What would be the Holla Forums version of this?

What would be the Holla Forums version of this?

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Why did you force me to do this? I just wanted everyone to pay their fair share and for the less fortunate to be given a chance at live? Then you told me taxation was theft, and I realised all property was illegitimate.




replace 'play video games' with 'read books'

Put one of the Seven Sisters in the background, Pepe in a budenovka, and replace the ebil essjaydubbleewe with an executive holding a lootbox.



Any without the obnoxious watermark in the middle?



Everyone's a capitalist until they get charged $30,000 for a broken leg.

I am bad at shopping and I couldn't think of a good joke sorry

Why would he be sad about establishing an ML state?

Organize a workers movement?


Look at


Pic related should be in there next to the SJW, also along with a crying Nazi Wojak. The caption should say "Why did you force me to do this? I just wanted affordable healthcare."


thats a fucking terrible edit, someone had a way better one that said i just wanted healthcare, plz post

Why did you force me to do this? I just wanted to overthrow the bourgeoisie.

Degenerate lefties as usual

wew stop posting any time

Cuckolded rightards as usual

Demographic shit due to immigration is not genocide. People being able to choose whichever bathroom they want has nothing to do with raping children. Honestly, the second one sounds like something a hysterical soccermom would say, especially since there's literally zero evidence or reasoning behind it.

According to the US backed UN it is. Of course they only made it that way so that they could accuse the USSR of "genocide" when they tried to repopulate Eastern Europe with soviet citizens from other parts of the country.

"I just wanted world peace"

The thing about this that gets me is the concept of separate bathrooms to begin with. People figured it out with color-segregated bathrooms (don't do it). What's hard about not having sex-segregated bathrooms? Slight tangent - the overwhelming majority of transphobia is just hatred of men. These people don't look at a MtF person and think "woman" of any kind, they think "gross man," which easily morphs into "predatory man." "Transmisogyny" is a dumb word because it's targeting people who aren't perceived as women (as if FtMs/trans men are ever on these people's radar). It's a very similar sort of reasoning to having separate bathrooms for colored people - these Others are going to corrupt/pollute our space so they have to keep out, but they definitely want to come in and will go to absurd lengths to do so.

No, that would be leftists, who think there's a difference between personal and private property, or that the state would respect such.

As opposed to dumbfuck workers managing their own businesses? Don't make me laugh.

That's a very good point. While FtM are much rarer, no one ever talks about that or cares, because apparently males will go into female bathrooms to rape children but females would never go into male bathrooms to do the same.

Nice fox news meme, grandpa
Doesn't exist. The only reason you think it does is because you think someone like Obama is more black than white for some reason

just because you can't understand a concept doesnt mean it isn't real. I'm guessing that's a problem you run into a lot
lol of course you're a cuck for the state

We really should mercilessly mock any idiot who brings up this strawman.

Which I think would be funnier since it plays on Holla Forums thinking we're a bunch of Hillary supporting liberals and the mobilization of a bunch of socdems in America for that exact reason while also being clearly (I think) tongue in cheek.

btw people who watermark memes get the bullet too

It's almost as if there are more important issues…

2nd pic would be perfect if only Trump said "the best one there is! The best!"

historically accurate


Looking at these replies… Oh man.. The left can't meme. Holy fuck you guys are bad at this…

That would be the socdem version.


Probably petit-bourg.

Implying Holla Forums does anything but steal and repurpose old memes anyway

We're too intellectual, our in jokes rely too much on history and political theory to be palatable to normies.

Those republics didn't collapse the same way the socialist perversions did. The fact that all governments eventually die doesn't mean that, in death, their legacies are comparable when they, most clearly, are not. Standards of living and so on. HDI in the socialist perversions (if it wasn't true socialism) was always far lower than other nations, even though those other nations also followed government organizations that had failed before.

Fuck off retard. Stalin was trying to prevent this shit.

so much for the populist right…



t. normie

I like this one

thanks comrade


All proposals here seem to have missed the point of the original completely. Take and for example. These are SHIT. It's like Holla Forums saying "I just wanted to gas the kikes". It's unfunny and doesn't make any sense.

