How based were the beatles when they wrote this little gem?

how based were the beatles when they wrote this little gem?

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Beatles' "Aryan" music removed any trace of black music from rock and roll. It replaced syncopated African rhythm with linear Western melody, and lusty negro attitudes with cute white-kid smiles.

the Beatles are LITERALLY counter-revolutionary


i still dont get why adorno was against jazz

the song was about tax increases on the rich by the labor government. Literally porky music.
Their best music was always the apolitical stuff, kinda the opposite of most 60s music.

It's popular/commercially successful = it's bad.

Anti-jazz was the anti-rick and morty of its era, let's say.

they literally have zero good songs apart from a few semi-decent solo songs by harrison

t. contrarian

To be fair, John Lennon did backtrack on that and go through a Maoist phase.

While I agree, No scaruffi pls

he's not entirely wrong…

Well whaddya know.

Still, John Lennon was kind of a spaz.

scaruffi didn't mean that by that review you fucking faggot

didnt say he implied anything, i just like that segment of his scathing review of the beatles

confirmed for not reading Adorno

Revolution 9 tho

I enjoy The Beatles, as well as each of their solo music, but that doesn't mean that they didn't or don't have crap views. Ringo is a right-libertarian who supports Brexit. Paul is a liberal Zionist. John was a liberal pretending to be a radical leftist for the sake of being cool, even though he was a millionaire. George was an idealistic hippie, who met with Henry Kissinger (the same guy who green lighted and backed the people who perpetrated the Bangladesh genocide) a couple times despite doing a concert to raise funds for Bengali refugees.

So most of us did pal

nobody cares


revolution 1 > revolution

hmm a satirical song about taxation
i sleep

pretty kulak tier though, although i'm too tired to remember the nature of the british tax system in the 1960s off by heart nonetheless it was good and everyone should have just kept quiet and paid up. (fun fact of similar vintage: the Institute for Fiscal Studies think tank exists because some Tories got obscenely angry at the creation of a capital gains tax and corporation tax.)

of all the beatles i like harold wilson's solo work the most.