Opinion on Blanquism ?

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The only praxis which works.

Retarded, can't work

Taylorism-Blanquism works and only anarcho-leftcom trotskyist utopians oppose it.


Isn't that just Leninism?

One might think.


* "Marxism"-"Leninism" and Trotskyism

What is this from? Looks like a good read.

A memechin book.


More like antiaktion aktion


Nothing wrong with elitism.

He was right except for the "temporary dictatorship" bit. Dictatorship should be permanent since it's the best form of government in the right hands, we just need to make sure it stays meritocratic.

Idealist nonsense that does far more damage to the Left then good.

Fuck off you useful idiot.
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We need a greater Blanquist presence on the board

Good reading. I highly respect the man.

B"H this is beautiful.

Blanquists will be called alphabet soup anyway

The only way to establish organizations with out liberals or cops. Everyone should be a Blanquist.
"He who has iron, has bread" - Blanqui

Who is Taylor?

Frederick Winslow Taylor

Taylorism has nothing to do with Blanquism.