It keeps on happening

Daily mass shooting thread

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who cares

lots going on


Wouldn't that imply that antifa are indeed the unstoppable supersoldiers that people claim they are?

Here comes the religious war republicans

Honestly, thought that said "Posadas arrest".

Can't believe that's the first time I've seen this

whats the explanation for not doing it yet? everything is a false flag but no guns got get when 100 babies got shot by an autist

another american massacre
it is once again time for the liberal socdems to tell everyone "we have to disarm the working class for their own good"

When obama was in charge they held him personally responsible for every mass shooting lol

Shooting spree in TX? B-but more guns = less crime.

UNCONFIRMED REPORT: Shooter identified as Chris Ward.

Serious question, this board is against gun control, ok. But is our solution to shooting sprees?

'Alienation and social isolation (the root causes of this kind of violence) are byproducts of late stage Capitalism' is all I can come up with.

Obvious false flag to cover up the release of the Paradise Papers

More proof that guns need to be outlawed by penalty of death.

Aren't Texans usually the first to say "well if everyone had been armed they would have shot the shooter"?

This shooting spree are good.
less americans=more communism

Reddit spacing and textbook concern trolling in one post. Bravo, r/soc, bravo. You really showed those meanie brocialists what's what.

free public access to mental health treatment, and yes, ending capitalism is a long-term solution. disarming the people so that only the state and law enforcement have firearms is fucked up and I fail to see how it can be called a leftist solution at all.

Nice try Anti-fah

The murder of Americans?

The right has always held a paradoxical view of their political opponents as both infinitely powerful while also being weak and ineffectual. Jews, Slavs, Communists etcetera.

Typical /yourguy/ tactics

He's too white to be Holla Forums ( )
so it's possible.

take your meds

you stop that

do these people think that saudi arabia actually assisted antifa? How retarded do you have to be to rationalize this.

This is a long shot but I'm gonna guess that it's a pagan Holla Forumstard


*Citation needed*

Wasn't the Vegas shooter supposed to be "antifa" as well

What the fuck is Antifa material?

He was /ourcomrade/, it was an act of anti-imperialism.

This has been said of every major death event in America for the past few months by some random maga pede or polyp on twitter

It'd be really cool if this was true and trump used it as a pretext to launch a junta and go full fash and put all opponents of the regime in death camps tbh

tbh could be the 'antifa handbook' some jackass is selling, but i really doubt it

This but unironically.

How delusional are you to think that trump is anything more than a run of the mill neocon?

these are the same people who saw a picture of antifa in syria celebrating the defeat of isis and concluded that they were ISIS members

WTF, I hate guns now

Is that your AR?

I fucking hate ironybros like krang and pixelatedboat who talk about disarming the people AND the state as if that's something that can actually happen in real life.

Duh it's obviously these

If someone has read this book they are almost always an unredeemable liberal looking to make a career out of or build a brand from The Revolution™

But weapons are bad and they kill people! Nobody should ever have weapons to defend themselves or other people! The true revolution is peaceful! Workers don't need to KILL the upper class to be able to change the world!
t. Not a liberal

the edgy atheist comment

Bob Avakian has blood on his hands.


Wil Wheaton has made an entire career out of being an annoying shitlipped fuck. He'd be negligent in his duties to not act like an obnoxious douchebag just because a couple of people got shot.

I'm an atheist but fuck that edgy cunt

Sam Hyde confirmed

if you have a twitter and don't go telling him "shut up wesley" right now you're a dick

So was it isis or antifa

at least half the responses to that tweet had better be "shut up wesley" or i'm gonna be disappointed.

No, they're overwhelmingly positive.

Devin Patrick Kelley has been identified as the gunman who killed at least 24 people at a church in Texas, a U.S. official tells The Daily Beast. Kelley, 26,

you heard her fellas, you want to be a good man, don’t you?

So, when will all the moderate white males collectively apologize and denounce this guy?

He was based. All who worship the dead kike on a stick are second in line to the gas chambers.

Well, looks like the revolution is over with. Give it up boys, we don't deserve the weapons to kill the bourgeoisie

Isolated incident


I just got my 3rd ban on kikebook, this one 3 days. Mentioned some antifa faggot getting gunned down and killed a while back and it just now got me banned.

Guess no posting about terrorists on kikebook, US or not.

My other posts were just about jews in general just shining light on them, nothing too derogatory. You're not allowed to mention ((them)) at all anymore.

inb4 you used your real account. Yes, not scared, can't win a war with faceless heroes.