This original meme (or work of art) tells the story of a young man, beaten down by modernism. He had already given up. He didn't even care. He didn't want to fight for any cause or against injustices. He wanted to be left alone. But it was too much to ask. The liberals couldn't leave him alone. They attacked his last escapism, video games. Once a man is robbed of everything, when his destiny is no longer his own, then he is free.


But that's the thing, user. The people using that strawman don't care at all about what these States accomplished, merely that they're not here now. They're just saying a truism – at some point there might be no States of a given type – and thinking it's a perfect gotcha.

One, there were far more countries with lower living standards than socialist countries than there were countries with high ones.

Two, what matters is, in 1776, there were no republics save for maybe Netherlands. By the logic of people using the strawman, it means republics are dead and buried, an outmoded concept, but America's own success invalidates their logic.

Sorry man, that's exactly what Stalin did. He saw the very dire situation the country still was in even after the civil war, was very pragmatic and abandoned many principles of socialism in order to safeguard the rest. Killing the revolution to save the revolution.

I think the narrative behind the OP image is one of the more interesting parts of the whole alt-right phenomenon. "The reason we're nazis/racist/whatever is because feminist/SJW/cultural marxists wouldn't leave us alone." This narrative can only make sense to someone who at their core views these sorts of far right ideologies as a bad thing, a last resort that would only be adopted when faced with a greater threat (which is weirdly consistent with the left wing view of fascism as capitalism's response to significant decay). Wouldn't a true believer in fascist ideology need no excuse for their beliefs? There's a similar vein of this kind of thing going on with modern white nationalists who can only seem to articulate their views through the liberal "oppressed minority" narrative. Despite the superficial rejection of liberalism it seems that the unknown known of liberal ideology forms the foundation of these narratives. Is it really any wonder that the so-called "alt right" and the so-called "classical liberals" have such a large overlap when they essentially have the same ideological framework?



I have trouble believing this is real, are we sure this isn't some troll account or a gofundme scam?

am i a bad person if this made me feel good a tiny bit

No, but you guys do get a little creepy when you describe the exquisite tortures you'd apply to people who wasn't wearing the same color armband as you.

Sassy Gay Republican is one of the most uniquely fascinating tragic figures of our time.

i never did anything of the sort


Why is it a rarity to hate fun as much as porky? Why should wanting a communist society that puts its citizens first, and encourages wholesome spiritual values ostracize so much? I just want a centralized society that maintains economic equality and strings up bankers and degenerates in the town square equally

Don't act like you weren't literally doing The Carlton Dance a few seconds ago like the rest of us.



I want to thank God, I want to thank my lawyer, & I want to thank the judge. Because of all these people as well as my contributions to my community, I will not be facing any criminal charges for underage drinking. I'm so blessed and beyond ecstatic.
What is with these degenerates

Also he really needs to get healthcare

The story gets even better


I have no sympathy for him now


You see, we're not such postmodern faggots that we need to pretend that our politics aren't political and that a person can somehow be "outside" ideology. We actually believe in our cause, which is why we can name it for what it is, instead of hiding behind a wall of irony. That's why you'll never see one of us shouting "WHAT ABOUT DA MEMES" at a protest or rally.

Tbh it should be the Lenin statue in NYC from Red Alert 3.

second meme is what actually happened in russia and subsequent marxist-leninist states, except it was disguised as "communism"

no coincidence that modern cuba and korea are ruled by either the nephews or the brothers of the original Big Boss/King


this is a "revolutionary" phenomenon. When I think revolution, I think status quo leadership for decades followed by a transfer of power to the next of kin.

Raul is president because he was more of a communist than Fidel, and he also lead the actual revolution.

Compared to an actual aristocracy, where people get power for their birth: like the Trump clan….

rlly makes u think

Which was an attempt to make detente with the US, until Trump took power and shit is turning around.

Still not relevant to your point, impolite sage.