"Muh Gun control"

The working class must be armed
It is non-negotiable

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did you need to make another fucking thread for this

Never forget.

A bloody and senseless revolution would set us back a long way.

There is no alternative.

a non-bloody revolution is impossible though.

How so? Every early bourgeois revolution was ridiculously bloody and they turned out alright in the end/

Fuck off back to kiwifarms

What about bloody and meaningful revolutions?

Completely incorrect, reactionaries need to be converted and the intellectually lazy can and must be forced to care about politics and economy. A populist revolution that is outnumbered is by definition illegitimate, and it's no wonder why the illegitimate is bound to end in failure.


oh of course lets just vote bernie sanders and greens and we could have healthcare in another twenty years XD

What can proles armed with 9mm's do when porky has a nuclear arsenal at his disposal, even the bloodiest revolution we could bring cannot make more damage than capitalism's own self destructing nature, gun control is being pushed by the actual leftists who understand that the only thing we can do is limit capital's antagonisms in this contemporary age.
Liberal hippies are not the only demographic pushing the gun control meme, honestly I too would want gun control if I lived in 🍔burger🍔land.

In common law systems it most certainly is. Laws build on each other. The result is an exponential increase in restrictions on arms for proles.

This kind can only come about when material conditions force the capitalists to reach their limits. We have seen clearly how flexible they are. You only need to look at some of the monstrosities they have produced to keep the system functional.

It was called "gun control" here in AUS and guess what that turned into?
Proles must be armed end of discussion

t. Allende

nobody is saying to do it right now without popular support but you're kidding yourself if you think capitalists and the state will just surrender because lots of people don't like them.



You are an autist. Only class conscious proles should be armed. The last thing I want is for more reactionaries to be armed. In this case, it is better to focus on enlightening them and fostering class consciousness. Now when the gunsmith asks Cletus why he is buying this rifle, Cletus can reply "I need it to wrestle against the bourgeois oppressors" instead of saying "I'm gonna shoot beer cans in my backyard".

you missed the
I'm just saying that there should be more nuance concerning the subject, Marx didn't consider a fucking nuclear holocaust to be a possible development in warfare

All these people who actually support Suc-dem/Liberal gun control need to Un-ironically read Hoxha

Then stop LARPing. Reactionaries far outnumber leftists in the USA. Once a sizable majority of the population is class conscious, then we will naturally rescind gun restrictions again.

I can't believe I finally agree with you fucking commies on something. thank you for having a modicum of common sense. How do you think your revolution works in a world where only the people you are fighting against have guns? Oh I forgot, you have seen a dozen action movies and know you can take two pipes and put a shotgun shell in them to shoot effectually at something not wearing body armor within three feet of yourself. If you trust the government then give up your right to guns. If you are skeptical of the motivations of people who want to take your right to have a fun though…

simply discussing the possibility of revolution is not larping
what the fuck do you mean. why do you think we have the authority to do that?

GO BACK TO /lefpol/

lol democracy. but you know. its the antithesis to your utopian dream so political paradox incoming.

dumbest thing I've read in a a long time.
dumbstick thinks that rifles are bought from gunsmiths

this tbqh
People who still believe in a "socialist revolution" are delusional, porky would rather just nuke the entire thing than let capitalism crumble.
unless you're a posadist there is literally no reason to still be this optimistic about a left-wing revolution

This is probably one of the stupidest fucking thing I’ve read here in a while. So tell me, how do you plan on quantifying what makes a certain portion of the population “class conscious”? Do you plan walking door to fucking door handing out multiple choice pamphlets, and literature?

Why do you think the NRA has such political pull? They are doing business.

t. literally every red soc-dem opportunist ever

so you think we're going to let politicians grab guns now, wait until people hate porky and the state, then ask nicely for our guns back and we'll get them?

I accept your concession. If you were wrongly imprisoned, and put in a jail full of unarmed inmates, tell me wouldn't you want them on your side before you throw everyone a shank?

any more stupid questions?

it's not optimistic to think that armed revolution is the only way, it's actually and extremely grim reality. it's still more likely than voting Democratic Cops of America or whatever leading to communism.

accept my boot up your ass, it's all you've been offered.

