Milo: we must become uncensorable

Milo: we must become uncensorable

What do you think? Is Milo right? Are conservatives really the new rebels?

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Ofc not, because "conservatism" is not a coherent movement. It is an ideology of pure reaction to the current material state of tings: and that reaction comes in such a varied and wild way that it is impossible for conservatism to form a united anything.

Take the example of Jordan Peterson and Milo for example: both decry fun and SJWs as destroying freedom & the ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡งwest๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง yet one is a hardcore aethist that points to religion sacrificsing freedom, while the other uses religion a the only force uniting us against the hordes of muslamic "eS-Jay-dubbuyahs". This reaction has no inherent momentum because it relies far to much in existing material circumstances. In a decade people won't give a shit about Milo or Peterson, they will still be reading Zizek and Chomsky.

Also sidenote, the reason Milo exists as a thing in ๐Ÿ”burger๐Ÿ”stan is because he tried to become a pundit in the UK but kept on being BTFO by almost everyone. The following is a debate on Israel-Palestine between him and George "Iran did nothing wrong also hand blair" Galloway: Galloway beats him into the ground.

if by rebel you mean "people liberal media don't like," then sure

i definitely group milo and his ilk with the same great rebellious tradition of the westboro baptist church, neoconservatives, and petty bourgeois suburbanites, those great vanguards of revolutionary consciousness

Stop you liberal faggot.

ironic that he's literally uncensorable now as he has no job or speaking gigs lmfao


Milo is proof that deplatforming works.

But he just gave a speech to hundreds recently. Apparently it doesn't work as well as you think. Also, anyone who praises "deplatforming" is communist scum who needs to GTFO.

jesus christ this place has become such a fucking shithole

Is that why he's shilling Pamela Geller's new book? The only thing it's succeeding in doing is validating his narrative about """leftist""" being in control of society and censorious of dissent. Anyone who observed the rise of the BNP in UK during the turn of the century could have predicted this. Most of the current """antifa""" aren't actually interested actually stopping fash, they just want a social club, a performative spectacle and perhaps a little cathartic violence with their transvestism.

Assuming by conservatives you mean the particular brand of mild nationalist aut-right exemplified by Milo (the likes of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, etc are certainly no rebels), they might profess opinions which the American center-"left" finds disagreeable hence their hostile reception on some college campuses and news networks, but they are still locked firmly within the horizon of liberalism. Individual capitalists find their interests threatened by them but they do not oppose the capitalist order itself, the issue is always framed as a problem of the evil Globalists and SJWs. Remember with Milo, he only really became persona non grata once people went after him for being a pedophile apologist. And he still occasionally gets invited to talk on Fox News.

Do you know where you are?

wtf is this guy still doing around? isn't he confirmed pedo? throw his ass in jail

LUL get reckt leftcom

In other cases you'd be right but after getting outed as a pedo Milo has pretty much disappeared from public life. His new book flopped, he lost his job at the daily caller immediately and most people on the far right want nothing to do with him.

He's confirmed to basically have been preyed upon by a pedo when he was a kid by a Catholic Priest.

Pretty sure I read somewhere on the internet that he raped some 13 year old boys at a hollywood party and admitted to it in an interview

I read somewhere on the internet that sucking dick gives you superpowers and yet OP is still here instead of cleaning up Gotham.

No surprise there

I could be mistaken but I think the issue was that he claimed that such relationships are a "positive experience" for the victim

IIRC he said he went to parties where other people were molesting children and refused to do anything about it or name the people involved, but I don't think he said anything about actually doing it himself (though it wouldn't surprise me)

I really wish the B.O would stop being such a cunt, this place was much better at the start of the year

Conservatives/right wingers are fine with censorship that they like, they don't say a word when it comes to leftists being censored. They only rally the defense squad if one of them starts getting picked on for saying something horrid.

No, Gandhians/Bookchinians/leftcoms are.



lmao @ the description I dunno whether to love of hate Anglos

*love or hate

Nothing means anything anymore. There's no truth, only information. MILO's ideological content is irrelevant, being supposedly targeted by 'censorship' is the MILO brand's main selling point. If MILO is not being 'censored', he loses his raison d'etre and becomes irrelevant. Colleges present themselves as temples of learning and civil discourse, when in reality they are nothing but debt bondage accreditation machines and temporary psychiatric holding facilities. The sooner we come to face with their irrelevance, the better.

Galloway isn't anglo: he is a celt.

Milo is a catholic last I checked, and yes I know how weird that is.


It's not weird at all because 99% of "Catholics" are bullshitters.


Milo is just mad about losing all those Mercer bux.

No, but they have potential. They currently hold contradictory beliefs: they simultaneously think capitalism optimizes production, while being acutely aware, for example, that media (privately own, mind you) produces highly biased and moral panick-y coverage.
It's clear that their commitment to capitalism is nothing compared to their disdain for moral and imtellectual fun caused by capitalism. They just haven't connected it to capitalism yet. They are future comrades.

unironically this

No, they are not future comrades and they will never become class conscious

Liberals are more likely comrades than fucking Cons

and they most likely never will

Liberals are the most unreliable comrades possible, reactionnaries pretending to be on our side.

