Petrograd about to get culturally enriched by the Boolsheviks.

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Guys, are the bolsheviks /ourguys/? I thought Kerensky was also a socialist?

Well the SRs have to be /ourguys/, I mean they have "socialist" right in their name.

Fun fact: bike battalions actually were a thing. Some people were enthusiastic about a fast transportation that didn't need horse feed. However, it didn't see much use because really, battlefields aren't conducive to two-wheeled vehicles. The silly notion was completely abandoned after oil-fueled auto vehicles became widely available.

One of them, loyal to the Provisional Government, was stationed in Petrograd because of the July Days, and was initially useful in putting down the revolt. But during October, they proved to be remarkably coward, having shit their boots and abandoned defense of both the Peter and Paul Fortress they had been stationed at, and later the Winter Palace itself.

Trotsky made the amusing remark:

In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of some phony over a dozen US military bases in Syria blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my communism's eternal struggle.

really made me think

that rightwing thought is a mental illness


i bet they would also say Lenin was a dictator, so what did he need the gold for?

Fun fact: the Winter Palace wasn't stormed, they couldn't get in through the gates but found an open window. Then they kinda rushed B

The myth that the Bolsheviks were financed is lubricious. What happened was a small banker with socialist sympathies helped fund some parts of the revolution.

More to the point, if Lenin got himself a shitload of gold, why the fuck would he give it all away just to receive a fraction of it in return? I mean, Lenin of all people would know when someone was stealing his surplus-value.

Mieville talked of one Lieutenant Sinegub, who remained loyal to the government in guarding the palace, roaming the immense place in a haze of exhaustion and combat panic. His strange meanderings apparently are like a surreal war history, as he kept running on soldiers which he had no idea were friends or foes, rooms being looted, defenders who kept deserting, abandoned offices and switchboards etc. Sinegub's tale comes from W. Astrov, A. Slepkov and J. Thomas, An Illustrated History of the Russian Revolution. I should try to pirate it.

I got curious and searched if this was an actual word and man, it really doesn't mean what you think it means.

Putin tries to steal some valor, and Kropotkin uses his anarchist superpower of foresight.

the Russian government is so fucking weird with their simultaneous veneration of the Soviet Union and Tsarist Russia.

“If it was something Russia did, it’s good”

Wasn't Kropotkin fending off nazis in Tennessee a week or so ago?

Mensheviks at @PetroSoviet1917 call on #Petrograd workers/soldiers to stay calm, abstain from violence #1917LIVE

lik dis if u kry evertim

sneaky sneaky bolsheviky

around 1 tweet/min atm


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Kerensky BTFO

never occurred to me before

it's official

This is just too cool

pic related: RT live, right now:

And the massive financial crisis we are overdue for hasn't even happened yet.

I prefer socialism. We want better jobs and universal healthcare.
Kids and their crazy ideas! Socialism sounds nice but it can't work!

I can't stay awake, I have to go to work tomorrow


lmao this is literally the 1917 version of "Soros-paid protester"


yes, except Soros fund only right wing, pro-american groups.

more proof that Lenin stole all the gold




Even in the fucking October Revolution Americans find a way to fag things up.

Could americans mind their fucking buisness for once?


Wait what?

How much you wanna bet she'd say the Holocaust never happened?

Huh, apparently twitter had a special hashflag for #1917LIVE a couple of days ago but killed it the same day. I'm looking for aut-rightists screeching autistically about it but can't find anything.

Oh that sucks

Lots of bantz buried along the year. I hope someone puts together a timeline with just the official accounts.

Also the Second Congress of Soviets is just starting. We'll get to see Mensheviks and SRs fucking everything up soon.


They were just besieging the Palace, this blank will be the sign to attack. Apparently those blanks were much noisier than actual ammo, and scared the shit out of the entire city, including the Congress.

And there we go.

Improved version.

Fucking based


kekked irl

Oh hey, Trotsky was born in 7 November in the old calendar.

Also a fun fact about the revolution: the Winter Palace wasn't even finished being taken when Lenin declared the transfer of power to the soviets in the first session of the Second Congress of Soviets. In fact, as the session went on and the three parties argued and even tentatively entertained cooperation, the sounds of the battle for the Winter Palace arguably helped Mensheviks and SRs get cold feet about a coalition government.

Lamo the Balfour declaration was made to stop Russia existing the war by rallying Russian jews to its cause.

what did he mean by that



Somebody needs an iron Felix account to ask where that boi at

The Romanovs should have been converted to the revolution MiniLuv style tbh. Lenin was too much of a butthurt faggot to do that though.

Lenin didn't even order it, it was done ad hoc because the whites were closing in on the Tsars location

Was the death of the Romanov family a CIA spook?

The eternal brocialist strikes again! Bolsheviks confirmed problematic

Gamergate strikes again!

Somebody give these people a lecture on Soviet-Israeli relations.

Why would you allow women to be in your death squad?


So basically Soviet authoritarianism could have been avoided if the Bolsheviks had waited a few months to launch their uprising?

It's quite possible actually, but "months" might be too much. Simply a few days might have made all the difference. I (admittedly vaguely) recall reading a Lenin statement that he regretted not having waited for the Second Congress to start before launching the October Revolution. Bolsheviks had the majority in the Petrograd soviet, among other big cities, and part of the Bolshevik CC members had already been in favor of a pan-socialist government, so it was theoretically possible they could have hammered out a coalition deal while still installing socialism and ending the war, but before storming the Palace.

So you can more easily rape them, duh.

Jesus, Makhno was only 29 in 1917. As if I needed more reason to feel like an underachiever.



I think he meant "ludicrous"

only in eastern countries

the Mensheviks maybe, but don't see the SRs doing this

I'm impressed by the amount of detail RT went into.
these people really knew their characters

Left SR's? Maybe, maybe not. The rest? Definitely

the Left SRs would have been the Pontius Pilates' of the Rosing - the 'neutral' party that enables the action to happen

Dunno, I think two things would have stopped it.

One is that the Bolshevik higher-ups were canny enough to see it coming and ruthless enough to fuck their shit up if they tried anything.

The other thing is that Mensheviks and SRs had their own right and left factions, and the left ones, while minorities within their respective parties at that moment, stood to grow the most, as the populace kept radicalizing, especially after the transfer of power to the soviets. I think their left factions would come to dominate their parties and bring them closer to the Bolsheviks. Of course, this is conjecture on my part, but still. The way things went, Martov, leader of the leftist faction of the Mensheviks, didn't join the government by a hair, along with the the Left SRs.

Funny thing is, I think that Filipowitsch is a random guy RPing.