Also he could not legally own a gun with a dishonorable discharge so he was already breaking the law.

Other urls found in this thread:


sage goes in the email field


Yea and what evidence do you have that he's antifa? Not that it matters, but all I see is Holla Forums throwing a fit saying he's one and the only evidence being "he looks like one". Also lots of Holla Forumsyps saying he's a jew, a patsy, or the Jews at the FBI made him up to take away guns. Its a shitshow

Look at his voter registration for "UAF" United Against Fascism.


Show me a link to his voter registration as a UAF member. It’s easy as fuck to doctor a screenshot, it takes about 1 minute in MS paint.

well Holla Forums, lets see how much air time this gets in the media

I predict it gets less airtime than Charlottesville in the media. Antifa are useful idiots of the Democratic party, so this will be downplayed by all outlets that are not explicitly conservative.
I also predict Trump will make a smug comment about how this exonerates his 'Many Sides' qualification regarding Charlottesville.

We're coming buckos

Still not convinced

Alright this is fake as fuck


Holy shit


Remember when you guys thought that last mass shooter was antifa, or the one before, or that guy who ate scat?

Fair enough, assuming it’s tbe same Devin Patrick Kelly.

In the spirit of honesty some say that UAF is unaffiliated. Check his birthday against the Alabama arrest.

Also if this is legit then that's something.

UAF means Unaffiliated

Is he, dare I say, /ourguy/?
Nice fake though.

That image hurts and I'm so confused

wasn't the guy who ate scat literally died when Spencer got punched or is this something else?

I’m tempted to do a collage of all the times pol claimed someone was antics and got it wrong

if only the Academic Agent was there, he could've saved everyone. He's read everything Marx ever wrote.


They also tried to say the Vegas shooter was Antifa.

Slave Ray rose from the grave to fight fascism, I'd like to see you do better.





I can smell the revolution in the air comrades!

Anyone have a link to his facebook?

*archive of his fb

Facebook deactivated it. At this point any post with antifa or leftist stuff on his Facebook is most likely fake.

the implications of slave Ray are amusing, because it means someone on pol was enough of a “””degenerate””” to see the resemblance of his favorite scat porn actors


Wait, so if he's confirmed anti-fa, does Holla Forums has its own shooter now?

Since most people consider atheists leftists I guess we do.

He was a loose cannon. We should have seen this coming.

🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Devin🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Patrick🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Kelley🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Why did we go back to the worst ones?



His appeal and reject following his courts martial.

Authentic pic of part of his Facebook page.

Yeah. I'm sure you can register to vote as a member of a British "antifascist pressure group" in the US. It means unaffiliated.

Together we rise appears to be a normie anti-Trump group.


Nah, that's TOGETHER WE RISE not Together We Rise

This is it. facebook.com/groups/2getherWeRise/?ref=br_rs

lol there are so many FB groups with the exact same name we may never know.

I have to login in for that.

*mind these images are from 4cuck

Lol that was most likely not the group, but the first pic seems pretty accurate.



Should I become a mod?

Married Danielle Shields in 2014. May have had children with her.
Facebook: facebook.com/danielle.kelley.92102
Instagram (obviously private due to 4/chan trolls): instagram.com/danielleshields/

What was that guy's deal anyway? I read he was an acquaintance of Rand Paul in one article but that's it.
Did Randy cuck him or something?

Seems to be the same baby.

Mocks you thank lol

Didnt they not learn after vegas?


Typical Cernovich and Posobiec disinfo. In the absence of information they will repeat/create rumors.


You will seriously considered if Xir ever takes volunteers due to your valiant efforts in eradicating Whitey. Praise Soros.

They tried to pin the fucking Charlottesville vehicle ramming attack on Antifa, they try to pin everything on Antifa

how many soros bucks went into this one?

