What do we call this new meme human?

What do we call this new meme human?

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Holla Forums?

impressionable clueless retard

Also you're missing

Theyre repeating digits and we call them trips human.

more like 24-30 with how developmentally retarded these people are

I would say the inflated superego.

Don't force the name, let it come naturally

sorting shit out = conforming to social norms and getting extremely shit political opinions + self help books

Status Quo Dad

Amber was right when she said that a lot of this aut-right shit is just rebranded self-help organic quinoa lifestyleism

The childman?


radical suburbanism?

it's really just a one-way ticket to becoming as dull as possible in the form of self help, isn't it?

why does he have a sink in his bedroom?

for fapping



Also Kermit the Fraud looks legit like some kind of underboss villain the heroes defeat on their way to the big bad in a shitty hollywood movie.

it's just a continuation of the incel PUA archetype

I find it funny how so many ggfags are now anti-vidya iron/black pills.

But communism will turn everyone into identical robots :(

Incel Plus™

This is why Holla Forums has never and will never achive anything. You think that fixing your self before trying to fix the world is a meme

Am I a bad person if I'd make fun of that guy? you know, if I still had Zuccbook
I mean, just look at him.

Thats not what this is. This is an exercise in congratulatory masturbation. "Fixing one's self" and "ignoring glaring issues of the world" are not mutually exclusive. One can do both without resorting to a fucking self-help book to line the pockets of some bougie writer. Source: 33 year old with his shit together.

Nah, pic related is a good enough reason for me.

Gee, it couldn't be that he give banal deepak chopra tier advice or anything like that…

More like 18-34. Everybody is infantilized: we've been taken away our most basic means of social subsistence (making friends, sleep cycle, cooking, cleaning) and get them resold to us on the market.

SQD, sounds like a serious medical condition.

Here is my new guide to sorting your shit out:
1. Don't go on social media
2. Meditate

I seriously think there are many people who have been permanently harmed by using Facebook.

I do the former, don't do much of the latter. I'm not really 100% on what meditation is or how to do it. I often take time with myself and sit or drive in silence to just think. Does this count? I half enough trouble shutting my brain off long enough to fall asleep.

mind = blown
you should sell books or start a patreon or something

Terrible. Here's how you really sort yourself out:
1. go to the nearest bank and get a large loan
2. either pay it to a university for a slip of paper, or buy a suburban plywood castle
3. get a job
4. pay loans for 40 years
5. reproduce the workforce by making 2-3 human spawn
6. die when you can no longer work

Are we counting Holla Forums for these purposes?

who the fuck spends money on fashion clothes?

I just think that modern society wearns down on people in such novel ways that we don't have enough research on the long term harm.

Ok, what do I name it?
-a +tate
Meditation not Medication


Reddit bandaid solution on everyone's problems.

did u upvote my starterpack?

I've been this level of "sorted" since I was 16. The joke is that these adult retards need a father figure to tell them that it's time to clean their room and maybe read a few books about their beliefs when most people do this on their own.

To Reddit's credit the starterpacks are done mockingly.

The comments are literally filled with people saying "this is too personal."

You can't say that and not provide screenshots of the hilarity.


Imagine going through so much to please others. I workout, only because it makes me happy. I'll be ugly inside and out no matter what by body fat percentage is.

Well, at least proving how Peterson is Reddit personified.

one of the first things you realise when first learning to meditate is how much is going on in your head constantly at every moment and how much white noise din is happening in there all the time when you take a second to notice it all.


90% of the submitters posts are in /r/MMA

They must have been serious with the post

I had initially figured the submitter would be some obnoxious obese legbeard, considering theyre trying to demonize fitness

We are all meme humans.
Peterson fans are better adapted to function in our late capitalist reality than communist gender LARPers, alt righters or anime tradcaths, it's no wonder Peterson's so popular. He basically teaches you everything you need to know in order to become a semi well adjusted bourgeois normie.


I mean, outside of trying to sleep, I do enjoy the noise. I come up with ideas that way for things I make and do. The weed helps. Over all It's a curse but I enjoy it sometimes.


We are probably literally the

failed normie

Everything in this picture except for Jordan Peterson is unironically good advice.

Unironically shoot yourself.

one that doesn't read Bordiga

This is why people don't like you, user.


Imagine being this mad because someone suggests that your habit of jerking off to cartoon girls three times a day might not be good for you. This is why we're losing ground to the right.

Anyone we are "losing" to the right over this was never worth the time in the first place.



You should get out of that cult before you rape someone.

not jacking off as praxis isn't dialectical

Who gives a shit about being liked, you sycophant?

Telling people who have been addicted to porn / jerking off since puberty like most modern males to just jerk off "less" is pretty fucking unhelpful, friendo. Most of the left does a shit job at articulating why people should care about socialism while the right offers advice that shows people short-term results. If I was a dumb normie I'd probably have gone right too.


It's a fucking chan m8. I made that post, if it really hurt your feelings then I apologise but your opinions are awful, practically everything on that picture is dogshit.

People go to the right because it is one of two acceptable, available choices to everyone. It isn't because of some masterful self help writing.

You sound like you don't really like yourself very much, user. I hope you get the help you need.

Show me a source for this please.
Telling them to stop jerking off at all is equally useless to someone actually addicted. And socialism isn't a self-help course being sold by a con artist in a cheap suit, nor should it ever be.

nofap is a cult
self help books are garbage for utterly simple people, and the one on the left is probably cryptofascist
those outfits look shitty
that's a nazi haircut
you should sleep as much as possible not as little as possible to live out your GORRILAMINDSET
i don't really have an issue with 'eat healthier, have a tidy space, exercise, study' but that's hardly an edgy sort your life out meme it's the squarest most obvious shit ever.

in conclusion go fuck youself.