The guy was a Holla Forumstard

What the fuck is wrong with America?


Then throw on a trip, faggot.

hey man why don’t you try keeping the daily shootings interesting?


garde was over. Beginning with Wagner’s Gesamtkunstwerk and resulting in
the Dadaist cry to “Abolish art, abolish everyday life, abolish the separation
between art and everyday life”, the history of the avant-garde culminates in
the gesture of 9/11. Stockhausen had the courage to say this, whilst many of us
were thinking the same: terrorizing suicide is the total work of art of the century with no future. The fusion of art and life (or death, what difference
does it make?) is clearly visible in the form of action that we might call
“terrorising suicide”.

It was some right wing atheist-turned-fundie


really makes you think

Old pic of him from Myspace days.

Jesus Christ, the way he just walked in there and instantly started shooting at people's backs was fucked up. They didn't have a chance.

an anti for sure.

Inject this ideology straight into my fucking veins

He shaved before shooting 'em up. This pic's old.

Lol yeah this dude was TOTALLY a lefitst

All according to plan.


Who do they think buys this shit?

Yikes. According to plan indeed.



Brother Malcolm agrees

The only thing I (correctly) inferred from your post is that you're a reactionary shitheel.

Kill yourself.

How many layers of liberalism are you on right now?

But he didn't mean that you fucking idiot.
He posted a picture of soros, he could have posted a pic of porky and the meaning wouldn't change.

anti-gun liberals btfo

Wait, did the guy grab the gun away and shoot Kelly with his own gun?

and nothing of value was lost

I interpreted that someone shot him back. If an unarmed person grabbed the shooter's gun that's pretty savage

ow the edge

Chad gun grabber.

Be less subtle, Holla Forumsyps. The Soros pic was an instant give away.

From what I've heard the guy shot him with a shotgun

Lmao, these people are fucking crazed


when can we start talking about the fact that its not okay to be a democrat?

its not okay to be white

Exactly. Every time something like this happens, be it a shooting, a bombing, or a truck attack, everyone is busy trying to score points and pin it on the "other side", as if that fucking matters or changes anything. 'A muslim did it! That validates my political ideology!' or 'Haha, a white male did it! I told you they were trouble!'. Never let a good tragedy go to waste, right? You'd think we of all people would be above that, but no, it's happening here right now.

Seriously, what do you hope to accomplish with your nonsense?

You say that like anybody on this board has any respect for democrats.

Nice try Holla Forums.

Spoken like a true false-flagging Holla Forumsyp.

He was an edgy reactionary fedora tipping ex-military atheist from bumfuck Texas. This one's on you guys and you can't handle it.

i certainly lean more towards Holla Forums opinions, but i actually wasnt trying to imply it was one of you eeevil commies. this just happens to be the thread on the front page on the subject.

He used to post on Holla Forums


I mean, he’s not wrong.

Okay, and? Does that mean Lanza is "on us" because he leaned left? No, they're "on" the shooter themselves and porky you disingenuous fuck. Stop pretending to be retarded and derailing this thread with your bullshit, we have enough assholes pretending to be retarded Holla Forumsyps as-is for (You)s without you adding to the pile with your insanity. This is your last (You), take your reddit spacing and liberal bullshit back to r/soc if you aren't even going to come here in good faith and have an honest discussion.

The board you come from helps spread the ideology of shooters like this. And no, Lanza did not lean left you fucking lunatic.

Yep, like I said, spoken like a true false-flagging Holla Forumsyp.

reads like some columbine fan fiction

I wish that's what happened.

he does have a habit of banning shutupwesleyposting though

just another day in the home of the brave


So was he antifa or Holla Forums or what?

The irony is that most Americans who identify as communists/socialists can't quote specific sections of DK either.

Why would anyone be able to directly quote it? It's not the bible or quran. You should understand the material and be able to explain the arguments it makes though.

Sounds more like you are the false flagger here


absolutely lol if you think even 1/4 of soviet citizens who believed in communism even read Marx

Probably goes for most socialists in general. I have a hard time believing that the majority of workers who are socialists have the time, ability, or the willpower to understand it.

I'm starting to understand how an entire industry dedicated to grifting morons like this developed.

the Illuminati and Freemasons probably cower in fear of this powerful organization

woops, one of those "Saudi Arabia"s was meant to be "ISIS"

Edgy taco forgot to use an user account

one of the few good things Holla Forums does tbh.