They're unreliable but at least they pretend

Cons will literally never get past le cultural marxist meme or past any kind of idea that everyone that doesn't like capitalism is an idiot that doesn't understand basic economics

arent a lot of the people on this bored former reactionaries.

He's certainly been wounded, given that former allies are fleeing as though from an ebola victim having a seizure. I'm unconvinced his book is the flop it has been painted as in some quarters, there is some contrary evidence from neutral parties. I doubt the wounds are fatal.

My rule of thumb is that is they would have been right SRs during the revolution they are unreliable

That is because they haven't read Marx.
Simply explain to them that Porky exploits all ideologies. Demonstrate how foregin policy has never been close to being influenced by Marxism.
I think it is pretty easy to demonstrate that the cultural values they hold dear will never withstand capitalism. Cultural Marxism is just a spook they haven't ever realized or considered.

your proposal is founded on the assumption that these people listen to reason, or that facts have any bearing on their ideology

protip: they don't

Some people doโ€ฆ.

its not that they don't listen to reason necessarily its just that we havent appealed to the values they care about yet. This doesnt mean becoming reactionaries who cast scorn on muslims, but it does mean showing how capitalists try to censor them, steal the value they produce etc. They don't particuarly care about the suffering of third worlders though so never open with that argument unless you can relate it back to them.

I agree, there's plenty of people who could be reached with the right message delivered in the right way. Psychedelics can also radically change people's views. People change.

Why don't you think they will listen?

Many of them care about the suffering of third worlders, but it is usually for the selfish reasoning of not having to deal with refugees or immigration.
Another topic I find that is extremely persuasive is the treatment of animals in factory farming. It is a great way to demonstrate the republicans don't respect about free speech that impinges upon the capitalist. This even reaches to the Alex Jones tier people, as many of the pollutants he rants about come from factory farming.


The lesson of history is that unprecedented things happen.


I have to laugh on two points.
1. The insinuation that reactionaries are rebellious
2. The fact that you believe in the "conservatism" myth in the United States of America. If you are a conservative, I must ask: what on earth are you conserving? As far as I can tell, so-called conservatives won't to destroy the status quo and put us back into the stone age by doing away with abortion and various economic reforms. CALL "CONSERVATIVES" WHAT THEY ARE: REACTIONARIES.

I am very doubtful of the idea that they can become, by-in-large, class conscious comrades as they typically members of the middle "vanguard" class. Their class protects the upper class and thus, through right-wing idpol, the economic system that they inhabit.

didn't he sell less than 200 copies in the UK?

Unfortunately for Milo, a few large corporations can just decide to censor you very easily. Fortunately the censors agree with the need for censorship to protect minorities, but they will just use it as a pretext for censoring other things.

That will never happen, they are just too stupid, to figure it out.

KInd of strange to see Milo so weak. He seemed so powerful during gamergate. It was like he was a force of nature. Now he just looks and sounds like a fucking loser.

Just one more saucy comment (one he'd made numerous times) that got the sort of misinterpretations he'd shrugged off countless times before, but this time one stuck.

I sometimes worry something similar will happen to Zizek, though he's much less provocative than Milo.

there's no "the" rebels

There is some legitimacy to the idea that social conservatism, at least among younger people, is filling the counter-cultural role that used to be filled by vaguely leftoid / social liberal ideas now that the the movements and ideologies that made up that social liberal milieu are firmly embedded in the state and corporate establishment.

Yes, 152 copies. His retort was that the text was not for sale in the UK, so those buyers had pay import charges. Seems a less than credible statement, given that Amazon UK have the text listed for immediate delivery. Still, it did manage to hit bestseller lists in the states for a while. Being honest, that's the target market for his material anyway.

Don't be a homo

More like he outlived his usefulness to the Republicans who were backing him. US conservatives were only willing to be associated with a "degenerate" gay man for so long, and once they got their guy in office there was no reason to keep him around anymore so they pulled the rug from under him.
He knew he was walking on thin ice but the "le epix trole xD" persona he created demanded that he kept going, that and his inflated ego perhaps made him think he was untouchable. Basically he was living on borrowed time from the get go and this was the natural conclusion to his parable of bullshit.

Nice idealism you got going on there

can you elaborate?

Batman doesn't have superpowers.


He sure became uncensorable when someone from The Daily Caller hired you as a useless Opinion Piece jockey, and you got fired, and not only did you get fired, the person who hired you got fired for hiring you in the first place.

Yeah good luck with that one bud. You're at the level where people get fired just for considering you an employee.

I just love bantz so much, and in our current culture of taking completely retarded nonissues as serious hot-button topics of political debate, that's something we need MUCH more of in the public sphere. Milo certainly indulges in contrarianism sometimes, but that's not what got him busted. Is it just impossible to be a professional troll, and have an individual identity attached to your bantz, without tiptoeing around statements edgy enough to get you convicted of unpardonable wrongthink by the court of public opinion?

not even; cut out the "material" bit

So then if liberals want to get rid of Milo once and for all, all they need to do is debate him and prove him wrong, instead of trying silence him.

Well if they wont listen then the game is already lost