Don't be purposefully obtuse.

Only country I know that's nuked its own civilians was the Soviet Union irradiating Kazakhs and vaporising whole towns in the middle of nowhere in central asia

a bloody revolution that might kill some thousands here and there is pretty optimistic compared to a fucking nuclear holocaust

Insults are not becoming. They aren't arguments either.

lol go take a long look in the mirror, dipfuck

Oh, so you are really that dim. My condolences.

Yeah because the US government would totally nuke new York so they could administrate over an irradiated hellscape that would grind the economy to a halt you fucking moron

There will be no lefty revolution in the west
The left is thoroughly almost unanimously liberalised

then what are you doing here

I was actually thinking more of the American government nuking other countries, you seem quite optimistic about the American public having any revolutionary potential to begin with, but still like I said, nuclear holocaust is still a better alternative for porky than to let the masses hang him and abolish capitalism.

Why are the fascists, er I mean fellow leftists, in here so obsessed with gun control again? Junk food and cars kill way more people than guns but for some reason I never hear anyone talking about banning those?


Reminder that >>>/leftyk/ exists for more detailed discussion on this topic.

You're delusional dude

The second a large enough violent revolutionary group bands together using the language of liberty and advocating the deposition of the US government for becoming tyrannical the government has already lost
There can be no Communist or fascist revolution in the USA but there can be an American revolution

the only reason the USSR didn't get fucking nuked is because the U.S was relatively more powerful, if the tides were reversed and they were backed into a corner you can be sure it would have happened.

Gun control is not a gun ban, it does not conflict with the working class being armed. But keep telling yourself everyone should own a bazooka like the retarded 🍔burger🍔 that you are and using a century-old Karl Marx meme quote as your sole defense.

Friendly reminder : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smith_Act


Why do you care if someone owns a bazooka?

Meant to quote

shorter version for the mentally handicapped

The US government relies on keeping the majority of the population believing they are living in a free country
If that doubt is seeded on masse and enough people question their authority their narrative no longer is enforceable

everyone having a bazooka wouldn't be a problem if they were fucking class conscious you stupid fucking red liberal

The problem is that we give up on the people and instead try to ban guns when we should do the opposite


Yeah but socdems don't think that the police are inherently bad.

You're so fucking naive, the masses are too fucking dumb that the U.S government doesn't even try to hide their trespassing on personal "freedoms" anymore, literally no one in 🍔burger🍔land gave two shits about Snowden nor Wikileaks, they are still going along with the spectacle even when most of them realize what's happening.

Even the Iraq war and terrorism are handled as a joke that gone too far there, you think the average American gives two shits about the U.S not finding nukes in Iraq and essentially starting wars for profit in the region? I'm pretty sure they can't even find Iraq on the map

90 million people didn't vote in the 2016 election despite all the bombarding of spectacle around it, explain?

the optimism in this board is off the charts

If they were satisfied with the political system, would they not have voted?

*pushes you down*

Yes yes, everyone is a sheep except you, my little special snowflake.

I care because that means anyone can unleash immensely destructive power on a whim. Widespread bazooka ownership would escalate every hostility into a gorefest of mass deaths.

But it so happens that not everyone is "class conscious" and there actually are more various reactionaries and demented gun nuts than leftists. Bummer!

blogpost tier, is that you Holla Forums?

literally larping

Never implied people were "sheep", the average worker simply does not care whether he lives in a democracy or a dictatorship as long as his needs are met, but if you think middle class muricans will rally up for our cause and leave their comfortable life styles when there are no material conditions that compels them to do so, then you should probably stop calling yourself a leftist.
no one cares if the entire middle east or china get nuked as long as they get to watch the new game of thrones episode and eat their favorite junk food.

And yet it would still be less than the amount cars and fast food kills. Funny you don't seem to care about that.

Either enough people are naturally born psychopaths that it's better to just disarm everyone, in which case enjoy that capitalist police state, because you're never going to achieve anything else. Or people are largely shaped by their material conditions, and fixing the underlying societal and economic issues would largely eliminate violent crime, giving us no reason to disarm and give up our right to self preservation. Pick one and only one.

