Don't Play The Alt-Right's "B-But We're The Victim Here!" Games, Cut To The Chase

The alt-right only seems reasonable when they're on the receiving end of a megaphone wielding, purple haired, overweight, screaming SJW meltdown or when left-wingers let them play their "Why can't I be white in peace?" shtick. Don't engage in either such actions, but instead cut straight to the chase and ask them about demographics, "race realism" (race r3@lism if the mods word filtered the term) and most importantly about how they intend to deal with the hundreds of millions of people they deem to be unfit to live in the western world who according to them pose a threat to western civilization even if you already know their answer to each of these questions.

They get *VERY* nervous and evasive in light of being asked about hypothetical white identitarian policy to create their exclusively white countries due to the uncomfortable reality that the hundreds of millions of non-whites in the western world (namely in North America, but also in Europe) would have to be ethnically cleansed in one way or the other in order to achieve said white ethnostate.


Keep drilling Holla Forumsflakes for answers regarding "The Negro/Muslim Question". White nationalism has seen a surge in popularity over the past few years because they've ridden the coattails of the internet passtime of mocking SJW lolcows for being objectively unreasonable and in a lot of ways authoritarian to a certain degree, flip the script and force them to highlight the similarities between themselves and Tumblrinas by simply asking them to elaborate on their core beliefs for a change.

Had to post this after seeing how piss poor liberals (and some leftists) handled Holla Forums's little "It's okay to be white" stunt recently…*deactivates soapbox*

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I have to admit the american alt-right did a brilliant thing with the whole spreading of signs "it's ok to be white" it really showed once again how racist and hypocrite the american liberals truly are.

You have to go back.

We should't defend or help the liberals against white supremacist campaigns like It's OK to be white, we should attack them as well.

I myself can easily resolve this question.

You mean with multiple bloody wars and an apartheid state?

Good advice.

Shoot yourself.

Well the beauty of the United States being such a big country, already housed with different groups, means that it would be fairly easy for the alt-right to cooperate with other groups to partition the US along lines of demography and ideology, instead of subversive annexation.

Blaming Jews for apartheid isn't and argument for normies anyway, so you lost already.

lol >implying
We don't play IDpol here, faglord.
Shoot. Yourself.
Is this a joke? Are you braindead? The Israelis genocided them off the land.

The post suggested that the White Supremacists cannot defend a concept of White ethnostate. I'm just trying to show that this is wrong.

But they play it outside.
Churchill quote is also considered cool. Attacking Israel is considered uncool.

We should shut the fuck up.
"It's ok to be white" is probably the smarstest thing they ever did ever.
If you go against this statment you are anti white, if you say that this is a white supremacy thing you are anti white ecc.
Solution is going against the liberals that say that is not ok to be white, be smart and don't fall for the bait

*teleports behind u*

It's called a motte-and-bailey fallacy, and both the aut-right and SJWs live and die by it.

No, they weren't. Anti-Zionism was dominated by secular progressives until Hamas — whose existence Israel initially tolerated and even encouraged to sabotage the PLO — reared its ugly head in the late '80s.

How will you deal with people who resist being "separated"…?

What happened? I heard nothing about a response to the posters. Literally all people had to do was admit there's nothing wrong with being white or at most admit that then point people to where the posters were coming from. How could you possibly fuck that up?

Exactly. All it takes is one Asian, black, Middle Eastern or Latino person to say "no" for bloodshed to kick off. They can't defend "peaceful ethnic cleansing" without looking like…well, fascists if you take their plans to create a white ethnostate to their logical conclusion. Zero in on this. It's their Achilles heel.


So, by violence and ethnic cleansing then — got it.

Why do you expect resistance to be "extremely rare"…? Wouldn't any and all mixed-race families resist by default?

I ain't saying we should argue with them why it ain't okay to be white, I'm saying we should ignore that bait all together and ask them bout the alternate scenario they offer to a world of liberal anti-whiteness. You know, the white ethno-state masturbation fantasy?

You mean the thing they shilled the fuck out of that was supposed to cause a major media reaction and that was a total dud?

Thank you, comrade.

I hope you do realize how retarded and hypocritical this premise is.

By not falling for Holla Forumspaganda psyops? Fuck liberals, we're exposing the fascist subtext of the "white pride, worldwide" meme.

Like Jim Crow? How's that any better given it's history?

Afroplasm, do you remember that episode of the Boondocks where Gin Rummy talks about “nigga technology”, and how anything that doesn’t connect to a printer is such because “niggas never have anything to print”? I want you to take a minute, and think long, and fucking hard about that statement next time you make a thread concerning this topic.

This is where the alt-right at best starts talking bout "ostracizing" race mixers and mixed-race people or at worst suggests literally cutting people in half.

But this isn't about an ethno state tho. This is about being ok to be white or not. Play the naive card

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The ruse is up!

And nobody legit thinks it ain't okay to be white so we move past that and drill the alt-right on if they think it's okay to not deport a buncha "mud people" at the barrel of a gun.

When I imagine Afroplasm at the computer I always imagine an obnoxious hoodrat of a Mother 10 ft. away from saying things like “Nigga you ain’t neva gonna be shit on that computa, fuck nigguh” every time the Steve Wilkos show goes to commercial, as a single tear trails down his left cheek.

You should tho, it's good. As are many real asian cartoons.

My mum's white.

Avatar The Last Airbender's okay I guess…

That's why they started that campaing in the first place, liberals are stupid enough to actually think it is.

Liberals are the cancer that is fueling racial/sexual division, pol is just the parasite taking profit out of them and we should aknowlege this, because right now i think we're focusing on the wrong idiots

Quit taking the bait.
Let the baby have its bottle.

Back 2 r/socialism

nobody cares about your idpol slap fights


Here's the funny thing, it's only frizzy haired mulattos with identity issues that think fighting 'white supremacy' is some sort of important goal.
As much as porky will lead brown lumpenprole to believe, it's not 'discrimination' that is causing issues in their community, and 'white supremacy' doesn't have any institutional power, it's porky convincing them to direct their anger at whites instead of uniting under class lines.

This is why every major modern 'black nationalist' is nothing more than 'lets fight white capitalism with brown capitalism!!!'

The right's MO always has been to spot the contradictions of capitalism and blaming them on an undesirable group. They really have elevated this to an art tho. See the Frankfurt school being blamed for the very thing tried to warn us about, countries which never were anything but capitalistic blaming their failures on socialism etc. Gaslighting as counter-revolutionary weapon.