All anarchists, libertarian socialists, left communists, Identity Politics redditors, and other degenerate "communists" please go to this board so we don't have to deal with your stupid asses shitposting and still being butthurt over a meme anymore. Let the grown ups do the the Leftist discussion

shut up

Why? It's objectively better for people of that ilk to go there. It was literally made by pussies who were butthurt over BO's tiny meme and cried about it for days. You seem pretty butthurt so I'm sure you would fit in just fine

Get better taste and turn 18.

cease your blabering

Kek, what would your response have been if M-Ls reed just as hard to getting wordfiltered to ☭TANKIE☭ you stupid cunt.

No. Leftpol sucks.

only because not enough people post there

Just go join your butthurt bretheren already

just a reminder that "statist" posters used to get banned for posting pic related if not spoilered

The same, that Xir is a stupid faggot who would rather piss off a sect he doesn't like than run a functional board. That he managed to destroy the containment thread for over a dozen US military bases in Syriafags and hand Holla Forums an easy 117000 character shitpost pasta while still not reinstating flags shows how shit at this he is.

Mods have always been shit.

meanwhile on /leftpol/ /trotpol/

You do not need a thread for your shilling OP.

What I was alluding to is that they started banning on factional basis around the second vol hiring. One prime example would be PricklyCactus who got fired afaik.

Any chance the B⁠O will actually fix the flags then?

IMO flaglessness is improving board quality atm.

PricklyCactus pissed off everyone fam, and the mods have always been shit. I got banned for pretending to be a class collaborationist NazBol once.

100% disagree. We've been flooded with Holla Forumsacks, and there's been less theory discussion than ever.

No clue. Some other mods are contacting her, but I don't know when she will respond.

lmao. Yeah, some mods need to look at post history more.

Stop misgendering xir.

Shut the fuck up

lol, deserved.

The board owner being female is a meme. can't believe a volunteer actually fell for it.

him/her whatever m8.

Correcting pronouns is autistic regardless of your excuse.

*Pushes you down*

"Grandpa! What are you doing?"

sauce pls

hitomi tanaka