The protestant work ethic

How do we fight the Protestant work ethic do we make are a communist equivalent to it that empathize workers ownership of the means of production?

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what is protestant work ethic?

It means that God delivers miracles and pure hearts to those who work hard. Under communism God delivers shit stains to toilet bowls.

Is there any commie-tier Christian texts anywhere other than specific passages of the Bible?

The protestant work ethic already does so.

Fuck Protestantism and fuck Luther. Fuck the Danish state for forcing my ancestors to convert.

In all seriousness, Protestantism's theological Achilles' heal is its "saved by grace alone". This promotes passivity and feel-good mentality instead of direct action. We Jews understand our relationship with G-d to be more - dare I say - *dialectical* in the sense where we influence HaShem and Creation as much as HaShem influences us.

Anything to recommend in terms of literature?

also wondering this

I think it's simple, OP

Literature on what exactly?

In the meantime, enjoy a TL;DR video:

Rastafari= Sufi Islam > Druze >>>>> trinitybois

Im pretty sure its called the Christian Communust Manifesto

jewish theology or philsophy

Look up these guys:

Rav Yitzchak Luria
Ramchal (Moshe Chaim Luzzato)
Nachman of Breslov
Rav Kook
Jacob Boehme
Martin Buber
Franz Rosenzweig
Walter Benjamin is a given.

Michael Löwy has a good book on Jewish intellectualism in the 20th century.

Shill for Catholicism if you want to fight protestants tbh. There's a nugget of revolutionary ideology in Protestantism, but it's fairly deeply burred at this point.

Reminder that porky ruined Protestantism with their bullshit:


hijack work ethic rhetoric in favour of mutual aid

Nobody believes in the "protestant work ethic" anymore in a religious sense, its simply a value system that has carried on secularly from the last few centuries. Its a cultural issue rather than a religious one, the idea that hard work is virtuous and laziness isn't. This is where meritocracy comes in and why people sperg on about welfare parasites and muh lower taxes and shit.

I think you meant sola fide.