Guys can we save Pepe from the fascists or is it too late? Should we make a bunch of lefty Pepe's and try to free him from the fascists?

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Pepe was always a shitty meme for newfags.


How dare you

Pepe is a stale meme. I mean, do you want your memes to be associated with 2016 presidental elections forever or what?

fuck pepe

"Save pepe"



Richard Spencer was explaining pepe the frog when he got punched

Not only is Pepe now a fascist meme. It's an old and uncool fascist meme.

I'm sorry

Pepe is dead before 2016 elections

It's the stalest meme around.

Pepe has died a long time a go user. Even before they started using it during the Trump campaign

This. It was only after Hillary shilled that stupid article that former Holla Forumstards started to think he was edgy and cool.

absolutely this, the meme was declared absolutely dead when it started to become more popular than it was on 4chan in places like tumblr and reddit, which "meme market" and "rare pepe" shit was mocking until it was also taken by them.

The US election brought forward such an influx of newfags from these sites that the "LE EPIC PPEE XDDDDDDDDDDDDD" attitude they took carried over.

spurdo is /ourmeme/


surely gondola

A million times intrinsically funnier than Pepe

I'm not one to fall into meaningless get-cultism, but hot damn if that ain't a truth declared with proper gethourithy!

pepe is and always has been a shit meme


Dead meme, leave it like that


probably for the better

that meme lasted about a week

I love darkjak

Have a bunch.

what a bunch of useless shit

Fuck pepe
Wojak is the true portrait of the oppressed proletarian


What a breath of fresh air. I’ll always have a soft spot for Pepe. Sorry haters.