PragerU on What Is the Alt-Right?

Reminder that alt-right is a distraction.

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there's really nothing one can say to this

someone please kill these fucking subhumans

They don’t serously claim this do they? Do they pull the “Nazism is a type of socialist” meme?

Watch the fucking webm. WTF I deleted a thread just to post a better op with webm, watch it


He's right if you change "Left" to "SJWs".


yeah but he accuses karl marx of believing the same things

Wait, they are having over one million subs now? How? Nobody likes Neocons. Not even Holla Forums likes Neocons, which can be observed in the comment section.

I think it is funny that their argument comes down to "the alt-right is bad and a form of leftism, because THEY HATE GOD."

They are the parody of a Fox News dad or your average Republican in the 80s.

So they think the alt-right is similar to the left because of identity politics? They jusy ignore all the socio-cultural policy, models of government, and ,most importantly, economic defferences and claim they’re the same because “muh horshoe theory”?

These people do need to be shot.

a meme. prager promotes mainstream american conservatism

Imagine if Marx was religious, would Bakunin or Proudhon be the big neocon boogeyman whenever religion is brought up?

Also known as neoconservatism.

I just saw an ad for Prager U on instagram. I'm just upset they have the funding they do to misinform en masse.
It's fucking annoying.

that's what i mean. there's no difference. the word is just a meme

Check out their videos on foreign policy. They say shit like that the British Empire was progressive, that the USA should have doubled down in Vietnam, and that throwing a nuke at civilians is a-ok

They get funding from the Koch brothers.

where does that diverge from typical conservatism?

What fuckong reasons did they give for this?

I don’t remember even hearing this, what was the video on?
The funny thing is it's a fucking priest in that video.
They basically said if they were a little more ruthless and more brutal, South Vietnam could have been saved, like South Korea, because communists are orcs and there don't need to be a justification for fighting them.

The religious are evil fuckers aren't they?

This is why religionists derserve whatever persecution they get. Spanish republicans didnnothing wrong.

I don't know what kind of mental gymnastics you have to do to think dropping a nuke on civilians is a good thing as a Christian.

Not even medieval prince-bishops were on that level.




Neoconservive implies liberal domestic policies, which prager u (especially the founder, Dennis Prager) doesn't advocate. They're just regular old conservatives.

it doesn't

Are you sure about that?

i see nothing wrong with this video tbh.
everything checks out.

neocon is liberal economics combined with a public image of staunch social conservatist moralism as well as interventionist international poltics
compare to older, more isolationist conservatism that also gave a shit about conserving natural environments and ways of life