How do I become a lifestyle anarchist, Holla Forums?

How do I become a lifestyle anarchist, Holla Forums?

I'm already vegan and I'm making a commitment to avoid consumerism. I'm also thinking about throwing out pop music in favor of only underground stuff. What else? I really want to let go of my attachment to this disgusting capitalist world.

Note: I don't believe lifestylism does shit to destroy capitalism so don't play the Bookchin card.

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idk, bomb some porkies?
Just avoid pic related.

literally none of what you mentioned has anything to do with anarchy
if you want to be a lifestyle anarchist you have a few options
1. disregard laws that are in your way when you know you can get away with it, most people already do this with taxes and copyright laws
2. disregard laws even when you might get caught and face the consequences, this means going on the lamb or getting your ass beat by cops and maybe killed
3. go innawoods or to some shithole third world country to get away from the law

Here's a nifty guide, user.

1. Avoid looking at all advertising. Get adblock, and when you're out and about in the city (I'm assuming you use public transit) carry a book so you can hide your mind from capitalist influence.

2. Drop out of school and refuse to work. Find ways to get by without working.

3. Smash windows.

Read this:

t. have met and conversed with lifestyle anarchist larpers IRL in several occasions

Google Bookchin

I already have. Not impressed TBH.

Sorry I made a mistake, I thought you want you meant radlib types. To meet the ones who are unapologetic lifestylists, just literally research and find out where your local squat or anarchist fair is at. All the crust punk types over there are the guys and gals you're looking for.

Kinda regret reverse image searching a pic of her. Now im obbsessed, her bf looks like a douche.

Carnist falseflagging vegans, nice try.

She's a Holla Forums meme from an Alex Jones vid where they interviewed a bunch of young girls once protesting against Trump a long time ago. Google her as "Antifafu" and you'll find lots of memes on her.

Good luck to you if you decide to go through with it user! I know from experience that living that way can be very appealing, even if it doesn't do anything to destroy capitalism in the long run.

I already found her. Im following her twitter as we speak, she also posts art on insta and does music. She's apparently an avid hiker aswell.

I know, im creepy.

Literally no one ITT knows what lifestylism means. It doesn't mean actually living a specific "anarchistic" way, it means living a certain way and thinking that it's literally revolutionary. Living in a squat doesn't make you a lifestylist, living in a squat thinking that it's bringing down the system along with the weekend riot is lifestylism.

Nah it's not creepy, post some more pics ITT if you find some cool ones. I remember how back in a day, Holla Forums was very obsessed with her and some even considered leaving aut-right for her.

Heres her insta if you want

She posts her art here

I take it she's from California?


you are not alone in getting obsessed like that, can't tell you how many instagram pages I've got bookmarked.
i don't go further than that, end up kinda finding the next one. would probably be best to try and stop but don't see how it hurts anyone.

Thanks user.

move into a commune or squat

Go live in a small town or village, and have a garden.
Camo pants, loud punk music and visiting incompetent band gigs in basements or abandoned factories isn't mandatory.

It really doesn't matter as long as you enjoy yourself and also better society and the struggle somehow.

Yeah she's definitely not the first girl on my list. It can be a really neat hobby, to learn all you can about people you'll never meet. Watch them grow as people n such.


Yeah right

No joke, I grew up in Portland, ME. There's a lot of anarcho kiddies there, and a few trots/demsocs too. Idk why, but Maine seems to attract left leaning anti establishment people.

So you knew august?

Sort of? Mostly through other people but I guess that counts.

the path that lead only to temporary joie before crumbling at your face, in the end we are just apes in rock unable to make a modest change to end our suffering.
Escape from it or enjoy this beautiful illusion.
or install honey select :'^(

If you want to be a useful lifestylist, open a squat and organize neat grindcore shows, events on politics, dumpsterdiving, and let some travelers and homeless people sleep there.
But first, you have to find your local squatter community, immerse yourself in it and make contacts. If there is none in your area, move to a bigger city before you try to do it yourself because you can easily get into trouble if you are a bit alone and don't know what to do.
You should have been already doing that tbh fam. Rateyourmusic and /mu/ can help you there. Start with Minor Threat, Sonic Youth, Lightning Bolt, This Heat, and British Murder Boys.

