Tfw religious insanity is the only thing that has ever inspired Amerifats to do anything even remotely revolutionary

Why is this?

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Religion might work for fighting slavery and other holdovers from feudalism but it cannot be repurposed to fight capitalism.

Don't forget Nat Turner.

How the fuck did fundamentalist 🍔burger🍔 protestantism go from being an ultra radical militant element to the reactionary cesspool it is today?

John Brown looks a lot like the Rjava matyr Rustem Cudi.

religion has no theoretical base, like fash, it's just fee fees. So it only makes sense that it changed over time to be sculpted by the mode of production and purveying ideology, no?

because it was founded by religious fanatics

Read the Broble.

God and the dialectic are the same thing. Read Hegel.

Fundamentalism is a 20th century invention.

I will never read

If Abe Lincoln had lived I'd be living in the United Communes of America right now

the original seperation from the tyranny of mercantalism and the crown into democracy, which is a type of socialism
the fucking civil war starting because they were tired of being dicked over by porky in the textile industry
and thats just off the top of my head

The Modernity-Fundamentalism controversy followed by the Cold War period is what would explain the extreme anti-intellectualism along with the as extreme subordination to the status-quo respectively in the case of American Protestantism. Remember also that the so-called alliance between the "fiscal conservatives" and the religious "cultural conservatives" is a recent one whose origins lie with the Reagan era.

Man completes God's Being.


Americans are super spooked and trained only to respond to appeals to grand narratives. Liberalism is only useful for spreading capitalism so you need something else in order to get people to confront it.

John Brown was literally insane. He went out of his way to "punish" Southerners in brutal sadistic ways. Not a very good role model for christcoms honestly.


Wtf I'm a reactionary now

Sounds like a good role model to me.


Kind of fucked up.

It was a reaction to the "sexual revolution" of the 1940s

B-but victims of free market capitalism! Say their names, user!

"the opium of the people" refers to a specific kind of organized religion, not all religion ever


what do you mean proofs
actually think about it and what it means

What's the problem? They were pro-slavery settlers trying to spread slavery in Kansas, and they spared the kid who was innocent. Using broadswords to do it, when you could've hanged or shot them, is a bit excessive though

shut up faggot liberal
John browns was a hero and Jeff Davis should have been hung from a sour apple tree

Actually, the "needle's eye" he's referring to in this passage is a colloquial term for the urethra.


what the fuck are you talking about? fundamentalism has existed since the protestant reformation and has ALWAYS existed in american history.


John Brown was a goddamn hero, every last southern boy should have had a taste of northern steel.

John Brown and his sons once came across 5 slavers while camping, and proceeded to hack them to death with an axe.

His soul is marching on!

Actually, religious conservatives and business conservatives have a long history together. The Republican party ALWAYS was both the party of big business and the party of puritan Christianity, ever since the Civil War. The real change to the Republican party was when the populist, racist, and nationalist elements of the Democratic party, which held sway over white Southerners and the white working class, while the black and progressive wings of the party left. Considering that the pro-business AND Christian wings of the GOP don't like the ascendancy of Trump's populism, the GOP ironically is becoming more like the old Democratic party, while the Democrats are becoming more like the old GOP.

On that same note, Southern whites and white immigrants, and later workers, also had a similar and long-lasting political alliance. Yeoman farmers initially were the mainstay of the Democrat coalition, but the Republicans managed to take a massive portion of the Northern ones due to the threat of slavery expanding westwards. The Western ones would rejoin the Democrats for the most part, though some still voted Republican due to that party appealing to their pious Christian tendencies.

Basically, nativism (against Asians and maybe SE Europeans) and racism were more closely connected to the American workers' movement than fundamentalist Christianity, which has always been in favor of party of business over the party of labor. Even rural populism had a mixed history with it, with the Jeffersonian movements before the rise of Free Soil ideology being highly secular. It was only the Free Soil movement that drove the Republican party that really could count as a "revolutionary Christian movement". Otherwise, politicized Christianity was mostly the movement of middle-class professionals, not too much unlike the modern SJW movement. Actually, many of the SJWs of the 19th century in America that focused on minority politics, to the chagrin of mostly German Marxists, were fundamentalist Christians and were aligned with the temperance platform of the GOP. Hell, feminism crusaded for prohibition, a law unpopular with workers but popular with women and the middle-class christfag.

While I hate seccessionism, Grant probably hated faggot abolitionist christfags as much as he hated secessionists. He did leave a bunch of slaves stranded when he crossed a river (since they were being annoying niggers) and gave them the choice to either try to cross and drown or get lynched by white mobs.

Great (almost) last words if I ever read any.

No it isnt, the actual quote is a mistranslation: it should be rope, not camel (which makes far more sense with the needle analogy).



That’s a good thing classcuck