It is very likely exaggerations where made considering their ever-changing accounts. But I doubt there were no issues beforehand. The alternative - instant antagonization of their own family members out of the blue - seems unlikely to me.

Fuck meant to quote

There are a lot of variables, making it difficult to determine. The women could have left the island if they were really that dissatisfied, but leaving the only life you've ever known isn't easy for people do do.

All that is does is raise an interesting "tree falls in a forest" question. If a child has sex with an adult (and isn't physically harmed or forced into it) and nobody ever tells them that what happened was wrong, would they still be so deeply bothered?

Thanks man, that actually means a lot. Peace to you.

It's important to recognize underage sexual relations in roughly the same age bracket is carried out on more or less equal terms. Neither party usually has any major intellectual or physical advantage. You can't say the same concerning sexual acts between for example a 10 year old and a 20 year old.

Naturally these are inherently muddy waters. You'll see feminists argue all males have an inherent advantage over women due to patriarchy, their superior strength, etc.

I am sorry this happened to you but you are confusing pedophiles with rapists and child abusers that's is not the same thing there is a huge difference

What is the difference then? When i was a 6 year old i had no idea what was sex, i just loved playing with my toys and watching silly cartoons on tv.
Convince me to have a relationship with you :)

True, but that doesn't automatically make it bad. Just because one party COULD be coercing the other doesn't mean they do in every case. It's important to recognize that children don't naturally have the same attitude towards sex as adults do. They don't think of it in terms of it being this big, serious, important thing; it's just something fun to do, and they don't care who they do it with. So if their partner for the moment has some kind of "power" over them because they are older or smarter, it doesn't affect their feelings about it. Kids are flippant about most things; you could easily argue that, if they don't "understand sex", they can't be damaged by it.

Convince a random human being to be in a relationship with you….
Love doesn't work that way

The "36 questions that make you fall in love" would disagree. Love isn't some magical mystery thing; it's basic biological tomfoolery that's mostly understood and even empirically replicable in certain circumstances.

The problem is, even if a child wouldn't experience any trauma at that time, the moment they realize the meaning and significance of sex they'd almost invariably view it as if they were being taken advantage of. How hard this realization will hit them depends on factors such as what exactly went down, societal attitudes, etc.

Whether you blame social conditioning or something else, the fact remains the risk of trauma is pretty damn high. If someone with pedophilic tendencies care about a child's well-being they will not engage sexually with them. If they don't care about the child whatsoever they have no business being around it in the first place.

Some children are uncomfortable being unclothed and some children are uncomfortable wearing clothing. You can't paint everyone with the same brush, and you can't let the child set the agenda. Children absolutely have to be guided and taught good principles.

Why? Are they incapable of recognizing that they were a different person back then, and thus had different likes, and didn't care what sex was? Society putting sex and virginity on some grand pedestal, implying that your first time has to be this ideal, magical experience of truth and nirvana is the cause of this. It's JUST SEX. Worms and snails and dogs and monkeys do it all the time, and aren't bothered by who they are doing it with; it's as natural, normal, and inane as eating or shitting.

Pedophiles have 0 concerns about the child. They just care about their OWN sexual gratification during those 10 to 16 seconds of orgasm.
They have no love, no affection, nothing, they just defend themselves by saying the child was teasing them.

You can't really justify isolating a child from society. They will get affected by societal attitudes eventually and no matter how much you try to normalize child-adult sexual relations the risk of getting impacted negatively is far too high to justify having sexual relations with them.

In a timeline where pedophilia is normalized and proven to be harmless, sure. But this one ain't it.

Wait, so if they just jerk the kid off or something, thus getting no pleasure out of the deal, they've done nothing wrong and aren't pedophiles? I really want to see you explain your way out of this bag.

To society it's not JUST SEX. Any child is very likely to adopt the same views sooner or later and get traumatized accordingly.

If you care about a child, you don't have sex with them. Very simple.

Traumatized by the views given them by society.

Just so long as we're clear about that, I've made my point.

Well, fun as this has been playing Devil's Advocate (lol, I don't even like kids; I have a boyfriend my own age) and making a lot of people trip over their own hypocrisy, I've got some better stuff to do. This is the best debating I've had on this subject in years, and real arguments, not just meaningless shitflinging. Don't let anyone tell you that you guys aren't the best board on the site for (mostly) being able to remain objective in the last completely taboo topic our society has. It's refreshing enough that I might even come back sometime and see what else I can stir up.

Good day.

Well aren't you one smug fuck.

Well I'm just gonna type out some more assorted thoughts.

I think it would be arrogant to claim trauma from adult-child sexual relations comes solely from societal attitudes. There is no way we can tell a child isn't predisposed to experience trauma when engaging in such activities. And even if they don't mind when they are younger, maybe the onset of puberty and sexually maturing can trigger latent trauma.
And to clarify what I mean with traumatic predisposal: Trauma from experiencing physical pain is an example. Or on a more emotional plane, the trauma experienced when a man sees another man fucking his partner. Most humans are certainly predisposed to experience trauma in certain situations.
That being said, I believe societal conditioning definitely plays the larger part in the case of adult-child sexual relations. And even if trauma is naturally predisposed it doesn't justify the enhancement psychological trauma, which seems to be a growing tendency in society right now. Also, I believe traumatic predisposal can and should be counteracted.

To get more pragmatic. If a pedophile engages sexually with a kid in western society today he is certainly aware of the societal attitudes and the risks involved for the child. Even if you assume society solely instills the traumatically disposed mindset, trauma still require a trigger, and by providing that you take a great gamble with the mental well-being of the child. It takes two to tango so to speak. The pedophile is equally to blame if a child takes a hit mentally because of it. I repeat, there is no justification for adults to engage sexually with a child.

Society needs to get over enormous sexual spooks before pedophiles safely could engage in sexual relations with children. And maybe also significant traumatic predisposal.
Such a scenario is far, faaar away and until then it is best for everyone involved to have pedophilia repressed. And by repression I don't necessarily imply oppression, although the effects of which might be repressive. What would be ideal is society and pedophiles cooperating to repress harmful tendencies. Sadly such a future also seems distant.

And to whoever is a victim of child abuse it might seem I'm holding them responsible for the pain they are feeling but that's far from it. Everyone is emotionally affected by various spooks to various degrees, and as I've said, in this societal climate it is very selfish for a pedophile to act on his sexual desires. Traumatic predisposal may also contribute, but in my view not much. If at all.

I hope there are some potentially helpful insights to be found in me rambling like this. Dunno.

Sexuality is developed. Only reactionaries and liberals think people are born a certain way.

How to not develop into a pedo?

dont watch anime or learn computer programming

Everything what exists, is natural.

Don't mix up pedophiles with childmolesters.