I know that non-accelerationist Holla Forums is in favor of a market more regulated to the benefit of a worker...

I know that non-accelerationist Holla Forums is in favor of a market more regulated to the benefit of a worker. But what do they think about a market socialist economy with very little taxation and regulation except for contingency measures in case of a recession and other provisions such as monopoly laws?

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That it's an oxymoron?

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I phrased my thread very poorly, obviously most people desire the ultimate abolition of the market, but pragmatically and immediately most of you are pro-regulation and distribution.

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So what is your question exactly?

Holla Forums supports regulation and distribution in a capitalistic economy with high income inequality

Would it support more deregulation in a free market where all enterprises are organized as cooperatives? Maybe this thread should have been addressed to marksocs foremost idk I mostly lurk here and as this has proven my threads are catastrophes

Yeah because that is a pragmatic, limited goal for workers' struggle when they do not have the strength to go full revolutionary.

No, because such a situation will never occur.



Why can't Holla Forums admit that the righties and libs have a point when they say "socialism is the government doing stuff"?

Healthcare and more regulations are the government doing stuff.

Why can't you read a book?

Marx wanted a global government to end the government, so yes, a global government can certainly do that, in his mind.


The government will wither away

t. Marx

There is a difference between a socialist state and a capitalist one, the latter upholds private property rights and is still operating under the capitalist mode of production (SNLT, mass commodity production for exchange value instead of use …)
Your use of the word "government" frankly lacks nuance


There's a difference between a realistic hypothesis and an inconsistent pipe dream.

but we don't. we're not socdems.


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You're probably some delusional anarchist