I like how they think Antifa is simultaneously a bunch of laughable effete sissies but also scary terrorists capable of mass slaughter.

it's the schrodinger's leftist

If he's anti-fa, he's not on the list.
I would post the pastebin, but it's gone now (and I don't feel like looking for an archive), so have this:
>>>Holla Forums10404804

Imagine having this much double think

Wrong, it takes me 5 minutes.



Found this on YouTube. Looks eerily similar, but may be fake.

Shit thats a reputable source if ive been looking for


Are all right-winger autistic fags with face blindness?

right-wing pathology
someone post that one picture about how fascists always lose wars because the enemy is seen simultaneously as too weak and too strong

Confirmation bias


What timeline are we living in?

What if Antifa is effeminate sissies who are capable of mass slaughter.

Wouldn't it make more sense to ask them to quote the Manifesto ? Who the fuck memorizes Kapital, not antifa that's for sure

His appeal:

More info on charge:
"A gunman who opened fired on a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas was court-martialed in 2012 for assault on his spouse and child, according to a military spokeswoman.

Devin Kelly was court-martialed in 2012 for two counts of Article 128 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, assault on his spouse and assault on their child, according to Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek.

Kelley received a bad conduct discharge in 2014, confinement for 12 months and a reduction to the grade of E-1, she said." -CNN

Seeing this thread I'm convinced that 99% of Holla Forums is Holla Forums LARP. Either that, or everyone is completely braindead.

The far-right disinformation machine genuinely makes me question my anti-censorship beliefs. I mean fucking christ, these people get others killed by egging on the Dylann Roofs and James Fields of the world, and they don't give a fuck. Somebody seriously needs to shut these fucking con artist scumbags down before they do even more damage to our political and cultural fabric.

I think that was coronary artery disease that did that tbh

You sound like a religious conservative of the 1980’s.



Just another typical white shooter, further enable by America’s nonsensical gun laws.


this picture is perfect.

Almost every single mass shooter has a history with domestic abuse.

Per Henry Cuellar, a state representative from Texas has been briefed on the situation, the belief is that this shooting was not politically motivated and that there were one or two people inside the church (supposedly family members) that Kelley wanted to kill.



facial agnosia AKA prospagnosia is a common trait in autistic people, I think you're onto something here…

Require *two* sets of equals signs on each side, user

Like this

this changes everything

unironically supporting this

well that sure didn't work out for him did it

I am important text now

Fuck off, porky


Next door neighbors. He beat the shit out of Rand while he was mowing the lawn. Maybe Rand banged his wife?

Kek, I literally showed up outside Spencer's apartment for an action and I'm not on the list

if your blind and retarded maybe

Lmao @ RT

b-but RT is a trust-worthy news source because muh American imperialism

I don't know who came up with this troll but all I can say in response is "ebin"

did you not read the second image?

fucking kek

Pollocks so desperate for a grape

Can you blame them though? Their God Emperor is about to be impeached and indicted

Making a bold claim in headlines only to specify in comments that this very claim is not based on sound evidence is crass journalism.

That's not gonna happen
Trumps people are definitely gonna get arrested and jailed though

Jack Prostate is at it again.


Fucking lmao.


We must stand with Comrade Devin in his noble struggle against American Anti-Intellectualism

this unironically

Our political and cultural fabric is damaged by the lack of trustworthy sources. Don't blame trolls, tricksters and scammers for the failure of the entire system.
More importantly, it's the exact same system that you are now apparently willing to empower even more.

I honestly think Donald Trump Jr is going to be indicted. Just for how much he fucking lied and covered in front of congress for. He's up there with Jared Kushner in terms of rich-idiot-thrust-who-bumbled-his-way-into-breaking-as-many-laws-as-possible-speedrun-for-prison

And I think seeing his reaction to seeing his son go to prison would be even tastier than him going to prison.

I mean what would he do? Would he feign shock and try to pardon him, or would he just not give a shit because he really does not care about his kids at all. I have a feeling he would just brush it off, and that by itself would be hilarious.

