What if idpol and intersectionality are Actually Good...

What if idpol and intersectionality are Actually Good? I think much of the opposition to 'idpol' on here is because many of our users are aggrieved white dudes and ex gamergaters. But that's not right,'idpol' deals with real issues, that cannot be ignored, and much of it really amounts to empathy and the golden rule.

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That art is hideous, and you can tell it’s made by an equally unattractive tumblrite feminist.


It's divisive and pure americanism.

this is where i draw the fucking line

Answer to the image:


You seem like someone who is beginning to mature regarding his political views. I applaud you for it. There is nothing wrong with uniting different struggles into one. I still think places like /r/socialism are a complete shitshow, but the nazbols and red sargonites on this board need to realize that identity isn't just a suprestructural spook. It is a very important part of what makes you you.
They say that identity politics is divisive, but isn't it more divisive to neglect minorities' struggles? They say that things like idpol can be coopted by liberal opportunists, but couldn't the same be said for socialism (e.g, liberals saying socialism is just when the government does stuff). This doesn't mean that we should abandon these concepts completely, if anything, it means we should reinforce them.


you have to go back

he didnt say that though

It really isn't that difficult a concept to grasp.

idpol is the rejection of universalism, not any concern with the ailments of marginalised groups.

he did, he just doesn't know it


Google Bookchin

Being right is so easy when you just put words in someone's mouth and attack something they didn't say!

What's /leftpol/ like?

It seems like you have a meme interpretation of intersectionality. You're assuming that it means whatever people who have never read a single piece of feminist/intersectionalist literature say it means.
This shows how little you know or give a shit about theory. Pro tip: patriarchy is as much as of a conspiracy as is capitalism; It's not.
Wrong. Everyone can suffer, even individual capitalists can experience suffering. Communism, unlike the previous bourgeois revolutions, means the liberation of all people, not just a single oppressed class.
Call me a liberal all you want – but keep it real – we all know who the liberal here is

i'm a minority in many ways (though with a decidedly middle class upbringing) , and yet i feel rather 'triggered' by 'idpol' and its shibbolets. I happened to get my identity elsewhere, and i get rather upset when people attempt to tell me 'who I really am' and 'what makes me me'. I just find the modern world alienating and void of meaning, kitsch and affected displays of emotion everywhere. You are condemned to a passive existence of a victim, your self esteem utterly dependent on the Good Whites, who are now deeply concerned about your 'self esteem' and won't even allow you to feel contempt towards them. American identity politics is obsessed with this idea of regaining lost authenticity. unlearn this and decolonise that, But what if authenticity never existed to begin with? It seems just another incarnation of the dime store californian heideggerianism that defines modern american culture.

The plan is to drop all the liberals there


just ebin

t. liberal

Not that this art could actually convey that but xer still tried to draw her more attractive than the other faces. Why is "beautiful burka lady" so integral to the liberal message of anti-racism?

just ebin

I get you fam. Don't worry, I'm not the kind of person to be
a condescending savior of minorities. Nonetheless, I do find it quite worrying to see the amount of people who really are just reactionaries here.
Yeah, that's a bunch of bullshit. The point of socialism is to abolish identity as a social force, and not reinforce it

t. a brainlet who can't argue for shit

He's right though

This is a horrible stand-up bit


That's not a burka


t. a brainlet who can't argue for shit

I guess you can just make definitive statements without any coherent argumentation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Because it's the PC concept of anti-racism and multiculturalism, aka americanism aka cultural capitalism.
read this

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there are lots of real issues i dedicate no time to. that's a pragmatic question.
social planning for an effective bus service in birmingham is undoubtedly a crucial issue for those in that city, but it's hardly an effective issue for me to occupy any time whatsoever with, particularly if
holds, in which case it can be folded into extant social behaviour rather than considered in any specific way.

practical concerns must be accounted for as well as purely theoretical concerns. just because there might be merit to something in theory doesn't mean there's any reason to progress via it in practice when the issue can instead be sidestepped.