Swole Left

yo, lets get a #SwoleLeft thread going

hows your weight lifting going comrades?

any of y'all involved with any athletic sports of any kind?

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The dieting is hard, I'm running faster, lifting more, etc. But I keep gaining fat, because I can't cut out sugar and carbs or do portion control. :9 Help me! I eat like 50-70% of daily caloric intake for breakfast. Like two scoops of white rice, eggs, bacon, and toast is like 750-1000 calories min.

Took up mma, very fun. But doing this without health insurance is a pretty terrible idea

how much are you eating on a daily basis? if 750 is 50% of your diet I don't think you're eating enough if you want to put on muscle.
Maybe try IIFYM? Remember to get at least 9 hours sleep every night as well.

Took me two years but I can now bench over 300 pounds. Look like prime Henry Rollins and don't want get any bigger though, so going to cut and then start training in muay thai.
Nope, I just lift.


Wrong rollins.

I'm just getting back into lifting after almost two years of only running. I feel decent.

Hashtags are pretty trash, but there is nothing wrong with the topic of the thread.

Start eating salad every day. If you up your vegetable intake, it will help cut the cravings for sugar and other simple carbs. Don't try to minimize fats or calories as a whole. Keep eating eggs and meats. Add chicken and fish if you can. Cut out the rice and toast.

What's your daily caloric intake?

I spent 45 minutes jogging today but the real test would be how well I do with a full pack.

i wanna learn how to deadlift but i dont wanna look stupid at the gym


everyone looks stupid deadlifting. what matters most is that you keep your back straight, make sure your resting position has your calves an inch or so from the bar and your knees are hovering over the bar somewhat.

Lifting is going well, cardio is getting better: might have fucked my left achilles though, will try out in a minute to see if I can work or not.

Seriously, it is the best way to lose fat. 30 mins every day for 5 days, challenge yourself with 7, will help decrease fat content.

I'm pretty sure your own body weight doesn't count.

I installed a pull-up bar in my door frame after hearing about them in a thread a long time ago, now every time I pass it I do a pull up, I feel stronger, though I should do reps.

Run 5 kilometers (3.2 miles) a day. You'll burn through all the calories you intake, comrade.

Just beat my squat max the other day. The soreness was worth it tho.


Everyone looks stupid a the gym, just watch videos and keep your posture right.

How would I bench my own weight, DYEL?

Yeah don't take advice on how to lift from leftypol. You need to do a lot of research and do practice to ensure you are performing the lifts correctly and hence safely.

No one cares in the gym, they're too focus on gains to even acknowledge you. For dead lifts, keep your back straight AT ALL TIMES and keep from slamming the weights on the floor until you've done your set.

In addition, start without the weights, and perfect the form.

Weight-lifting is bourgeois fitness, learn calisthenics.

Top kek



I've been sticking to vodka so it doesn't eat my muscle up the same way as beer but it's probably limiting my test even more which in itself kills gains.

Anyone else current or former /alcoholic/ here? Any advice on how to overcome this? My drinking stems from issues with depression and self-hate/low-self esteem idk if that's relevant just felt like i should mention it

becoming ripped will not increase your revolutionary capability

I run 1.5 miles literally every single day. Maybe I'll do my usual sprint for 1.5 miles and then jog run for an additional 1.7 miles. Thanks

like 2500-3000 calories aboutish

So do paleo then?

Try wine, its healthy for your heart n shit, and limit yourself. Srs. Wine probably has the least calories per cup or w/e but it wont help if you simply drink more in order to get the same amount of drunk. Buy like a single bottle of wine per week and stretch that to last if you can. If you can't limit yourself, stick to hard liquor, since its basically pure alchol that gets u drunk without side crap, just dont drink any mixed/bitch drinks since those have sugar and other shit in them

Being ripped means two things:
- You have dedication
- You have self-control
- You can better defend yourself
- You look better to the public.

does paleo work, btw?

Paleo is a meme. Avoid.

explain, how does cutting out carbs and sugars not work?

The lifting goes well. I'm slowly increasing the amount of weight I can lift and am already getting noticeable results from it. I've also cut down my calorie intake again and am hoping to have it down to about 2000 eventually.

fuck off meathead. Let's not turn this isn't the alt-right, ok?


The aut-right are fat or skinnyfat.

Drop the bacon and rice. Eat some kind of whole grain toast or swap that for granola or oats. for breakfast protein eat some non-fat greek yogurt or lean meat. Eggs are ok but you fuck up if you cook them in too much butter.

unironically stared at this post for twenty seconds before realising he meant pepe.

I was never one for sports but I do make an effort to go to the gym every single day. I have actually been tabulating the amount I spend on each machine, how much time I spend, the amount of pounds I lift (I am 🍔burger🍔) and the amount of calories I burn.

Can I get strong and healthy without lifting weights? I don't want to be super-strong just comfortably strong if that makes sense.

Mind you, this is a free gym that I attend. I would not attend if I had to pay out of pocket.

You should be lifting weights if you want to get strong.

My life only really gets better when I don't spend all my waking day on social media and image boards while waiting in vain for responses to job applications

unironic question how many of us would be better off not spending time on the internet at all? Beyond using it for work and to research or download stuff


Those that spend hours a day on chans or whatever would be better off if they took an hour or more to get fit or read/watch/listen to something.

Weight lifting burns a lot of calories and is easy to track weight increases for training. I'm sure there are other ways to get strong, but lifting is the best method for getting strong. Just don't buy into memes about no cardio or you'll get killed by a sauna.

I don't care about the best or burning calories. I want to do something that can be done without equipment.

Have you tried not eating american cuisine for breakfast?


You can look into body weight stuff but my understanding is that it isn't as efficent and has a hard plateau once you get to a certain level of strength.

Reactionaries at my gym only work their upper bodies and they look like tattooed triangle boys, huffing, puffing and slapping their weak feet around with their thin calves. Their shorts look like parachute pants barely clinging on to their waists.
All I can do is smirk at them as I feel the warm blood gushing through my thighs and cock as I squeeze out another delicious rep.
If you don't have thick legs and ass you don't have revolutionary potential. Do your squats every week. Push from your heels and go all the way down until your ass is below your knees. Wear stretchy briefs or stretchy boxer briefs under your shorts. Regular boxers will rip if you're squatting correctly.
Don't cum on the day you do squats. Sit with the heat, the blood flow and the testosterone and make sure to eat a lot. If you're only going halfway down or balancing on your toes you get the gulag. Encourage all of your comrades to do squats.


I don't know anything about paleo or any other trend diets. I just eat plants and fish and eggs and chicken and avoid simple carbohydrates and sugar, and I feel great.