His sons are so fuckin ugly

This could be real tbh. I can easily imagine an autist from this board pulling a stunt like this.

But you cannot imagine an autist from your board running over people in charlottesville?

That shouldn't be hard, considered the imaginary fantasy land you live in.

Yes, the very real account of someone bringing Das Kapital and shoving it into a boomer's face screaming SAY IT, SAY YOUR LIFE WAS A LIE, SAY YOU WON'T RETIRE, SAY IT, SAY ALL OF IT, YOU PEOPLE FUCKED IT ALL UP, READ IT OR YOU DIE

Actually no you're right that doesn't sound that bad

I'm not even a Holla Forumsyp, comrades.
You're telling me you don't think any shitposter here is autistic enough to do that?

I don't think the event in question is real, no

I said it could be real, not that it is.
Obviously the odds are very slim.


I don't think there's odds at all of the telling of that event being real.

Imagine being this dumb

tbh we should use this as a way to purge leftypol

The cowards trips

The trips of a complete and total freak.

From now on every time theres a mass shooting in America (so basically every week or so) I expect Holla Forums is going to try and meme them as far-left/antifa.

Didn't you know?
Every shooter since Oswald was Antifa.
This is a true fact and there are even infographs.

And almost every time it's not going to be antifa and they're going to It's-Time-For-Some-Game-Theory tier Democrat-Russia tier conspiracy bullshit to make it all sensible to their fragile warped world view.

They will do it until they go mad and murder someone, and Holla Forums accuses them of being antifa. Until another Holla Forumsyp goes out, and he was antifa too. And another, and another, and another, and another

I feel like they are going for the broken clock effect.
They know that if they cry wolf enough time, at least one time there will be a wolf.

They look like the inbred offshoots of a fallen central-European aristocratic family.

The legendary lost Habsburgs

Someone needs to take the "Muslim terror attack" bar graph and replace it with Antifa so we can meme it years from now

Daddy trump most definitely like Jared more than either of his sons
And this is considering Jared is an idiot who borrows money at every turn

Do you guys think that the immediate politicization of every single act of violence has had a harmful effect of on American society? I'm beginning to think so. I am starting to believe that the good-intentioned attempt to center the social and political elements of violence is helping crate a society where spectacular violence, and even ordinary violence, is normal.

Just my thoughts. I don't think there is anything that can be done about it, but America has become a less safe place and I don't think gun control is a satisfactory explanation for why.

He would obviously pardon him if not just shut down the investigation before it ever reached that point. Why the fuck wouldn't he? Do you think he has some greater objective that he is willing to send his family to jail for? The president had total power to pardon anyone.

I really don't think he gives a shit about his kids. I think you're over estimating how much emotional energy he spent invested in his kids. He just sort of had them.

Pardoning your son who broke the law on no other grounds than he's your son is a bit of a gigantic legal doozy, I don't know how you could pull that one off

Are these actually them?

No it isn't. The president has total power to pardon anyone. It's very explicit that he does and is actually one of those fault lines in the constitution that we pretend doesn't exist.

And the president isn't exactly free from Court repercussions either. Regardless, in a event like that it would be a scandal large enough for him to lose reelection, and once he's out of office does it become extremely interesting legally.


Jesus Christ, plastic surgery can perform miracles.

This is an edited photograph.

No, but he definetly helped to destroy antifa lunatics


Not at all. The lack of any relationships preclude any of that. Domestic abuse is a normie thing.

he isn't antifa read

Jesus christ you people are invalids. UAF isn't a party registration you dumb fuck

Because of Meme Harris and friends every internet atheist is de facto radical centrist now so probably not /ourguy/

We should've sent this guy after Muke a long time ago

I think the very autistic lefties end up in deranged circles of trigger warnings on twitter, not shooting people in real life


Choose one

Spoken like a true liberal.
Now fuck off