Yo, pasty ass cracka

yo, pasty ass cracka.

you got a problem wit dat rich nigga trump?

hahaha broke boi 😂😂😂
get yo money up and stop hating on capitalism 😂😂😂


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dumb wh*tes be hating on my nigga trump


read Bordiga

Retardation is colorblind, kiddo

Bordiga was a nigger.

read debordiga

Fucking BASED, a black conservative? Man, the liberal cucks over here at leftypol are totally gonna be triggered by this one OP! Lmao, identity is all that matters, fuck my class interests, am I right?

Not putting Afroplasm in namefield. Wasted effort

Your class can change in an instant. Your race stays the same for your entire life. kys chode

i as strollin for keks but 100% honest, are you the nigger who stole my hat

The class position of the average person (me included) has been trending downwards for the past couple of decades (especially for white people like me!), so I reckon that class is orders of magnitude more important than race.



Hey you, stop that



For some reason I get the impression that this seemed like ebin prank to Holla Forums, but honestly if I was in this situation I could care less.

Whether or not your class can change in an instant does not change the class dynamic of society and the exploitative nature of capitalism, nor does it negate the existence or relevance of class interests. In short, this is not an argument.


And here we see Holla Forums projecting their fixation with virginity. I genuinely want to know how you transformed


having dudes jizz on your face doesnt count as getting laid buddy

lol virgin hurt

Is leftypol just Holla Forums now? Jesus christ. Get a grip.

You're totally not projecting at all, I can tell, fam.

me holding the flag


lefty/pol/, amirite fellas?



r u 8 years old m8o?

im a patriot, you got a problem with that buddy?



i fucked you're mom 8 years ago xD

You do realize that sociologists have written literal dissertations on how sexual frustration pushes people towards reactionary politics, right? lmao.

WOO! I love america, and I will fight anyone who tries to take power from the people currently fucking us! Economic crises, obesity, and opioids addictions are fucking based!

Is that thing (second from the right) supposed to be a girl?

jokes aside, this is f 'd up
i know some people irl addicted to oxy


Yeah, I've had friends who've died of heroin overdoses after getting hooked on pills from their doctor. It's completely fucked. Anyone who tries to claim that this was just the Jew's faults are completely full of shit. Medicine shouldn't be fucking profit-based.

Wrong. The only thing that will fix our healthcare system is the free market.

being huge, being a pussy, or being a huge pussy is not the same thing as geting huge amounts of pussy

You're such a fucking faggot. You really think pharmaceutical companies give a fuck about people's well-being?


and then you wonder why people like Stalin ever existed

Does he think he's in a combat zone?

I know, fascists are pretty cringy.

dumbass, you're looking at it individualistically rather than all of society. Your class can change but thats not the same as the class structure of all society changing. Thats like saying we're playing a game of musical chairs, and your chair can change in an instant. Yeah, but that doesn't change the objective fact that someone isn't going to make it. IF the class structure of society actually could 'change in an instant' it would result in a totally different society i.e. socialism

Hillary tried to mean-mug and spirit-cook her way to the presidency. Meanwhile Trump put 6000 pedophiles in jail. Liberals are knees-to-cheeks.

So does Holla Forums suffer from memory loss or something?

Literally every day we have to point out to some brainlet stormtard that we aren't liberals. There's even a sticky to that effect.

Nah youre stuck with it for life no matter what you do

No one called you a liberal. Don't start crying like Podesta after Hillary domestic violenced him.


even worse, you're gommies


gib anchor


it's funny though. I like OP and he deserves another bump tbh.