I think you vastly overestimate how content the lower middle class actually are, and that discontentment is creeping up the vine.

well every "capitalist police state" in europe don't have mass shootings, they also enjoy things like low gun crime and their police do not abuse them to the extent american police brutalize their citizens

Literally posted 25 minutes ago

Again, why do you care about controlling guns so much? People still kill others with all sorts of weapons but you're sperging out about just one of them. The one that happens to allow for precision kills for more meaning to them. You realize how fucking easy it is to make home made explosives with far more destructive force than any gun could accomplish? Problem with those is that innocent bystanders get harmed in the blasts so you can't convey a message as well as shooting a fascist trying to throw you in a concentration camp.

I do not want reactionaries to be armed. Much like you want your doctor to have gone through school before opening up your body, you need a reactionary to become class conscious before arming him. Also, gun crime would absolutely drop.

Same with guns really. I don't want to live in a world where everyone is armed and therefore you can be instantly killed at any time.

Like all liberals, his idea of 'gun control' is completely unregulated weapons for the state, and highly regulated small arms to the point of a defacto ban for everyone else. Certainly this could never backfire, with fascists rising to power and controlling the weapons. No, no, that has never and could never happen, right?

Literally who cares about reactionaries? In a class war all that matters is working class vs ruling class. Guess what? In capitalism the ruling class doesn't have to abide by your laws meaning the only ones with guns are the ruling class. Don't feed me this bullshit about control not banning either, laws are always manipulated in favor of the ruling class. You can be damn sure that within a generation only the ruling class will have guns. Then you'll be bitching about knives claiming there's no hope for revolution because only the ruling class has guns and what are you going to do, knife out their guns? The same bullshit you're doing now with nukes/drones vs guns.

kill yourself illiterate

I don't either, but how exactly do you enforce that? Are you going to ban all vehicles? Blunt objects? Sharp objects? Even if you banned all sharp objects, all blunt objects over a certain mass, and all vehicles, someone could walk right up behind you and punch you in the base of your skull, killing you instantly. How would you prevent that?

False equivalence. None of those have the ease of use and sheer killing power of a gun.

Abolish the right to bare arms.

You lost the argument, lad. That user blew you the fuck out.

You don't know what you're talking about, and you're vomiting out dangerously inaccurate statements.
Watch this and get back to me: youtube.com/watch?v=c4ZpyKSmgdE


Can't, some fascist claiming to be a leftisg told me I'm not allowed to have a gun.

You can have one but reactionaries can't. When reactionaries have been eliminated then we should buy weapons

Eliminated with what? Your hot opinions?


Back to Holla Forums retard, as he contradictions of capitalism make themselves more apparent over time, people shift to the left.

Nice youtu.be/MYwd0Wus5Ik

And when people shift to the left I'm sure the nice and friendly ruling class will let you have your weapons back.

take a good hard look at the 20th century and say that again with a bold face

FAQ #5
Now either admit you were wrong and apologize, and I'll help educate you on the subject, or get the fuck out and don't come back.

Knives really are fucking terrifying. That's probably the biggest blind spot that most concealed carriers have, because you do get this false sense of security when you're carrying and thinking "If someone pulls a knife, I can just shoot them like the movies!". But someone can have that knife stuck in your throat or guts in the time it takes you to draw, so you need to drill the shit out of those situations.

B-but fellow proletarian, guns degrade the quality of life among the workers!

Threads like these are why I miss flags.

I know you're being ironic, but seriously, no one who has ever said that, or something to that effect, ever gave a single fuck about the working class to begin with.

Caring about gun control because you're worried about mass shootings and individual violence while the police state exists is like worrying about creating a splinter free environment while you live in a minefield. Gun control is entirely a fear-based position but it's not even rational; why the fuck would you be more afraid of proles with guns when they do barely any damage controlled with the pigs with guns?

The fascists are already armed you fuck. They wear badges and prowl in your neighborhoods looking for victims. The people being armed is the only thing that can change that.