How many people are addicted isn't even really relevant to the point, lol. You can use Google if you really want to know.

See this is why it's cult, not fapping doesn't make magical alpha testosterone (or whatever) build up in your balls

You made the claim so you seemed to think it was somehow relevant.
So you don't have one, gotcha.
A claim nobody made, only that telling an addict to just stop being an addict does nothing.



You don't understand user, either you masturbate on an hourly basis and never have sex or you never masturbate and bang 11/10 blonde women every day, there is no middle ground.



Something nofap is kind enough to do for anyone who masturbates because to them anyone who does is an addict.
Want to know how everyone now knows you've never been in a relationship?


So try quitting tough guy.

If I didn't jerk off before being in my current relationship, and I didn't suddenly decide to start when I got into it. Crazy right?

People shouldn't try to improve themselves by joining the Hitler Youth

Does someone have a Webm of Peterson telling Ethan from H3H3 that CEOs are unlikely to be psychopaths?

I enjoy it and it doesn't negatively affect my sex life so I feel no need to in order to impress internet cultists.

Okay bye.

How to win friends and influence people is actually a good book though. A lot of it is framed in how doing these things will make you richer, but it is genuinely good advice for interacting with people.

Meditation is definitely legit, even if you're not trying to escape samsara. This is a pretty good book on it, if leaning a bit towards the religious aspect. vipassana.com/meditation/mindfulness_in_plain_english.php
It's not about sleeping or relaxing. It's about taming your mind.

You've yet to show evidence that the target audience is as you said "most modern males" and therefore we need to appeal to them, still working on that source?

It's irrelevant to the main point dude, it doesn't matter if it's 0.1% of men or 100%. Not jerking off is still helpful to the people it's intended to help. Stop shifting the goalposts to try and carry on this lost argument and go read some theory you sperg.

If you don't have AT MINIMUM a LinkedIn, FB, curated IG and Twitter you're a non-person in my job field
Is there any kind of blue collar work that doesn't require more than a high school diploma? Working in social media is soul draining


This is a goalpost you established when you made the claim that "most modern males" are addicted to masturbation and thus we need to involve that in our politics in order to appeal to them. So I'm asking you to provide evidence to support your original claim. And still waiting.

homo memeticus

He just looks like a seedy car salesman to me. He's just missing a toothpick in his mouth.

this haircut isn't the "nazi haircut" ?

I think we can elaborate on this concept…
A meme human is he who in face of the surreality and shortcomings of the 21st century defends himself by shaping his personality with internet jokes. His lifestyle is completely covered with memes, he will tell meme jokes irl and make meme references to irl situations.
The meme human differs from the usual cultural sheep because his lifetyle is not guided (in the most part) by mainstream bourgeoise propaganda but by an eternal cascade of new memes made by other meme humans in an effort to maintain their virtual comfort net.
The ultimate acomplishment of the meme humanas was making their lifestyle a meme in itself, this way their ideology is self validating and mutually respected by fellow meme humans.
Memes are the ultimate tool of bourgeois domination, Everchanging, everlasting and ever-imprisoning.

The 2010s are fucking trash.

Self-help is and always has been a scam. Anyone trying to tell you that wealth and success are due to some kind of mindset and these 10 easy steps are literally selling you something.

I'm hopeful for 20s culture because I honestly can't think how it could get shittier.

how was the episode, by the way? I'm not watching this shit.

better than 2000s tbh


I'd take 2000s any day over what we have now.

That image is Courage the Cowardly Dog tier scary

Why is that corpse so fucking smug?

delet this


the quarter-life crisis

Stop looking at porn you maggot

Follow your own advice and stop going on the internet faggot. I bet you wouln't last fucking ten minutes.

I seriously think that my life has been permanently sabotaged by NOT using Facebook. All of my friends and company distanced themselves from me, because I was missing out on conversation, media and arrangements made on FB, and it was always an afterthought to include me.
They were all visibly annoyed by my insistence on not joining the website and it was a chore for them to personally contact me on phone, email or Skype that I do use.

Only the existence of groups is somewhat worthwhile.
Get better friends tho.

If that's the case, they weren't meaningful relationships to begin with. Calling someone isn't a chore if you actually care about them.

True, social media just leads to a lot of fake relationships.

people should be encouraged to jerk off more so they lose interest in having actual sex and stop being insufferable incel retards

Yes it makes you a bad person. Recall the "opium of the people" quote? Well, this aut-right retardation is his opium. Or carfentanil, more like. But you get my point.



Stirner was all talk.

Only so far I see only guide to self-bitchbreaking, not any actual improvement. That would be legit power, not getting a haircut.

Driving in traffic definitely does not count.

It objectively is healthier to express some power and control over your urges.

Way better than 2007-2009 but not 2006 and before.

Stirner was probably too autistic to sell his milk to normies without ranting about personal insurrection and the need to step away from dominant morality.

Cancer. We call them cancer

Manchildren Going Their Own Way.



unironically this

The local peoples distrusted them because they were well-dressed intellectuals and because the shop was so well decorated they felt unworthy to buy their milk there.

Stirner's Milk Shop was unironically too smart to win

No one's saying that self-improvement is bad. The psuedo-cult of extended adolescents claiming to be "sorting themselves out" by cleaning their room for the first time in their lives and not fapping to "increase their t levels to fight the ebil gommies" is definitely bad and annoying though.