The City of Chicago is replacing some older streetlights, unfortunately...

the City of Chicago is replacing some older streetlights, unfortunately, they're replacing the old yellow lights with white LEDs. These LEDs produce wavelengths that keep people awake at night and cause other harm to human health according to the AMA. I've contacted the city and other relevant bodies multiple times, but I've been ignored, so I'm thinking of taking some direct action to shut down the LED streetlights until the city gets the message that they should stop.
What's a good way to shut down the lights quickly and easily?

If you have good aim just throw rocks.


Install f.lux.

just get people better drapes, leave vital infrastructure alone

Global communist revolution, seize all governments, order the lights shut off.

Put a fucking yellow filter on them bitches. The LED lights make less heat and use less energy. However, I don't know what kind of impact the manufacture of these lights have. Either way workers are getting screwed somewhere.

bruh. there not installing led lights in your room, clam down


This is actually true; when your eyes are exposed to light it secretes a hormone in our brain that keeps you awake

I will admit though that whoever thought it was a good idea to a put a goddamn window in every room of the house architecture was a fucking idiot.

ayy, lake county here

There is a lot of shit keeping people awake in chicongo, white led lights are the least of their problems.


Its probably blue light

think we've had those in LA for some time. haven't noticed any ill side effects, but i don't go out much at night.
also some new LED bulbs i got have some microflickering, but again haven't noticed any side effects there either, and i do have daily interactions with those.

I've got these LED array lamps installed outside my home. They're installed with full cutoff lumieres which ensures that that much more of the light is diverted downward rather than upward as with the old sodium lamps, to reduce light pollution. They do seem to be much brighter that the sodium lamps, however, meaning that there is probably an increase in the amount of light pollution from reflection off the illuminated surface. Furthermore, the wider spectrum of the light wavelengths emitted from the LED arrays is going to make them a bitch to filter.

LEDs are 200x more efficient though. We will have to cut down on electricity usage through this century and incandescent lights are one of the biggest offenders (reminder only 5% of energy emanated by incandescent light is light, rest is heat).
Just shut your blinds smh.


have americans never heard of curtains?

Holy fuck, is this what yanks actually believe? Close your windows, faggot.

Wasted quads

Low Pressure Sodium lights are the most efficient light source on the market available for mass production, but western governments are too retarded to utilise them.
Flagstaff, Arizonia is a dark sky city with very low light pollution for a city, and uses LPS lights

Most cities used High Pressure Sodium lights and have converted to LED.