You are doing it wrong.

Literally never heard of any of those.

study illigalism, travel europe. squat
start early on your alcohol addiction.

Curing or developing one?

What are some books on illegalism?

lefestyle anarchists don't avoid consumerism OP. They all own nice smartphones and other apple products.

Hakim Bey invented the concept of Temporary Autonomous Zone, which had a huge influence on the rave and squatter movements. He is actually one of the main people Bookchin was targeting with the term "lifestylist anarchism".
David Graeber is a cool anarchist anthropologist. This book "Debt: The First 5000 Years" is supposedly good.
The Invisible Committee is an edgy French insurrectionary anarchist group, who believes that communism can only take place through communes which would form as the result of mass protests, riots and the formation of autonomous affinity groups. They eschew central forms of organizations and the endless indecision you can find in the general assemblies of movements like Occupy or Nuit Debout. Their theory is interesting but too utopian IMO.

Chomsky isn't bad, but he is entry-level as fuck. If you are really interested in anarchism, you should know more than this, just to broaden your horizon of what could be possible.

Just… why?

Is straight edge still a thing?

Alright kiddos I was a "lifestylist" for years, it was pretty fun time. I read way to much fucking Tiqqun and Post-left nonsense and thought muh insurrection was gunna happen. Its not revolutionary, but its an awesome way to live until you get burned out of it. Anyways i'll break it down for you OP

1) Sell all your shit and/or give it away, stop paying rent. If you cannot do this, put your shit into a cheap storage place and sign a year contract if you plan on wandering around for a minute. Don't have your name on a lease! Save a piece of mail that included your name and were you lived within the last 30 days, youll need this.

2) Quit your job obviously.

3) Close all your bank accounts, pull out any cash you have. Youll see why in later step.

4) Go to welfare office in your city, say your unemployed and have no income or housing, and you don't have any bank account with money in them (They can check this). Dont declare any income or property. Youll get the maximum benefit of SNAP (food stamps) and probably get a medicaid card for health insurance.

5) Now you have some food stamps and health insurance incase you get fucked up. Earlier I told you to save a piece of mail, this shits important. Go to your local Plasma donation center and sign up, usually most of them require a recent piece of mail to prove you have a place to prevent fraud. Plasma centers have all sorts of specials and you can get extra free cash on the side for food or whatever, I used mine on alcohol.

6) Go to punk shows or crust/grindcore shows and hangout with some crustys/dirty kids. Usually you can chill with them and find a nice place to crash, maybe even a crew to travel with.

7) Learn to steal, grab shit and go. Youll need food sometimes if you have no cash and snap you gotta do what you gotta do.

8) If you have a car, make sure you have a gas can so you can "Gask". Basically park your car at a gas station pump, grab your gas can and ask folks for a fill up. Usually they will fill it up, or give you cash, ive had time people filled my car up entirely.

9) Flying a sign/spanging. find a nice spot, fly a cardboard sign, depending on when and where you can make good money. Ive made a hundred dollars one day by doing this.

Anyways if you have more questions let me know.

Also worth adding, crusty punk girls are fucking hot, Ive had weird sex in strange places with traveling crust punk anarcho girls while we were drunk on 40s. shit was so cash

fuck off lumpenprole

The revolution will send you to the gulag.

I did this shit 5 years ago bruh, im a blue collar prole now, not an anarchist anymore even.

Which one of you people is this?

I'm not necessarily against these things, I'm a failed vegetarian myself, but I think if you devote your energies to organising that does much more to destroy your attachment to the capitalist world, even in the literal sense that organising structures of mutual aid is direct resistance to capitalist alienation. Organising is a more effective liftestylism

Maine seems to be, as economically the shittiest state in NE (Like one giant East CT), more radical than the others. It's got its fair share of racists and fash too.

I forgot to add, Squats are fucking gross. Usually the squats you will run into are fucking drug dens if they're not punk squats. Stay away from those, if you got a crew stick with them and where they stay, if not, rooftops are your best bet. Some roofs have fiberglass so watch out for those, dont sleep on them.

Wonder if he felt so magnanimous about the bee that did him in.

What's wrong with you people? How do you get baited by OP, to this?