Saudi Arabia and Iran on the brink of war

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That's cute they don't think they themselves are a proxy for the US's middle eastern interests.


You have to be amazed how the Saudis are still in power. They must be keeping their population as stupid as 🍔burger🍔s.

it's been building up to this lads
the final war in the middle east

So, do you think this will be all-out warfare between the two, or just a strong continuation of their proxy wars in Syria and Yemen, maybe also Lebanon?

I'm sure that after the debacle in Yemen the leadership in Tehran is literally shaking hearing this.

Anyone find it suspicious how the only Saudi prince strongly against conflict with Iran died in a helicopter crash a few days ago?

Pure coincidence.

Interesting times at the peninsula.

Feels good man.

It's just saber rattling
Keeps your eyes on Lebanon, something big is cooking there, probably a joint Saudi-Israeli-American move against Hezbollah soon

AKA against Assad and Iran.

This is just proxy warfare.

Israel won't make a move alone, they'll only go in with the US backing them up and the Saudis have lost big time so far in the regional proxy war so opening up a new front gives them a chance to regain face and try to reset the board a bit

They don't really have any proxies there they can mobilize though. Hezbollah is fairly close with the armies and a faction of the Christians nowadays.

WWIII here we come.

From my understanding the only reason the US hasn't toppled the House of Sand is because they know it would create ISIS 3.0 (we're skipping the 2.0) which would control the Saudi oil reserves AND have them in a position to literally create a Caliphate if they wanted to. The House of Sand may be friendly as fuck to the United States but the population being left to rule on its own would literally just be a clusterfuck for US interests (and socialist ones as well). Say what you want about the Saudi monarchy but the Saudi people ruling on their own would be MUCH MUCH worse even if it fucks the US at the same time

Too bad Saudi has no communist parties, eh?

You're not wrong. The alternative to the Saudis is to literally have a permanent occupying army in Arabia. A big, draft fueled one, with a ton of foreign and American workers with big targets panted on their backs to pump the oil.

If it exists it most likely has been outlawed and is about as cycled as the CPUSA


…why exactly would the US topple the Sauds in the first place? They are allies and important trade partners. The Saudis co-operate with the hegemony.

Destabilizing the region.

It's pretty well known that the Saudi known funds Islamic terrorism, or at the very least much of the higher ups. It would basically be on the retarded logic of a US president not realizing that the monarchy is the only thing really holding back it since the Church without the King to go "that's a no no" would create a Jihad in the modern day which would have enough resources to get to Europe and potentially off the continent

why would they destabilise one of their allies? how in any way or form would that serve American aims? Or do you mean that the Saudis are a destabilising force? Maybe so, but the Yanks would have to be retards to think that anything replacing them would be better for stability. And the thing about the American government is that they only pretend to be retarded, since retardation is more acceptable than cold economic calculation in the realm of international PR.

Funding terrorism hasn't and won't ever be the reason to depose of a government that accepts the US hegemony.

Told you guys it was Lebanon next

How to obtain qt shia waifu?

idgi, after struggling to see off yemen, why would you start another two wars?
mbs has suddenly pressed the self destruct button, even america would struggle to defeat iran.

Shias aren't allowed to marry non-Muslims.

Just a reminder that Israel and Saudi Arabia are de facto allies at this point.

The can go down together then.

Can you provide me good proofs and sources? Two years ago you could say that to any normie and there was no one who wasn't funded by some neo-con think tank who would contest it but today there are magapedes who think Saudis are some based reformers betryaing their muslim brothers for daddy Trump and shit so evidence is needed.

Iran can't destroy either. Any full-blown war between Israel/Saudi vs. Iran will ultimately be Iran's downfall.

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia accused Lebanon on Monday of declaring war against it because of aggression by the Iran-backed Lebanese Shi‘ite group Hezbollah, a dramatic escalation of a crisis threatening to destabilize the tiny Arab country.

Pretty well known in the sense of the public view. I.e. Common knowledge. It's basically enough people think 2+2= fish so it's fact

What would that actually accomplish? American foreign policy in the reason is dictated by "what's best for Israel" followed by "Where is my oil coming from"? I don't see how destabilizing Saudi Arabia coincides with either objective.

Are declarations of war supposed to work like that?

Well they've been doing it since the 70s, it's been reported widely and openly on MSM for decades, and it's been stated over those years by intelligence officials, foreign ministers, high ranking officers - i.e a multitude of highly credible sources.

Hell, at one point the US govt bragged about it - obviously nowadays it's a more politically sensitive issue. And we know that terrorist activities were directly orchestrated and encouraged in South America, and those guys were every bit as brutal as ISIS.

Obviously not, although plenty of wars have been started on such thin pretenses.


Saudi Arabia is not in control of this, Israel and the USA are. This is about the petroyuan.

Israel is just an American proxy, idiot. It has zero power outside of US interests.

Prove it.

It isnt a proxy or a puppet but a very close ally, there is a difference.
bomb them both

Bombing Israel would result in a shitload of Palestinian deaths too…

Wiping America, KSA and Israel off the map would make the world immesurably safer, the loss of Palestinian life would be worth it.

Got that backwards fam

This is what it's about.


No Russia will come to Iran's assistance as will China.

Saudi Arabia would get it's shit pushed in if it ever fought a war with Iran. The military is a joke and fucking useless. Especially compared to Iran who has well trained forces and ones with proven track records like the revolutionary guards.

Will they be humiliated like in '06?

they can just hire mercs out the ass can't they, plus us air support probably

Saudis will no doubt get some nice American weapons.

Meanwhile, while the Iranian military is definitely trained well, Iran itself is about to explode. The entire country is highly unstable due to high unemployment and a dwindling economy overall.

whoops there goes KSA's excuse

Yeah, Saudi's military would be pretty much a decoy for Uncle Sam and his Blackwater Buddies.

Israel is trying to find permanent peace by involving all of its neighbors in massive civil and external wars among each other, like a Levantine Switzerland. The canny hebrew.

Anything happens to Iran and you'll see them go to ground and make an immediate commitment to nuclearise.

Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll destroy each other.

Just like how anybody whose opinions have differed with King Salman has subsequently found themselves out of a job/under house arrest.

It’s not a direct policy decision. Some members of the royal family have used their wealth and wusta to help jihadis - it’s also speculated that some zakat money ultimately goes to jihadist organisations due to the authorities’ reluctance to scrutinise charities in detail. Also bear in mind that the literal descendants of Abdul ibn al-Wahab form a significant portion of the ulema, and that due to the several hundred year old pact between the al Sauds and the al Ash Sheikhs, they wield a great deal of power as a result.