Sam Marcy

If you ever wondered why the American far left is so fucked up and useless, he's your man
People like Stalin and Hoxha get called ☭TANKIE☭s but Marcy's bullshit theory of "global class war" is what leads parties like PSL/WWP and their fellow travellers to take consistently retarded opinions

Marcy's Global Class War is essentially just an adaptation of Trotsky's theories, he even admitted as much early in his career. WWP only got ☭TANKIE☭ after ditching much of said theory in favor of a more genuine anti-imperialist stance.

Really though if you hate the American Left in general there are way better candidates for why it's shit, most of whom are ironically anarchists

The point is that PSL and WWP cloak themselves in anti-revisionist ML rhetoric and defend any state that claims to be socialist based on a weird reverse Trotskyite understanding of the world. Look how many of these fools think China is still a socialist state. They gloss over events like the Sino-Soviet and Sino-Albanian splits like they're nothing, grouping everything under the socialist banner and ignoring the massive gulf between and within "socialist" states.
Anarchists haven't been a big force on the American left since the IWW's heyday.

Occupy Wall Street literally happened like 6 year ago and it was organized by anarchists. Yes it was quickly co-opted by liberals and IdPol but that's my point. Anarchism is just red liberalism and its the main tendency in the american left other than literal Social Democracy so if anyone is to blame its them

The MLists pre-war and post-war don't exactly inspire much confidence. At least the IWW organized militant workers instead of cops.

Also way to generalize all M-L orgs because apparently one let a cop in. I don't even know what you are talking about tbh, unless u mean Democratic Cops of America which isn't M-L in the slightest

They were all infiltrated by cops through and through. Not talking about Democratic Cops of America

OWS was "organized" by the fucking FBI and it was a total shitfest.

you are completely retarded and don't understand trotskyism, global class war, and least of all anti-imperialism

Who would you say fucked up the American Left user?

the CPUSA was pretty good at one point
also the Black Panthers in the 60s were Maoist

CPUSA wasn't completely subverted until the mid-80s or so (COINTELPRO's main target was the CPUSA)
Black Panthers are legendary and the New Afrikkkan Panthers are good but they pretty much stick to prison-related stuff
SPUSA, while never fully Marxist-Leninist, had many member who affiliated with the Soviet Union, including Eugene Debs, its most prominent member

Also as much as I can't stay PSL they're still miles ahead of groups like the Democratic Cops of America and Green Party. They at least have the balls to argue to overthrow capitalism directly and don't just hint at it or preach reformism.


(I assume it's supposed to say "can't stand".) Non-burger here. What's wrong with the PSL? I follow them on some of their social media and they seem alright to me.

They're Trotskyite-Dengists.

I thought they were closer to being "Stalinists" than trots.

Really? What makes them Dengists? Pretty sure I saw them shilling some book about Chinese "revolution and counter revolution" on twitter or something.

they split from the WWP in 2004, a party which itself was founded by sam marcy, a trot
defense of the post-mao PRC

Reminder that the PSL endorsed Sanders.

Also the PSL, ISO, Democratic Cops of America, IWW and SAlt work together all the time.

So did every single public Leftist group or individual in the USA, what's your point?

Where did I say that cooperation was a bad thing?

Then what was your point? That it's impossible to be a superior Leftist org if you work with an inferior one?

the APL and FRSO didn't iirc

Isn't the reason why the American left is shit is because the red scare and the fact that Americans had comfortable wages for some time? Socialism wasn't very appealing at the time. Seems like all the parties cracked from the inside from constant bickering, take this thread for example. lol